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Long story short. Building, running clubs, making some sweet Linden-bucks, making friends, having fun.

Long story long.
* Juliett Thielt | 2006-2010. Owner of UltraFemme. Fdom. Foot fetish and body worship events.
* Sadeeka | 2013-2017. Owner of Asian Sensations. Face-Sitting Fridays, Shibari Saturdays and weekly Naked Yoga events were wildly popular.

2010-present. I spend my time building, building and also building. I shop a lot, assemble outfits, and try to be a source of much mirth and merriment. (Some people say I'm the most trying person they know! Success!) But most importantly, I've made good friends over the years and am having hell-a fun.

My Regions

Aether 0 Users
A floating world of black, white, shadows and wild sky. Dance. Shop. Dream.
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Eros Island Island 0 Users
Eros Islands is a place for you if you are looking for: .: The Dead-End Drive-In | This drive-in theater has become a prison for outcasts. Is a life sentence in B-movie hell cruel and unusual punishment? Well, sure, but even so, there is sex galore in the drive-in vehicles, the motel, the abando...
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Eros Yoga Center Yoga Center 0 Users
The Eros Yoga Center is a clothing optional sex positive place. Come anytime to enjoy Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation & Exercise for singles & Massage & Sex for couples.
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Xinashi 0 Users
Xinashi features the Sol Et Luna Dance area, the oh HELLO outfit shop, Treehouse Park and the Rocket Club. It's where a lot of fun stuff happens. (The sexy sexy fun stuff and the Yoga Center are now on their own regions.) .:oh HELLO | Outfits With Options.: curated outfits for the Athena body. Ea...
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The first rule of the Anti-Flirt Club is: you do not talk about the Anti-Flirt Club.

Hippie Nude Year!
I mean, can you dig it?

Happy Happy!
I'll be brief. Cranberry-Eggnog Cheesecake awaits me (don't be a hater). I like this outfit so much I'd wear it any season. I'll just swap out the festive dress for something without the snowflakes. That's it. Time for cheesecake! Merry Merry!

oh HELLO: Outfits With Options

Thirza Ember: short but sweet! Love it! 1 month ago
The Answer Is Yes
The question? Has this outfit simply been updated, or is it new? The answer is yes. The dress and panties are the same. New: hair and boots. It's like those products advertised as "new and improved." Can it be both new and improved? The answer is yes.

oh HELLO: Outfit with Options

thedeeferry: Nico you are a very funny and clever girl. A ray of sunshine in a sometimes gloomy place. Well done! 1 month ago
What Secrets Would Hello Kitty Tell If She Had A Mouth?
Anthropomorphized white cat. Red bow. No mouth. Full name: Kitty White. But, why no mouth? Think about this. Hello Kitty was first known only as "the white kitten with no name." No name? No mouth? Suspicious. What secrets might Hello Kitty tell if she could?

Maybe the life of Hello Kitty is not really all that cute. For example, among the over 50,000 different types of official merchandise is the Hello Kitty custom printed toilet paper. [1] Hey kids! Wipe your butt with Hello Kitty's face! Ya, cute as hell. Also, Hello Kitty braces. Ironic, but also a particularly cruel thing to do to a cartoon creature with no mouth.

But I digress. The oh HELLO shop now has an outfit featuring Hello Kitty themed tights. The matching top is included even though its not used in this outfit.

Hey! No need to keep it a secret! You can find the oh HELLO Kitty outfit here:


Nico Kaliani: No comments about a kitten with no mouth. Suspicious. 2 months ago
Bad Event Idea #35: Best In Babel
Phem kev tshwm sim lub tswv yim #35: zoo nyob rau hauv Babel

Siv Google Translate hloov koj cov lus rau hauv ib hom lus obscure thiab sib txuas lus siv cov nqe lus thaum cov kev tshwm sim.

Bad Event Idea #35: Best In Babel
Use Google Translate to change your words into an obscure language and communicate using only those phrases during the event.

Nico "CoolKat" Kailani: We need to look away when grid owners are scammers and not comment about it. It's their grid and they can do what they want. Greed is good. 2 months ago
Bad Event Idea #210

"Best in Complexity."

Jupiter Rowland: Come back next week when we play the Avatar Salad game: Everyone on whose avatar everything rigs into place is kicked and banned for the duration of the event. Last avatar standing wins a Clutterfly R... 2 months ago
This here outfit has been updated. Same: boots and skirt. New: everything else. Hair, top, jacket, jewelry.

oh HELLO: New or Newfangled -- Always Outfits with Options.

Nico Kaliani: I have deleted the comments about the use of R. Lion hair in this outfit after first saving a copy of them. I will be sending that to Richard and we will be discussing the matter privately. Please res... 2 months ago
Me? In Second Life? Help!
Well, after a 10 year vacation from SL, I thought I'd go visit. But I've heard that using Firestorm for SL and Firestorm for OS will mess up my preferences. Is that true? And if so, how do I avoid it?

Also, the picture has nothing to do with me or the question. I just think it's cute :)

HanHeld: My first/best suggestion would be to use a different viewer but the problem there is that the UI is different. The default viewer and black dragon are two I'd suggest -cool vl viewer if you can deal w... 2 months ago
Hey, That's Not My Profile Picture!
Well, it is now! At least for use on my regions' visitor boards. The boards ordinarily show the profile pictures of the last two visitors. But if someone doesn't have a profile picture, an extra special one shows up on the boards. Now, if you would like help getting an authentic profile picture, let me know. In the mean time, your profile picture on Xinashi is going to be pretty darn goofy.

Xinashi: Where everyone gets a profile picture, whether they want one or not. :)

Thirza Ember: I think you should just put goofy photos for everyone. A lot of profile pictures are awful. 2 months ago
With A Lot Of Help From My Friends
This update was made possible because of the kindness of Susannah.Avonside. She, and others, shared outfits they had from oh HELLO that I had lost after a grid crash. I was surprised and flattered that at least a couple of folks had the complete collection of oh HELLO outfits. That not only helped me restore outfits to the shop, but also to restore my inventory.

As I've said, oh HELLO is a great place for people with new accounts to shop. Not only do you get carefully curated outfits, you also get fat-packs, which can quickly build up your inventory. I know this to be true because that is what I did after I lost all of my inventory. Since that time, thanks to oh HELLO, and thanks to friends like Susannah, I now have about 80 outfits in my inventory.

Even if you have all of the outfits from before the crash, come visit the shop to have a look at updated outfits like this.

oh HELLO: Clothing Club for Women
"I'm not only the President, I'm a customer".

Carmen Jewel: I was there yesterday, and found a lot of outfits i really love :)) Well done ! 2 months ago
No Certificate of Sportiness Required
I'm all atwitter (verified!) about the HG Safari Tour of Aether tomorrow (check event notices) I've even assembled a new out for for it.

My beloved Pop was in the habit of calling guys "sport" (unless he was calling a bald person "curly" -- but that's another story). Which is relevant, I suppose, as this outfit includes a fat-pack of "sport sneakers." And its all yours, sneakers and all, no certificate of sportiness required. And if you are bald? Well, the outfit includes hair, sport.

oh HELLO sport. We got outfits with options -- and hair!

Thirza Ember: sneaky! 2 months ago
“A crown is merely a hat that lets the rain in.”
So there all you crown wearing people. You're all wet! Ha!

oh HELLO: Outfits With Hats (or at least, some of them)
Not My Boyfriend's Jeans
These are not my boyfriend's jeans. They used to be. Got rid of him, but kept the jeans. And now I'm giving a copy of the jeans to everyone who has ever had a rotten boyfriend or one who doesn't let you wear his jeans. Which is pretty much the same thing...

oh HELLO: Outfits With Options

Susannah: This is a great way to get the jeans without having to bother with a boyfriend! 3 months ago
Bad Girls?
When I assembled this outfit three years ago, I thought the bra said "Bad Girl". While updating it, I discovered, to my surprise, that the bra read "Bad Girls". My bad. But, I don't know. I think my girls are pretty good.

oh HELLO: Outfits With Options.
Pretty, Pink, Punched and Pierced
Well, well,well. What do we have here? The Iris pink Plastic mini skirt and top. Booties (tinted pink by moi) from the R2 KOHARU Dress silver outfit. The R. Lion-Bebe Hair fat pack, part of a huge collection available soon on the CopyKat Grid. Also, jewelry.

But the coolest of that is the PUNCH _ Starry Night _ Collarbone piercing. I found it about three years ago at some shop I've now forgotten. I haven't seen this piercing in any shop since. Dare I say it? This is a rare object and, as far as I can tell, now only available at oh HELLO.

oh HELLO: Outfits with Options

Luna Lunaria: Love the pink outfit. Might have to check this one out :-) 3 months ago
More Than Just A Band
A friend of the band that became the Talking Heads found a glossary of terms used by television cameramen. One of these was ‘talking head’, for a shot of the head and shoulders of a television commentator. These are the people on news shows that the anchor brings in to discuss a specific subject on which they are considered experts. It is said to be the most boring but also the most informative format in TV. (Kind of like this post. Boring but informative!) Well, I have a confession to make. I've always wanted to be a talking head on TV...and now I am! Happy Halloween!

Nico Kaliani: Told someone my TV wasn't working. Said "kick it." Nah, that's not happening. 3 months ago
oh! HELLO!
The story so far: Grid offline for far too long. Now, back online. Shop closed, and, now completely remodeled, reopened. New and renewed outfits coming soon.

Sorry. We are open. oh HELLO!

If you don't know about oh HELLO, here's the skinny. The shop offers carefully curated outfits -- with options. If one item in the outfit is part of a fat pack, you get them all. The outfit is a complete look that you can customize. Cool, huh? You also get a preset body alpha HUD, because, why not? I set one up for my own use, so it's easy enough to toss a copy into the box.

Jerralyn Franzic: Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!! *muah* 4 months ago
Are You Actually A Dragon In Real Life?
When I meet an AV that looks like a dragon, I always ask them to voice verify. They have to literally melt my speakers for me to believe they are as they present themselves to be. I've never had that happen - which, truthfully, is disappointing. I mean, who would not want to meet an actual dragon?

Even if it doesn't melt your speakers, in-world voice can present a problem. Some people don't seem to understand that Open Sim is not a dating site. It is not a hook-up site. And it can be more than a costume party chat site. At it's best, OS is an immersive world for role-play. And most people don't have the voice and/or the acting ability for the role they are playing. At best, in-world voice is a distraction. At worse, it can make it impossible to deeply and actively engage.

In truth, our avatar is but a pixel puppet. For some reason there can be an extraordinary interest, by some, in who exactly is pulling the strings. I just treat people as they present themselves in-world. Anything else ruins the show many of us take a part in creating.

Jupiter Rowland: "It is an immersive world for role-play." It's that for you, it's that for me, it's that for a precious few other users, those whom I like to refer to as "character-centric" users. Sadly, for most o... 4 months ago
Someone is hard at work on CK Alt Island!

And all the hard work is paying off! We had 8 people here all at once on day two. That's like what? 5% of all the AVs in OS?

It's all because of the the aura of Adachi. Drawing people here like bears to honey. Like moths to a flame. Like serial killers to college sororities. (OK, maybe not the last one. That's from some movie or something).

Although we don't have Adachi here, we have many of the great people from the CK grid, with more showing up every day. Pop in and pay us a visit. Alt Island

About the Region
We have built a temporary home for CopyKat exiles. While the CopyKat Grid is down, your AV there can't sign in. You will need to sign into OS using an alt account on another grid. (That's why we call this "CK Alt Island.")

If you are a member of the CopyKat Realm group, find a member of the Friends of CK group and ask for an invite. You can then set CK Alt Island as your home location if you like. We also have shop space for you. (oh HELLO is reopening soon).

CK Alt Island is open to the public. The dance venue and more have been built, and more to come. Old friends, new friends and alts of every variety are welcome. Come visit! Alt Island

Sabrinastav: @Nico, Could you explain to me how to get in there?...I can't access my CopyKat account 5 months ago
CopyKat Life Boat: Alt Island
CK Alt Island is a 2x2 region made available by Apollo Star. I'm still setting up the estate as a short-term hang-out/dance venue. Other uses, such as having shops, are possible if it looks like we need to use this region longer.

CK Alt Island is open to the public. CK residents can sign in with an alt account on another grid. Then come to the Island and set it as your home location if you like. We can use the region until November if we need to.

Thanks to everyone for your help and offers of land.

Antonia Ling: Much luck for the CopyKats and Nico! BTW: The surrealistic image is so cool - love it. 5 months ago

CopyKat Grid, the home of my regions (and oh HELLO!), is off-line for database maintenance. I've been told that the expected return is 2+ days.

Destiny257Seranade: Hope you have it up and running in no time! 5 months ago

Xinashi: building the region

My brush with death...

We have been chasing down the source of an endless script loop. Found it! I'm now in the process of reinstalling the greeters, dance balls, and shoutcast, TP and visitor boards.

In the meanwhile, use the addresses provided here on OSW for Xinashi, home of oh HELLO. You can also find the links here for Xin2, Eros Yoga Center, and Aether. If the TP boards have not yet been re-installed, you can easily fly to the various themed islands in each region.

Eros Yoga Center: Yoga Center

(As a lark, I wanted to make Aether a no-walk region. Can't be done). :(

"Made In SL. Modified in OS."
Create: to produce (something new, such as a work of art) by using your talents and imagination.
Contribute: to help to cause something to happen.
The Britannica Dictionary

When you copybot, import, and modify something from SL, you are a (most likely uninvited and unwelcome) contributor to something someone else created.

When you can provide proof you are the creator of, and not just a contributor to, an item in OS, then it can be said that you are a verified creator.

Synonyms of Verified:
incontestable, incontrovertible, indisputable, indubitable, inescapable, irrefutable, undeniable, unquestionable, authenticated, confirmed, demonstrated, established, proven, substantiated, validated, actual, factual, genuine, real, sure-enough, true.

When you ask that your "creation" not be distributed in OS, it's fair to ask to see
1. Validation you are the creator or
2. Validation that you have permission to copy, modify and exclusively distribute something someone else created.

Unfortunately, there is no organized verification or certification process. (Is it even possible?)

Lacking this verification, simply claiming to be the creator of, or contributor to, an item gives you no rights over it.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Nico Kailani: In terms of Creative Commons, as I understand it, what we see in OS are unauthorized derivative works of items that are not even offered under any Creative Commons license. 5 months ago
AI in OS?
Is there a tool to equip NPCs with the ability to become text-based chat-bots, powered by AI?

About 15 years ago, this could be done in SL using accounts linked to a free on-line, early form of, AI. It would only respond to IMs. I used one as a public chat greeter bot at my club which could also chat with users via IM.

Now, we can download the open-source language models (I've head of GPT-J and GPT-3 for example). Perhaps AI powered chat-bots could learn OS speak by reading open chat. How would it know when to respond in open chat without spamming the conversation?

(I'm an idea person and have no technical knowledge in this area, so all this is speculation).

Firestorm already has a setting to listen for your name and, when it reads it, color the text and, if you like, play an alert sound. The NPC could listen for it's name and respond to that, and that only, in open chat.

Nico Kailani: From the box: @KrisTina says "get the npc kit in opensimworld region in osgrid" Cool, but does the NPC kit provide information on how to enable NPCs with AI powered chat? 6 months ago
Bad Event Idea #2: The Best in Taking Common Idioms Literally
What is an idiom? No, it's not a very stupid person. That would be an idiot. The praise "it's raining cats and dogs" is a common English idiom. Literally, that sentence would mean animals are falling from the clouds. What the idiom actually means is that it is raining very heavily. But, why should we care about what the idiom actually means? At the "Best in Taking Common Idioms Literally" Event, we want to see someone make animals, specifically canines and felines, fall from the clouds.

Taking Common Idioms Literally is not all that hard, really. "Break a leg?" Just have an alt on hand with a baseball bat. "Get bent out of shape?" Just have an alt on hand with a baseball bat. "Going batty?" You could literally transform yourself into bat (or what some call "a rat with wings"). Or you could artfully express both the idiomatic and literal meaning of "going batty" by having a mentally deranged alt on hand with a baseball bat. Works for me!

The prize? A cake! What will you do to get everyone to say "that takes the cake"? Have a gander at 150 Common & Difficult Idioms with Examples

Glenys Bieler: Sorry... I know its not "playing the game" but I have an important question......... Where can I get that cup-cake?! 6 months ago
Looking for a free car barge

Looking for a barge like this, but mesh, free, small, rustic & rusty looking, or as close to any of that as I can.

Bad Event Idea: Best In Ghosting
Win the Best In Ghosting Event by befriending the most number of people there that you will never see or speak to again. This event will never happen...or will it?

Got any bad event ideas of your own? Let's hear them.

Jupiter Rowland: I have another one: Best In ARC Trick out your avatar to the max, go for gold in complexity and watch your viewer go up in smoke trying to rez dozens of super-heavy avatars! 6 months ago
"I Am So".
Whether it's inattention, inertia, ineptitude, or some other kind of in-thing, all too many people are lacking a profile picture. Are you to be counted among these unfortunates? Or perhaps you have grown tired of your profile picture and are looking for something a bit more...different.

Problem solved. Come to our new Profile Picture Shop where you have your choice of countless (mainly because I'm too lazy to count) interesting, intriguing, inexplicable, or some other kind of in-thing, profile pictures.

Some call me weird, to which I say, "I am so!" These pictures may be suitable for display in your home if not your profile. Whatever the case, just be ready to say, "I am so!"

Visit the new Profile Picture Shop, especially if you are bored and have nothing better to do. (Which is kinda why I made the shop!)

Nico Kailani: Visit the back room for the new color pix! 6 months ago
Body Of Light Meditation
Where: Eros Yoga Center
When: 7 months ago [9 Jul 2022 15:00 SLT]

The Body of Light Mediation takes place in the sky on a newly installed set of disks. Use the large mandala on the ground to reach the airborne center disk. Use a meditation pad there, or sit on one of the disks rotating around the center. On each disk is a statue made by artist Cherry Manga that you sit within. It's an experience without parallel.

The installation was inspired by this section from The Cloth of the Tempest by poet Kenneth Patchen.

These of living emanate a formidable light,
Which is equal to death, and when used
Gives increase eternally.
What fortifies in separate thought
Is not drawn by wind or by man defiled.
So whispers the parable of doubleness.
As it is necessary not to submit
To power which weakens the hidden forms;
It is extraordinarily more essential
Not to deny welcome to these originating forces
When they gather within our heat
To give us habitation.
The one life must be attempted with the other,
That we may embark upon the fiery work
For which we were certainly made.

The Body of Light Experience @ the Eros Yoga Center
Set the world to sunrise. Enable the music stream. Be prepared to be transported. Yoga Center/119/154/67

oni kiri: karma is good here ;) 7 months ago
It's been advised that every region owner protect themselves by having an OAR of their land. Wise advice, and something to be considered when renting a region, for example, on AviTron. Also advised: Have a copy of your account IAR. What does Alex have to say about this?

AviTron Terms and Conditions

From TOS Amendment 8/27/2021
"AviTron does not give out Region OARS and account IARs. Reason being is to protect our free content".

And your free content?

From Section 2.3
"Except as otherwise described in any Additional Terms (such as a contest's official rules) which will govern the submission of your User Content, you hereby grant to AviTron Virtual World, and you agree to grant to AviTron Virtual World, the non-exclusive, unrestricted, unconditional, unlimited, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, and cost-free right and license to use, copy, record, distribute, reproduce, disclose, modify, display, publicly perform, transmit, publish, broadcast, translate, make derivative works of, and sell, re-sell or sublicense (through multiple levels)(with respect to each Product or otherwise on the Service as permitted by you through your interactions with the Service), and otherwise exploit in any manner whatsoever, all or any portion of your User Content (and derivative works thereof), for any purpose whatsoever in all formats, on or through any media, software, formula, or medium now known or hereafter developed, and with any technology or devices now known or hereafter developed, and to advertise, market, and promote the same."

Copper: 5 lines..and 7 times "I"..the great shamaladingdong continues rofl. This ego isnt to describe :-( 7 months ago

Hi! I'm the unofficial spokes-doll for the Barbie World Grid. CEO Barbie wants you to know, "Unrealistically shaped AVs on Barbie World Grid are the rule!" Cool beans!

Thirza Ember: @ xishi, surely any lawyer hired by Barbie is unlikely to sue. They wouldn't have the cojones. 7 months ago
Average Sizes of Men and Women In RL
By country:
The following table shows the average sizes, weights and BMI from 131 countries. All figures refer to men and women between the ages of 18 and 25 years.

A list summarized by subcontinent.

Note that the site will convert units to feet and pounds and back again to meters and kilograms.

An informative blog post about AV heights: Let’s Talk About Proportions -

CherylFurse: Everyone is different. Until my 20th I was skinny and had no boobs. Then I took anti baby pills and got B cups and later more. My petite body has same size as in RL and is 1.67 m tall. If other women ... 8 months ago
Naked Yoga
Where: Eros Yoga Center
When: 8 months ago [10 Jun 2022 15:00 SLT]

The Naked Yoga event takes place in our clothing-optional sex-positive center every Friday at 3pm OS time. The yoga platform has 2 styles of mats, and plenty of them, with different animations for Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation & Exercise for singles & Massage & Sex for couples. Can't make the event or looking for a time to enjoy what the Center has to offer with more privacy? You are welcome to visit anytime.

Naked Yoga
Where: Eros Yoga Center
When: 8 months ago [3 Jun 2022 15:00 SLT]

The Naked Yoga event takes place in our clothing-optional sex-positive center every Friday at 3pm OS time. The yoga platform has 2 styles of mats, and plenty of them, with different animations for Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation & Exercise for singles & Massage & Sex for couples. Can't make the event or looking for a time to enjoy what the Center has to offer with more privacy? You are welcome to visit anytime.

Naked Yoga
Where: Eros Yoga Center
When: 8 months ago [27 May 2022 15:00 SLT]

The Naked Yoga event takes place in our clothing-optional sex-positive center every Friday at 3pm OS time. The yoga platform has 2 styles of mats, and plenty of them, with different animations for Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation & Exercise for singles & Massage & Sex for couples. Can't make the event or looking for a time to enjoy what the Center has to offer with more privacy? You are welcome to visit anytime.

Naked Yoga
Where: Eros Yoga Center
When: 8 months ago [20 May 2022 15:00 SLT]

Set aside your clothes. Set aside your worries and tension. Build confidence, awareness and community at the Eros Yoga Center Naked Yoga Event, every Friday at 3 pm OS time.

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So much consternation and questioning about what viewers are allowed at GothicShop. Scheesh. It's so simple. Look at the name people. Gothic! If your viewer is not German and was not created in the middle ages, then you are BANNED. BANNED I tell you. You are BANNED!


This will be one of the few places I'll return to when looking for ideas and inspiration for my own terraforming and landscaping. Great work. Come by my place and give me tips!


In OS, there is the absurd Zen Greedy table. The person who created this has no concept of Zen. Too often people with no understanding of an Eastern religion misuse it's terminology like this. (Sorry, Mr. Lennon. There is no such thing as "Instant Karma.)" Shanti, (a Sanskrit term meaning "peace.") is a place that seems to be in alignment with the meaning and significance of it's name. (But do not...


I just got here and can't review Luxurya in it's entirety. But I can comment about one thing I found right away -- the T-girl clothing. I have a femboi friend who is going to love the bulge bottoms. I haven't seen much of that, so thx on his behalf for making it available.

The Music Lounge Club

Region owner TomiBalboa is very friendly and welcoming.

Profile Comments

Here is another person who hates Avitron and is part of the scam they invented about selling objects for real money. She is part of the group of Russians who hack computers and bring the copybot here. You have to be careful with these people, they are very well organized and they are between us in jungle friends in copykat and in matrix
"I put all this together out of anger that I left matrix but I took the wrong path making alliances to attack avitron with the hope that they will ban me."

Everyone supports you Troy Jr. They also want AviTron to ban you!
Welcome to Opensimworld.