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We're still having fun and I'm still Thor!

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I'm Me.

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Anything interesting.

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I'm no better than anybody else, but there ain't nobody better'n me.

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just about anything but rockabilly and rap, not a huge fan of Regaee either.

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Total fantasy Sci-Fi, or very historically accurate.

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ones with very large print

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Hel's Peace's Peace 0 Users
The resting place of the good vikings who die of causes other than battle. According to the mythology, only those who died valiantly in battle are permitted in Valhalla and Falkvagnr, the rest went either to the dark side of Helheim where they were punished by Hel and Neidhoggr or they went to the ...
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Ultime Thule Thule 1 Users
The home of Jord, Thor's mother, also known as Mother Nature, or Mother Earth in some cultures perhaps Gaia, at any rate she is perhaps the most powerful goddess of Norse Mythology and revered even by the gods.. Her beauty is indescribable as it includes all of nature to which she is eternally bound...
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Land of the Norns of the Norns 0 Users
Another region of Asgard next to Valhalla, it is also called Axelle and is the home of the Norn Sisters the youngest of which is Skuld. Skuld is the Norn for the future events. What you will see in the land of the norns are things past, things present and things future as they represent all three....
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Aegir 0 Users
The Kingdom of Aegir and his wife Ran, god and goddess of the underwater world. In Norse Mythology they were called Wave maidens and men, in others they were called simply "Mermaids and Mermen". Recruiting builders, scripters, teachers and teachers with a passion for Norse Mythology and the Viking...
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Neifelheim 0 Users
Those cold hearted frost giants are from this world of snow, ice and wind, nearly a baron wasteland through there are some signs of life. Their world is virtually a winter wonderland. Recruiting builders, scripters, teachers and those with a passion for Norse Mythology and the Viking culture.
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New Valhalla Valhalla 0 Users
The Gem of Norse Mythology - ASGARD - and Castle Valhal. Valhalla was located in Asgard and Castle Valhal was Odin's most favorite of all the castles he had. Recruiting builders, scripters, teachers and those with a passion for Norse Mythology, Folklore and Viking Culture.
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Vanheimr 0 Users
Home of the Vanir gods and goddesses, namely Freya the triplet sister of Freyr and Frigga, the latter of which would become the Queen of Asgard and wife of Odin. Freya would marry the Aesir god named Ord, a relative of Odin and Freyr would marry Gerth also an Aesir goddess. RECRUITING builders, sc...
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Dark Relms Relms 0 Users
Svartelfheim, Neidavellar, the dark side of Helheim all are part of the dark worlds of Norse Mythology and the Svartelfs "dark elves" are the mortal enemies of the gods. Recruiting builders, scripters, teachers and those with a passion for Norse Mythology and the Viking Culture
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Muspelheim 0 Users
Land of the fire giants, and other huge critters, a most beautiful region to be sure even if it's king is a hot head.
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Jotunheimr 0 Users
Land of the giants of Norse Mythology fame. While mischievous, these giants were not evil like some of the others, in fact, one of them, named Jord, was the mother of Thor and also known as Mother Nature, or mother Earth. A land waiting to be inhabited by giants again after Ragnarok's ravages. Jo...
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Alpheimr 0 Users
Land of the light elves, the most powerful elves in norse mythology, it was they who did the most to help the gods survive and rebuild after Ragnarok and theirs is the most majestic and imposing realm of all.
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Midgard West West 0 Users
Midgard - Home of Vikings and other humans. Regions available free to those who would like to develop them under Viking history and culture going back into the Viking times where Men were Men and Women were Women and the sheep were safe!
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Neidavellar is located in the dark realms of Yggdrasil in Norse Mythology, it is the home of the dwarfs.

Is anybody else having issues with the Satyr Farm kitchen not reading "water" when you try to make slop?


Anybody know where I can get the KONK combat system hud?


Anybody know where I can get the KONK combat system hud?


We celebrate your decision, you know who you are, you've made us ridiculously happy, uphoric in fact, the air is lighter, the sun is brighter and we all smile a lot more. Thank you.