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About Myself

I like creating, to make something new, although when I'm singing I like to sing songs that are already there. But when taking pics, making movies, writing ... it's about the things that bubble up in my head.

My Interests

Apart from writing, singing, taking pics in OS, making movies in RL I very much like to play games.

Favorite Quote

“I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naïve or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman.” (Anais Nin).

Music I Like

The Doors of course!

Films I Like

Mulholland Drive

Books I Like

The lord of the rings. Right now: The hunger games.

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My Regions

HG Jazz & Blues festival
4 0 Jazz & Blues festival 0 Users
The venue for the HG Jazz & Bluesfestival 2023, in an urban setting
more info
Forest of Azure
20 1 of Azure 0 Users
A bdsm and vanilla playground plus 3 free homes. Feel free to explore and play around! You will land at my gallery; have a look if you like :) You will find a castle, an underwater cave, a fitness center and spa, a school and a beautiful garden, a Japanese island, a hospital, a bdsm boat. all to wa...
more info


My report on the differences between OS and SL can be viewed here: This is the result of an interview project I did with both OS and SL residents.

I started something new: a fashion blog about the lovely things you can get for free in Opensim. You can find it here:
The first post is about Rachael Cooper's store:

and a new part of the npc playground :)

A new exhibit at my region gallery.

Forestofazure: Hope you'll like it :) 3 months ago

A new exhibition at my gallery. Come have a look!

Now the sixth scene is added to the npc playground: an office

New: npc playground. You want to play, but there is nobody around? Npc's are now an option, especially if they are gorgeous like these ones. It is by far not quite done yet, but i wanted to open it anyway. Have fun!

And yes... today!

In one day!

In two days!

A new exhibition in my gallery. Non erotic pics this time: poems, pics from Frankie Rockett's Artbox, other artsy pics.

And this is what you can hear and see on Sunday September 10.

It is almost Jazz & Blues Festival time! Here is the schedule for Saturday September 9.

If you would like to live on my region: two of the three free homes are available now. Post me inworld or in here!

The program for the festival:
Saturday September 9: 11am Forest, noon Acidicloop, 1pm Rez, 2pm Poppy (dj)
Sunday September 10: 11am RuudvandeSande (dj), noon The Clan's, 1pm Icky & Sum, 2pm Poppy (dj), 3pm Forest, 4pm Charice

Two of the three free homes in my region are available again.

The fantasy island has a new gallery - with fantasy pics of course

Fantasy island

HG Jazz & Blues festival 2023 on September 9 and 10, sponsored by Masala Estates. With Charice, Poppy, Icky and Sum, the Clan's, Ruudvandersande, Rez Rezzal, Acidicloop and me.

Now in Forest of Azure Gallery: Portraits. I'm sure you'll recognize some of them!

Thirza Ember: is there a prize if you guess them all? 8 months ago

Now in Forest of gallery: Portraits. You will surely recognize a lot of them! If you'd like your portrait made, give me a call.

And a trip into the tropical.. or just relax there

The japanese island ... with the one and only shibari frame in OS!

And this is one of the caves you will find... if you are brave enough!

You will get wet feed if you go to the underwater caves, so: DIVE!

Play doctor in a hobbit hole

The garden has some surprise spots :)

The garden has some suprise spot.

Sometimes pupils just need to be disciplined a bit!

Naughty students deserve some kind of punishment

Natural looking nature is important to me, as you might infer from the gardens

A stage in the middle of a swamp. Sometimes I perform here

Lesbos... for girls only

Lesbos.. a place for girls only.

Sweat your heart out in the gym - or do some nice things for two on the equipment - and have a nice sauna visit or a massage afterwards upstairs.

The castle's rooms are decorated in medieval style and they are filled with the kind of furniture Doms and subs both enjoy :)

Free homes on Forest of Azure now. If you'd like to live in one, please contact me.
Free home 1 has a tenant, right now. It is a fairly large house with a waterwheel.

Free homes on Forest of Azure now. If you'd like to live in one, please contact me. If it always has been your dream to live in a lighthouse, then free home 3 is just your thing!

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Santorini Shops

I kept falling from one surprise to the next! Such great stuff and so beautifully displayed!

The Furniture Vault

It is really amazing! I was there for something specific, but I could not tear myself away once i was there. Almost all is copy!

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