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peintre et sculpteur RL see my artwork in Never Ending Story land (Barefoot Grid)

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ieko land
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Bienvenue à Never Ending Story sur la grille Barefoot. Vous trouverez une galerie d'art dédié à une partie de mes peintures RL, une marina, une ville moderne, une grande île accueillant un concert de Tina Turner et de grandes forêts. Si vous aimez n'oubliez pas de voter, merci beaucoup ! Welcome to ...
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Many styles of asian lands in an oniric version
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Desert land with Petra and my real life paintings in "Villa Majorelle", arabic village and market, and much more...
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A new art gallery with photos montages of my real life paintings and celebrities , also statues of virtual worlds. A place for romantic danse too. Come andt thank you to like here if you appreciate.
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A nouveau ouvert, bienvenue à tous ! Deux galeries d'art dans un joli environnement Open again, welcome to you ! Two art galleries in a nice environment
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falene hawks: Bonjour ho mais la zolie voiture yesterday

Les derniers votes - the last votes

falene hawks: bravo presque 5000 alors là quel dommage !! quelle perte 7 months ago

Les derniers votes - the last votes

falene hawks: bravo et dommage pour cet au revoir 7 months ago

Ce terrain est en reconstruction, je change une bonne partie des bâtiments. Le cirque sera conservé. This land is under construction, I change buildings...but the circus will remain in place.

This land will definitely close in August 6 th. Ce terrain fermera définitivement ses portes le 6 août 2023.

harthelie: C'est une triste nouvelle. Serenitygrid faisait partie des plus belles grid d'opensim. 7 months ago

This land will definitely close in August 6 th. Ce terrain fermera définitivement ses portes le 6 août 2023.

falene hawks: Bonjuor cela est dommage, comme beaucoup de terrains à venir, par manque de visites je penses. Quel dommage 7 months ago

Today 2022 Oktober 6th : 1000 votes for SERENITY-Rose-des-Sables ! Thank you very much to friends and visitors

Thirza Ember: such beautiful regions on this grid, it is a joy. 1 years ago

OlgaViborilla1963: That cat..... 1 years ago

2022 september 26th : I'm very proud because Pand'Asia is 10 th in Opensimworld ranking

900 visitors ! bravo Falene Hawks and thank you very much !

100 visitors !!! Thank you very much to each one, I'm very grateful and happy !

iekocatnap: And the visitor number 100 is Frekya Vanderbor from aviworlds ! thank you very much Frekya ! 1 years ago

Today 2022 September 24th : 80 different visitors ! Thank you to all people who visited my land, you are always welcome ! and now a new kimono freebies little shop to discover in Pand'Asia land...

Misty_Falls: Idk about the others, freebies, copies, or whatever.... i enjoyed it. I thought this build was very well put together, even if it is all stuff from somewhere else. Great job Ieko ! 1 years ago

Asian restaurant sushis etc...

Japanese danse with my new horse friend, thank you Roland !

falene hawks: ouaf ouaf les chiens 1 years ago

Luna Lunaria: Lovely texture work 2 years ago

falene hawks: Bravo l'inscription locale trop rare ça ! 2 years ago

iekocatnap: Merci beaucoup pour les likes et les commentaires ! 2 years ago

L'unique concert du fameux groupe "The Meows" a eu lieu le vendredi 13 mai 2022 à guichet fermé dans une ambiance exhaltée d'un public conquis et ronronnant de plaisir.

hicks adder: /Me souris ... 2 years ago

my artist studio

Thirza Ember: inspiring 2 years ago

peintures RL / RL paintings

iekocatnap: Petit cottages / little cottages 2 years ago

Let's dance...

Montage my real life painting and a celebrity

My new art gallery

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Dark Moon Roses

Beautiful region, thank you for freebies ! wonderful !


Very beautiful land, congratulations Francis !

Arkham Grid

Sad to read I am not allowed to teleport to your land because I use Singularity viewer :( but I give you a like for your beautiful land

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Nice Place to Visit really pretty Theme