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This is when DJ Darria was DJing for us at Wolf Pack Club today! :)

DJ Dariaa is from the Ukraine and is a fantabulously awesome DJ bringing us her REMIX MASHUP MIXES TUNES! ;)

DJ Dariaa is here on Tueday's & Friday's! ;)

Please come on over & enjoy her REMIX MASHUP MIXES like we do ;)

We had a bunch today & made it to #1 on OSW! ;) WOOT! ;)

Ginger Snaps (Snips): Dariaa is absolutely amazing! 15 days ago

We've revamped our welcome area.

Ginger Snaps (Snips): Beautiful 2 months ago
My little Art Gallery Phainopepla.

Please feel free to drop in and all art is digital and created by my AI digital creation system. All art piece are available for free and you may use them any way you like, enjoy! :)

I have just begun to upload and set them up, only the first floor is done right now. There will be more, in the days to come.

hop:// York/472/536/22

Located across from the Exile On Main Street section.
My latest and probably most difficult memorial build, not that it was hard to do, but that it is a memorial to my very first pet who was so loyal, loving and protective. Wolfie was truly my best friend and to this day I miss him. He was half great Dane and half Siberian Husky and looked very much like a Canadian Timberwolf, hence his name. He was the most adorable puppy and grew into a beautiful and amazing adult dog. His memory will be forever treasured by me, but building the memorial brought a few tears to my eyes, I loved my boy.

Andremus Miklos: I know what you're talking about my friend, I miss my boy each and every day...Hugs 2 months ago

Wolf Manor region, terrain auto generated by the grid through the control panel, got the manor house from Kitley and a few bits from my inventory. Environment by the legendary Jimmy Olsen.