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Taboo Swingers Cove is a new sim right on the fabulous Darkhearts Estates. An extension to the Taboo BDSM Resort, here you can live with others who are also interested in the swinging community lifestyle. As the community grows we will be organising events for everyone to get to know each other! So come on over, check it out and start living the lifestyle of your dreams!

hop:// Islands/315/245/28

Good morning to everyone :)

AFRIKABELEZA: llevo mas de un mes queriendo llegar al grid y cuando lelgo me tira,me dice que estoy baneada y he puesto mails,nota a los dueños ya no se que mas hacer,me gustaria que fuesen amables y me dieran una ... 2 months ago

Hello guys new clothes for you.


Nat Darth: it's beautiful, thank you :) 2 months ago
Oh dear the new Pizza & Pasta Cafe opened for business yesterday. Mayhem erupted when the 'boss lady' arrived early to find the new young staff member Maria Likestochata arrived wearing hideous cap on her head chatting up the sign man who promised to have the sign finished days ago! Meanwhile customers started walking through the doors. The "bosslady" well what can I say? she is passionate, she is hot headed and she totally loses it. Customers watch on in shock, and the young Maria Likestochata is in a world of her own. Meanwhile the sign man is flabbergasted at the "bosslady" losing the plot.
Customers look on in amusement while others pretend it is not happening.
Make sure to visit this vibrant cafe and meet "the boss lady", "Maria Likestochata" and the "Sign man" before she kicks them out forever!

Lyrics Railway Station. Take a step back in time and visit nostalgia. I love railway stations and trains, especially the quaint or even the grand architecture of days past.


Partner Look !!!!
Clothing for Athena/Ebody/Legacy/Gianni Bodys
Come in and find out

Dorena's World is one of the oldest grids ever. I've seen many come and go. When OSW opened its doors, we were already a few years behind us. Inworld has built up a community between the grids, which ultimately works well here even without the portal. Bots, no bots, afk avatars or not. I find it extremely embarrassing at what some people here are getting upset about and letting one crazy person drive them crazy. As far as the real number of visitors is concerned, the visitor boards inworld usually show completely different data than here. I can recommend Pagane to see a good psychiatrist in real life. I mean that honestly, without any mockery. What she says here..

Dorenas World ist eines der ältesten Grids überhaupt. Ich habe schon viele kommen und gehen sehen. Als OSW seine Pforten öffnete, hatten wir schon einige Jahre hinter uns. Inworld hat sich zwischen den Grids eine Community aufgebaut, die letztendlich auch ohne dem Portal hier bestens funktioniert. Bots, keine Bots, Afk-Avatare oder nicht. Ich finde es im höchsten Massen peinlich über, was sich einige hier aufregen und sich von einer einzigen verrückten Person kirre machen lassen. Was die echten Besucherzahlen betrifft, die Besucherboards inworld zeigen meist eh ganz andere Daten an, als hier. Pagane kann ich empfehlen, im realen Leben einen guten Psychiater aufzusuchen. Das meine ich ehrlich, ganz ohne Spott. Was sie hier von sich gibt,...

Pagane: It makes absolutely no difference who was what before. Hitler was a good artist and Genghis Khan a meek shepherd... Isn't it easier if we all stop lying and look forward??? Look around - there is alre... 3 months ago is a great way to promote all the wonderful creations we can find in different grids and I think this is the purpose of this website. Promoting creativity, giving people the ability to explore and see what others create. This is why Im sponsoring this website with advertisements and announcements. Lately I observe this place is filled with comments of personal kind , ( some would call it drama ). I am sure the majority here visiting this website for the same reason as I do are not happy with the continuously posted remarks of personal kind ( and disrespectful) . I wish to ask all who use this wonderful website to consider , where it was built for. If this website will become a gathering place for people who wish to display their frustrations, it will chase away others who are willing to invest in this medium. Please take this in consideration before you post ( and please use English if you can, this is an international community)

Trouble Ahead : "It’s lack of accountability, especially when combined with in-group favoritism, that turns the internet into a l... 3 months ago

News at Camballa
Midnight Dress in any Colors
lovely sexy long Gown
have all a good time
Karin Becker

Ellen: I love this hair! Is it available at your store? 3 months ago

Cute outfits for Athena/Legacy/Ebody.
See you there !!!!

Sinje: Sehr süss :-) ........ gibt es vielleicht auch bald was für Wikinger Mädchen ? hihi 3 months ago

Betty short Dress
with Boots
in any Colors and variationen
have all a good time
Karin Becker


New men's clothing on TIMELESS. Fashion to feel good timelessly beautiful made of 100% cotton. :)

Kylie Brimmer: wow it soo beautfiul place to walk through this!!!! 3 months ago

The Cat's Meow FASHIONS - Mens & Ladies Fashions & Accessories by Cataplexia Numbers...Look for the store dangling from the humongous kitty's mouth! Numbers

Now the frost has gone and the days warm..

Ms Saucy Bargee chugs off into the new morning to pick up another load for her narrowboat.

Lone Wolf: One of my favourite places especially because I live on a narrow boat. 5 months ago

Ellen: These are SO cute! 7 months ago

Autumn is finally on us

Lilly Pond: Great job, indeed! One of these days I will go there for pictures, to my flickr page. I hope you don't mind! Ty for the beauty! 7 months ago

? ?? KARAOKE ???
Sing on house stream or in nearby chat
Please mute your microphones before landing

Benedict coal mine changes to the morning shift without stopping as the new days sun rises.


Still struggling to replace or reproduce my old fav Windlight settings. Seems my clouds are now camera shy.

four candles?

Phill895: Love the amount of detail put into this world. Amazing Sim! 11 months ago

Available for FREE and FULLPERM at 3D MUSEUM SIM.. Enjoy :)

Kris Patrick: This is awesome, thanks, Jimmy. 1 years ago

Ukraine shines bright

xishi: ok It's time we cleared up some of this. Those flags on the wall are all there for a reason. From the left - Ruritania might be only a little place but it never left the EU. Hence the blue and gold s... 1 years ago

Lille Region #arkhamgrid #2022
Thanks my friend for the photos

James Delphin: Most welcome, other regions coming soon :-) 1 years ago

Ellen: Such a beautiful person and friend. I am heartbroken to lose you, Ladylove. 1 years ago
Phantom Rose Grid, Steam Region's Water power Clock, with Chateau du Coeur, in the background. There is a lot to explore on this region. You can use the steam powered boats to explore via the massive water ways or ascend to the Conservatory and use the public balloons offered for guests to float over this beautiful region. You can go to the main dock and start an Adventure Quest to Mysterious Island and win a great prize or explore the undersea beauty of Mermaids of the Mists. There is a hidden cavern under the Graveyard, with some interesting challenges! There is no need to be bored in your virtual life, when Phantom Rose Grid offers many interactive activities 24/7! Hop to Steam via Opensimworld, or use your viewer and paste in:, which brings you to the public Welcome Region. From there you can use the Interdimensional Portal (IDP) to travel throughout the Grid.

Steampunk Siouxsin: I havent been, but this looks fantastic, very well done! 1 years ago

Lille Region #arkhamgrid #2022

Lelly: wow,very nice Super Felix 1 years ago

Carnival Land

Squirrel: It doesn't feel like it's been a year since I picked up amazing valentine's day backdrops and accessories for doing photos last year. Thank you for your contributions to OpenSim, Felix. 1 years ago

Carnival Land
vote for your favorite wagon

Carnival floats coming

Alter Kater: A beautiful imaginative country, everyone should definitely take a look! 1 years ago
Celebrating Jails Everywhere?
I joke around a lot, but, as unbelievable as it may seem, this not a joke. According a business blog, the "National Play Monopoly Day" is a time for families to gather together to play the game that celebrates "Park Place, Boardwalk, and the jails located anywhere in the world". WTF? Celebrating jails?

This new outfit at oh HELLO only celebrates fun, fashion, and, ironically, anti-capitalism. (It's free). Smash the State and Storm the Bastille in style with this Monopoly themed skirt, graffiti top and "wild heart" platform boots.

Oh HELLO: Outfits With Options

rayne: love your outfits and your sense of humor :) 1 years ago

Happy Anniversary

LunaRayn: I hate i missed this event.. but cant get to your region. Im saddened.. much love Felix as always 1 years ago

LIGHT MUSEUM opening! All FREE and FULL PERM for LAMPs, STREET LAMPS and LIGHT related..
In STORE 05 u will find: Neon signs. Enjoy :)

Oubliet: TY! 1 years ago

welcome Carnival Land
#newregion @arkhamgrid #2022

2nd Anniversary Arkham Grid
Where: Arkham Grid
When: 1 years ago [22 Jan 2022 14:00 SLT]

╠▧▧▧░▒ Deep in the Groove
╠▧▧▧►Dj: DjChanel Hurricane
╠▧▧▧►What: ♬2nd Anniversary Arkham Grid ♬
╠▧▧▧►When: 2 pm Grid Time January 22
╠▧▧▧░▒ Live Remix
╠▧▧▧►Dj: Andron Rae
╠▧▧▧►What: ♬2nd Anniversary Arkham Grid ♬
╠▧▧▧►When: 4 pm Grid Time January 22

welcome Lille
#newregion @arkhamgrid #2022

LeonSullivan: is it open for public? 1 years ago

Lille Region
#newregion #2022 #arkhamgrid