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This site is monetized. People buy coins to post on the mainpage using RL money. People can choose to do paid ads to showcase their regions and content. People also pay for premium memberships to have extra features. But the moderation is next to nil. Yes, a recent troll was FINALLY removed after DAYS of toxic barrage. But it took way too long. And while the account was removed, the box was not cleared of their comments.

Yes we can block people. But since griefers and trolls make countless alts it's a constant issue. If you're making money off a site, it needs to be moderated. The site owner and manager needs to try to ensure that users have a good or bare minimum usable experience.

And while I recognize that one person may not be able to manage it all, there's been no effort to recruit other moderators. And I do think any potential new moderators should be paid for their time and effort. After all, the site makes money off the many users who pay into it.

It's feeling pretty frustrating and futile right now. This can be a great tool to connect with other OpenSim folks. And it's a great way to see what people are building and find new regions. For the folks who like parties, they can see events. But yeah it's been more irritation than joy lately.

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The details and variety in this little town are fantastic! Well worth a visit.


Breathtaking in every direction:)

Last of Boston

This is probably the most amazing build in the OpenSim. Don't go AFK in it though...they might get you...lol

Big City

Amazing job here. It's so detailed and every little scene tells a story. Well worth a visit.


Beautiful region hosted by a talented creator! Great work Valerie:)

Whiskey Ridge

This is such a great build Tig. Tons of detail and I love all the little scenes in the street:)

Black White Castle

This place is amazing:)

Cockatiels Paradise

Loaded region so wait a few and let it all rez in. It's so worth it. Amazing build with fantastic freebies! I need to come back again when I have more time!! Thank you Thomas:)


Fun collection of Holiday and winter things. I love your arrangements. Love it just as much as the Halloween one you did. Merry Happy all the things:)

Holiday Haven

Tig has the best collection of holiday items anywhere. Just to be clear the various holiday items are on different levels and there are teleporters. For the person who could not find the Halloween section.

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