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Hey there,

we added more and more Skins for your EvoX Heads!
We also thank everyone for Feedback and to let you know about, the Body Skins also work on Athena, Lara X, Reborn and Persephone Body.

There are also 14 EvoX Heads (Avalon, Briannon and Ceylon) in our Store that we fixed with the flickering Lashes and shiny Eyes.

We started to add Skins for Males too! Same like on Female Side, there are 14 Colors with 3 different Skin types ( Slim, Fit, Dad )

Happy Shopping and Sunday
Amelia & Hertha

KatKakoola: I'm there as I write this - nice! Interesting things, sweet designs and a lovely open spacious mall. I'll definitely put Silverfox on my frequent visit list! 2 months ago
EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter where aliens, attempting to blend in at the shopping mall, mistake mannequins for undercover agents and engage in intense conversations with them about the secrets of human fashion.
NEW SCI FI MAGABAGA MALL AVAILABLE! TONS OF SCI FI RELATED STUFFS! ALL FOR FREE AND FULL PERM. Go to any interphasic taxi bubble totem and pick up as destination MALL (its in a space station, 1,500 meters up in the sky). Have fun!

Joe Builder: Hey Jimmy Nice region you have there :) Looks like Isil Designs from SL? Is it the same.. 3 months ago
Hello everyone, hope everyone came good into the new Year 2024.

Yes, we still working on the Mall but as always Real Life crossed our Plans :)

We just released new Stuff for Gianni and Athena, as well as Tattoos!
Feel free to come around and check them out.

We opened our Winter Wonderland as well on Christmas. You had allready check it ? We just made a custom Ropeway inspired by the Ropeway Oberwiesenthal in Saxony/Germany.

Have a great Sunday.
Amelia & Hertha

Max Hill: Palast der Winde is a very beautiful region, it is a festival of colors, a real pleasure for the eyes. The atmosphere is successful 3 months ago
Hello everyone, hope everyone came good into the new Year 2024.

We just reworked the Skilift and Made a Custom Mesh Ropeway to Climb into the Riverdale Wonderland Moutnains! Inspired was it by the Ropeway Oberwiesenthal in Saxony \ Germany.

Safe drives and happy Sunday !
Amelia & Hertha
I secured a prestigious and coveted job in the Mayors' office in the village on Black White Castle sim. I am so excited and busy all day long! I am in charge of voter registration.
“Monochrome moments, timeless memories.” -- no idea who actually said that.

Suzi_Avonside: Get them all signed up to vote Dee, democracy depends on it... 3 months ago
Nuovo capo nel negozio "NOEL" Evox vieni a vederlo su MI AMORE
Prendi la Porta Stellare per la CITTÀ

New head in the store"NOEL" Evox come and check it out in MI AMORE
Take the Star gate to TOWN

Nuevo cabezal en la tienda "NOEL" Evox ven y compruébalo en MI AMORE
Tome la puerta estelar a la CIUDAD. Amore

Alizia Torn Dress - 6 colors
Athena, Legacy & Kupra

Pants - Athena, Legacy & Reborn

some new Legacy for you to start out the New years with

KarinBecker: i like it in Athena .......please 3 months ago

Rosy Dress (pack 1- 12 colors)
Athena & legacy

Timeless is back !!!

Jerralyn Franzic: Yayyy...!!! Thanks, can't wait to revisit ^_^ 4 months ago

Zoey's Boutique:

Psicotronic:4 months ago

Flared Pant, Cami, Jacket & Belt

Blender class for beginners with samples and picture manuals which can be taken from boxes. Note we use Blender version 2.78 a b or c.

Blender class at 8PM grid time at hop:// SANDBOX DOTNET/132/116/22. Bring your issues or whatever all are welcome! Our current group project is working on animations with onigiri and blender 2.8 to bring in mixamo animations and all issues that happen there in. All are welcome to come!

And more new dresses!
... The second new one ... soon there will be a third!

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ NEW RELEASE ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁

C&C Worldwide MALL
Nikolaus / Santa Release
▶▷▶TAXI : Worldwide Mall

░░▒▓◙█◙█◙ CC- Worldwide Mall ◙█◙█◙▓▒░░

Crazyposeidon: WELCOME to our Santa Shopping 4 months ago
First things are avaliable...Cat avatars and a couple tree lady statues.

Cat avatars have my own self made original mesh bento head and home made skin.
It has a shape that makes the face look "purrfectly cattish".
The shape will look really freaky on your other mesh heads, but the cat mesh head and skin will look 100% fine with a more humanoid shape. SLUV and BOM. No mesh eyes- but system eyes work and other rigged mesh eyes will probably work.
Tail is bento-No AO included. Ears are static and can be tinted, retextured, squashed, stretched...

I have included a recent version of Ruth mesh avatar as a courtesy, with its normal head. Be aware the older versions of Ruth may conflict with the mesh head causing a "ghost head" to appear. Don't redistribute claiming yourself as creator(and tell people who made it when asked), don't put on SL or sell for money.

Statues are static mesh and prims, same perms apply. Sim has ongoing construction with signage, and a few ghost prims you may get stuck on. Be patient as we work out bugs!
Hey everyone, hope you got a great Weekend!

We just opened back our New Store, finaly at our own Location/Grid!

Like we told in the last post, we got a few new things to share with you, a new and bigger Shop to explore and everything is more beautiful and clean worked out!

Please take a new Landmark and share us with your besties!

Btw. our WinterDream will open soon as well! You can explore 8 Region with animated Train, Skilift, Mountain Cafe, Wintermarket, driving Ski and Sled, Ice Skating and so on! We will let you know about it in the next days!

Amelia & Hertha

PinDeluca: I cant seem to find the new items, where are they ? 6 months ago

Trick or Treat !
New Halloween Wednesday Outfit & Animesh Hand Thing !

KatKakoola: Just stuff to make you smile :) ty Chilli ! 6 months ago
Get All The AMAZING MAGIC HUDS Now! :) They are for fairies, vampires, witches, elves, and wizards. I created these huds to give people magic powers to enjoy in the game, so please don't use them for greifing, but only for fun with your friends. :) Check out this rad photo of the vampire hud in action just in time for HALLOWEEN!!!

Fearghus McMahon: Dragon..... *mic drop* ;) 6 months ago

Jerralyn Franzic: Found a few pieces here for my wardrobe... used my AMV avi, no problems getting in. Neat place to chill and drive a motorboat. :) 6 months ago
Eu crio e distribuo huds mágicos. Existem muitos huds mágicos para vampiros, bruxas, fadas, elfos e bruxos localizados em Eles estão lá em cima, nas prateleiras da lojinha onde você pousa. Aproveitar!

Creo e regalo hud magici. Esistono molti hud magici per vampiri, streghe, fate, elfi e maghi situati su Sono al piano di sopra, sugli scaffali del piccolo negozio dove atterrerai. Godere!

Ich erstelle und verschenke magische Huds. Es gibt viele magische Huds für Vampire, Hexen, Feen, Elfen und Zauberer unter Sie liegen oben in den Regalen des kleinen Ladens, in dem Sie landen. Genießen!

Creo y regalo cascos mágicos. Hay muchos huds mágicos para vampiros, brujas, hadas, elfos y magos ubicados en Están arriba, en los estantes de la pequeña tienda donde aterrizas. ¡Disfrutar!

Je crée et offre des huds magiques. Il existe de nombreux refuges magiques pour les vampires, les sorcières, les fées, les elfes et les sorciers sur Ils se trouvent à l’étage, sur les étagères de la petite boutique où vous atterrissez. Apprécier!

I create and give away magic huds. There are many magic huds for vampires, witches, fairies, elves, and wizards located at They are upstairs on the shelves in the little shop where you land. Enjoy!

Our memorial region where we remember those who have passed.

Black swan, new avatar, come and get it..

Nothing beats a good BBQ with friends

Thomas Etzel: find the newest items in and around the gore circus tent and the pumpkin bridge on the hill area 7 months ago
Halloween Town is happy, to have you pop in, and get that Halloween vibe going. Dracula would love to suck your blood, and Elvira has a shop for all your spells. The Wolftones play for a dance off. The Pirates be getting plastered in behind the Club. With much more.
DJ Rosa's "Rockabilly Riot" at Hot Daddy's!! Tonight at 6:00PM!!
Region: Hot Daddys on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 6:00PM Grid Time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
This week at Hot Daddy's, DJ Rosa is gonna spin a "Rockabilly Riot"!! Blend country, swing, and R&B, then toss in some boogie woogie and driving rhythms and you've got that rock & roll style known as Rockabilly!! Get out your 50's Pin-up style dresses, cuffed jeans and t-shirts, and fedoras (or come as you are) and get ready to hit the dance floor! It's gonna be a riotous occasion on the Dance Dock!


On empire island we have released new fully mesh disco creations! Exclusive! New animations over 2500 BENTO MoCap dance animations sorted by couple, woman, man and unisex dances! Come and visit the temple of animations!

Auf Empire Island haben wir neue Disco-Kreationen komplett in Mesh veröffentlicht! Exklusiv! Neue Animationen über 2500 BENTO MoCap Tanzanimationen sortiert nach Paar, Frau, Mann und Unisex Tänze! Komm und besuche den Tempel der Animationen!

Sur Empire Island, nous avons sorti de nouvelles créations disco entièrement en maille ! Exclusif ! Nouvelles animations plus de 2500 animations de danse BENTO MoCap classées par couple, femme, homme et unisexe ! Venez visiter le temple des animations !
¡En Empire Island hemos lanzado nuevas creaciones discotequeras completamente en malla! ¡En exclusiva! Nuevas animaciones ¡más de 2500 animaciones de baile BENTO MoCap clasificadas por pareja, mujer, hombre y bailes unisex! ¡Ven a visitar el templo de las animaciones!

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Druskus: With great pleasure and thanks to this post, I want to thank Thomas Etzel for giving me back some of my old discos that I had built on Clone Life and thought were lost, they are now available again fo... 9 months ago

wie gewünscht 50 er Jahre Outfits

Jordan Melody: You rock Chubby!!! 9 months ago


Welcome to the enchanting Goliath Gardens, a realm where you can shrink down to the size of a bug and experience the wonders of nature up close. Be the bug!! We have bug Avatars! Ladybug, Beetle, Bee, and Praying Mantis!! Be careful in the garden there is a snake that might bite! Gardens Thank you Ferd Frederix!

Marianna : I added a box with the animesh script and animations so that you can create Animesh bugs. Keep in mind these bugs are avatar size, the world is Goliath so that the bug is to scale of the world. Thes... 10 months ago

News at Camballa
Elas Fashion
Emma Hair
Use the teleporter at the landing point
he takes you everywhere
have all good time
Karin Beckers