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I am what I call a « computer art artist »: working with my computer to create 3D sculptures and 2D “paintings”. I am also a photographer, a writer/poet, a performer, a choreographer & dancer, and a video maker... I play concerts.... And as curator, I organized many exhibits with other artists...

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Une fois admise la notion d'infini, tout le reste va de soi.
(Roger Zelazny)

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I love: voices – vibrant and/or with particular tones of voices –, harmonious melodies, emotional songs, strange but beautiful musics, some French and other europeans songs, many little-known world musics, sometimes unusual sounds, authentic ethnic trance rythms… And also “gothic” darkwave, melodic tekno, epic, heavy metal… and Rammstein… And Wagner, Monteverdi, Verdi… And medieval and Renaissance musics…

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Fantasy, Heroic-Fantasy, Science-Fiction

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Fantasy, Heroic-Fantasy, Science-Fiction

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