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I am a builder, creator, imagination expander. I love to meet new people, explore, and expand my world with positive people and experiences. Drama is childish and something I just have no time for. I am a veteran in RL having served in the Canadian Armed Forces as an MSE-OP (driver), and medic. I am very proud of my country. I am a vampire Queen but it is all RP here.

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About Myself

I am Canadian. Mom of four adult children, 1 boy and 3 girls. 1 grandson. Widowed

My Interests

Singing in RL, sometimes online. in RL, gardening, ponds, and outings with friends and family. Camping, hiking, going out to dinner. Exploring and traveling to any place I can get to. Online: Building and creating just about anything my mind goes to. Socializing. Playing Greedy. Helping others. Exploring. I do go shopping for what I need but as it is in RL I would much rather find what I want and get the H out of the store. lol

I'm Looking For

Friends, exploration, ideas social situations

Favorite Quote

Life is short. Use the good dishes, and eat that piece of sweets that you want. Nobody gets to take it with them. We all fit the same box in the end. What matters most is who and what we leave behind. Love and live like there will be no tomorrow. I have had enough ill health and lost enough people far too soon to take anything for granted. I am blessed by those in my life, and those I have been blessed to meet online who have become friends and family even though we haven't met in RL. I've been lucky enough to meet a few in RL from online. My one hope is that when I leave this world I will be remembered. For my heart, for my smile, and caring nature. For the things I have created and put my heart and soul into. I don't do anything halfway, nor do I take defeat lightly.
Not really a quote but ok here is one: If at first, you don't succeed...skydiving isn't for you dude! ;-)

Music I Like

OMG,.....soooo eclectic. From blues to heavy metal. Goth to some country. Even some in other languages. The HU, The Who. lol Def Leppard, Kiss, Queen, Metallica, Disturbed, Dream Theatre, Aerosmith, Porcelain and the Tramps. patsy Cline, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Mama and the Papas....ok there is just not the space here to write it all out. Come to an event with me and we shall see what I request. It depends on the day, the mood, the crowd, and just all around any music that is good...is worth having a listen to.

Films I Like

Meh. I watch some

Books I Like

Too many to list. Vampire and fantasy novels mostly.

My Heroes

My Dad, who Georgetown is in honour of. WW2 veteran, great dad. R.I.P.

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My Regions

2 0 hg.neverworldgrid.com:8002:Georgetown 0 Users
CFB Georgetown is a Canadian Forces military base replica based on the ones I was stationed at in RL. You can work out in the gym, or have a dip in the pool. Enter the mess hall, or the barracks to check it out. Transport has the mechanics and lots of vehicles. Beaver Hall has greedy, and a bar with...
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Darkness Falls
2 0 login.twistedgrid.xyz:8002:Darkness Falls 0 Users
Halloween! Start off touring through the city. What has happened here? The army seemed like it failed in trying to contain a deadly virus and all of the people have become crazed zombies! Grab your weapon at the welcome and prepare to defend yourself! There are surprises all around, but you must wal...
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14 5 login.twistedgrid.xyz:8002:Holiday 0 Users
Holiday Haven is a 2x2 sized shopping area on Twisted Grid! Everything here has been found on various grids, and is full perm and free! There is a separate level for Christmas, and another for Halloween, and yet another for the other holidays. All levels have many items out now! More will be added ...
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Aurora Georgetown
22 10 login.twistedgrid.xyz:8002:Aurora Georgetown 0 Users
Aurora/Georgetown is a 4x4 on Twisted Grid that takes its theme from Northern Ontario. Seasons are played. Georgetown Army base is the home of the fictitious 222 Svc BN. There is also a separate area with memorials. The town of Georgetown has stores for rent...free. Tim Hortons, Selea Core, Tig's Tr...
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TODAY IS THE DAY! Aurora Georgetown's First Annual Christmas ball here on Twisted Grid. Copy and paste this address ( login.twistedgrid.xyz:8002:Aurora Georgetown ) into your map. Then, take the teleporter on the ground to the Aurora Ballroom. EVERYONE is welcome! Bring your friends, family and even strangers you meet! CW Marksman is going to be spinning some amazing tunes! See you there!.....Tig Eberdene

ALL GRIDS WELCOME! Join us for great music and fun! TP to Aurora Georgetown and then take the teleporter at Welcome to the Ballroom. 4 p.m. Grid time

Georgetown's Christmas build contest is ON! Open to ALL grids. The red squares on the ice is where you put your entry. Please keep your build inside your own square. What to build? A Christmas "scene" of your choosing. You don't have to make each piece, but you will need to put it together from your own imagination. It can be anything! Gingerbread house, Snowglobe, Snowmen, winter scene of any kind. Your imagination is the limit. Try to not use super glowy, laggy items please, and as low prim as you can. When you land at welcome, the area is towards the East on the ice. Builds can be put up until Dec. 15th. Voting starts anytime so the sooner the better. We will choose the top 3 by the most votes as of 12 noon grid time on December 20th. Come show us your stuff and have fun!

Holiday Haven has everything you need to decorate your home and land for Christmas, and other holidays. More added regularly! Come have a look. Everything is free and full perm.

Christmas time at Georgetown! Come visit and check out the scenery. Lots of shopping available and also stores to rent and homes. (free rent)

November 11th at 10 a.m. grid time there will be a Remembrance Day service here at Aurora Georgetown. It will be held at the cenotaph at the welcome landing in the park. Afterwards, feel free to tour the army base and land. Come to pay your respects and remember all those who have paid for your freedom.
Annual Remembrance Day Service
Where: Aurora Georgetown
When: 2 years ago [11 Nov 2021 10:00 SLT]

Once again we come to the time of year to remember our fallen soldiers, and pay respect to those who have, or still are protecting our freedom.

There will be a Remembrance Day Service held at Aurora Georgetown Cenotaph in the Welcome Area Park on Thursday, November 11th starting at 10 a.m.

Everyone from all grids are welcome.

Hugs and safe paths...Tig

Once again we come to the time of year to remember our fallen soldiers, and pay respect to those who have, or still are protecting our freedom.

There will be a Remembrance Day Service held at Aurora Georgetown Cenotaph in the Welcome Area Park on Thursday, November 11th starting at 10 a.m. Make sure that you have your voice-enabled, or at least can hear, please.

Everyone from all grids welcome.

Hugs and safe paths...Tig
Darkness Falls is open!
Where: Darkness Falls
When: 2 years ago [25 Oct 2021 06:30 SLT]

Halloween! Huge sim to explore. Grab your zombie rifle at the welcome, and make your way around the city, then out into the countryside. This is a well-built, fun Halloween sim to visit! All welcome.

The contest has started! ALL GRIDS WELCOME! Come put your entry in the park or throw a vote for ones that are there! :-) $$$Gloebit prizes!
***We have a few entries out now...they look awesome. Let's see how great yours is!
Scarecrow Building Contest!
Where: Aurora Georgetown
When: 2 years ago [1 Oct 2021 00:00 SLT]

OPEN TO ALL GRIDS! Make a scarecrow, then place it within the main landing park at Aurora Georgetown. Voting boards will be placed as I see entries added. You will be able to vote until Oct. 30th when all votes will be tallied and prizes are awarded. You MUST enable Gloebits in order to receive your prize. With permission, scarecrows may be added to Holiday Haven sim to the free items available for holidays there. Your scarecrows may be made up of any material. but must be of your own original design. Come on out and participate, or at the least, check the entries and vote!

Ok soooo, do you want a store for free? How about a home? I have stores and homes in Aurora Georgetown for FREE! Come settle in a picturesque Northern Ontario town that has so much of everything! Quiet, no drama grid. Friendly people. Bring yourself, your friends, your family and make this place home! Come check it out, and contact me if you are interested.
So many new things happening at Aurora Georgetown. This is the view from the back of the bakery across from Tig's Treasures behind, and the new main landing. The pond and park are in the centre of town and a great place to sit and relax. Come have a look at all the changes.
Aurora Georgetown is undergoing a few changes! A new welcome area is being set up. More streets, and stores. A "festival" area, and hopefully some events happening soon. There are homes and stores for "rent" (FREE!) if you want to live or do business on the grid here. Lovely town, with so much to see and more to come. The leaves are turning to Fall colours. Also! A Scarecrow-making Contest in October will be happening...open to ALL grids! Start planning your designs and watch for updates! Check it out and decide for yourself.

Castles and trees, outbuildings and ruins. Flying leaves and fog. You want it? We have it!

At the Halloween area, you will find everything from graveyards to ghosts, ghouls, and zombies!

The Halloween area now has a LOT of stuff available for you to create your own spooky areas at home! Come check out the selection! More added consistently!

Halloween stuff is out now! Grab an LM at the main landing for that next level, and also for the 3rd level which is various other holidays. More items will be put out on each area as they are unboxed, and all donations are very welcome if you have items I don't. Thanks. Come have a look!
We have many buildings here at Holiday Haven as well. Train station with train. Houses, out buildings, even a huge castle filled with holiday items, and an ice castle. Again, as I find items I will be adding more.
Each area has been put into categories. This area for example has gift boxes, wrapping paper textures and wreaths. This is to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Many categories are here. Such as religious, lights, snowmen, elves and faries, kids items, full scenes, landscaping, animals, people and much more. Make sure to check all the categories. So much to find here.
Many items are available, with more to come! Christmas planning will be going on soon enough, so come find everything you need here! I am always on the lookout for new content. If you have any holiday items, Christmas, and any other holidays, feel free to pass them to Jamie Gear, or even just rez them out in an open area.
Well, Neverworld is having issues. Right now, my oar is out on Twisted grid. It is as it originally was for now. Which grid I stay with will be decided by if Neverworld gets back to normal. This is home for now. Please come visit.
Well, the oar is up and the re-designing is ongoing. It is a bit of a mess right now, but getting there. I am excited to be doing the changes I have wanted to...knowing my original design is safely on my pc in oar form. lol Nothing worse than changing things and hating it eh? Anyways, the stores have been moved, and are open for business. Come have a look and explore all you wish.
Hey everyone. BIG news. The land has been moved over to Neverworld grid. At the moment, it is just a landing point as I am waiting for my oars to be able to have everything back. Once I have it there, I will be making a few changes. Keep an eye out for updates.

I created a new memorial today at Georgetown army base. Dedicated to all the natives who endured the residential schools and those who didn't make it.

Part of the trails through the land and up into the mountains. It is such a beautiful hike. Well worth taking the time to follow all the paths. My RL daughter Funfun61 Gloom created all of this area and it is amazing!
Grey Wolf Lodge. Areas behind the lodge house the trailer park, as well as tent areas ready to go! I welcome visitors to come and stay a while if they wish. Opensim Fishing is on the dock right in front, and many trails and nature areas are there.

This area of CFB Georgetown is representing "out in the field" type training. Trenches, firing ranges, tent areas.

Part of the army base. Lots to explore here. The base is modeled after a few I served at in RL.

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All Graders Vets

I would love to come to visit. I have done the requirements it asked for to be able to go there, but still gives me the same message of not allowed till I agree! I am a Canadian Forces Veteran. My sim Aurora Georgetown on Twisted grid has a full army base replica that would actually be perfect for roleplay if anyone wanted. I have memorials as well, and the one specifically called "veterans among ...


I came looking for the new lillies. I found a nice sim with good content. I love the layout, and the way your products are delivered is unique and cool. Great job on this sim. I look forward to watching for new things. :-)


Not a bad place, but I am disappointed to find several items I have found for free charging $ for.

Monentes Jewelry

Marianna has such talent and a good eye for what is beautiful. Her jewelry is second to none. If you are looking for that special piece, this is the place!


THE best place to get your landscaping items. The best part is being able to rez out the trees etc but not have to remove them for seasons, but just change the textures. I am using Flora items for pretty much everything on my Georgetown sim on AMV. Makes work so much easier!


****NEW NOTE! I lost this place after GCG closed so I went looking from AMV. Found it on the first try! So happy. It is set up for fall now, and before, I had only seen it in winter. OMG! Truly amazing builds! Imagination and lots of things of interest to see. Great job you guys! Soooo happy I found you again! Hugs I have been here before 2019, so I came back to see it again. Wonderfully design...


Great content all in one place. Makes things so much easier!


I LOVE Wickenshire. I am on Alternate Metaverse now, but Patch knows me from GCG. I haven't been able to get to Wickenshire? Please, tell me it is still there! I lost all my stuff! :-)

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