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equinoxgrid.net:8002:Mall 0 Users
Equinox Grid. Massive Shopping Region includes Linda Kellie OARs such as Clutterfly and Freebie Mall. Shopping Center is designed for vendors.
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equinoxgrid.net:8002:Hub 0 Users
Equinox Grid. Main Landing Point, Welcome Center and main hangout for Equinox Grid. The entire grid is Adult rated, therefore children and child avatars are not permitted anywhere within Equinox Grid. Please excuse the mess, this grid is still under construction.
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New Xaria
panda.outworldz.net:8002:New Xaria 0 Users
A small tropical island with many party locations, and inside my tower, a small, handmade casino, and a club on the roof. - Always a work in progress
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New Xaria will be moving. Equinox Grid bound.


A constant within seasons of change.

My apologies, I have discovered an error with my Player Club Kiosk. It is not able to resolve some avatar names upon account creation. As a result, the Leader Board displays no name with a chip value. I will attempt to remedy this, as a result, the player database will be reset.
My avatars' names are resolved, so I was unaware of this issue until now.