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Founder & Creator of AviWorlds grid, recently founded Virtual Ville Grid.

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Marketing master mind. Virtual Reality enthusiast.

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Never give up. The ones who do are the real losers.

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Eye of the tiger.

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Mr. Bean

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9.2 yeti dev

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Virtual Ville Welcome Ville Welcome 0 Users
Virtual Ville Grid. Affordable and powerful solutions for your virtual reality needs! 15000 prim regions starting at $5 per month! We don't place more than 10-15 regions in a 32 gig server. Our regions are up 24/7 and not up only on demand making you wait. Markeplace online for the creators, super ...
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Virtual Ville Marketplace Ville Marketplace 0 Users
Come to this region to open up your shop and or buy stuff from our marketplace online. If you are a visitor just contact Alex Ferraris and ask for a store. Its free. You can also use our marketplace for free, set up shop in it even being a hypergrid visitor. Our marketplace is multigrid as well ...
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Virtual Ville Freebie Mall Ville Freebie Mall 0 Users
Tons of free content for everyone. SHOP NOW! New items everyday! Great quality content for everyone! 2020
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$5 USD per month . best seller- 15000 prims. Super quality, no lag, only 10-15 regions in a server. 24/7 up time. Hypergrid Enabled. Choice of physics Ubode or Bullet, choice of script engines - xengine or yengine! Super powerful regions! SSD disks. 900 plus upload speeds. Daily Backups, free oar placements. Full systems backup done weekly.

Our marketplace is filling up. Come shop or build your virtual selling business with us!


How to use our marketplace. Follow instructions.

Want to sell or shop for content? Virtual Ville Grid Marketplace is open for business.
All grids can come to Virtual Ville and shop for freebies and or paid content!
Follow instructions. Yes the currency is GLOEBIT. Must be in Virtual Ville Grid while making a purchase and receiving the content. No need to be a Virtual Ville Grid resident though.

FREE SCRIPTS IN OUR MARKETPLACE ONLINE! Just sign up! It is hypergrid enabled. Everyone can shop! Must be in Virtual Ville Grid to shop and receive items!
Items listed daily!

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