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Winter 2x2 2x2 0 Users
Free OAR for the HG Community. 512x512 The region Wedding is offline now. You can download my free oars from Outworldz site.
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Peaceful Dreamgrid Dreamgrid 0 Users
Often offline now. Free OAR for the HG Community. Please take 5 minutes to open the Read Me. DL link: NOTE: The castle I had used, was found to be copybotted from SL. I have deleted it from my Inventory. Orignal here: It is your decision to...
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Ballroom 0 Users
Free legal resources: Please note: This region gets on and off. Beautiful architecture and ballroom in arabic style. High towers to spend time with your love, have a romantic dinner and dance. Not 24/7 online. Please check here to see its availabili...
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Tabaris 0 Users
Free Legal Resources: Not 24/7 online. Please check here if online. Arabian style with a Venue, a Library, a hidden garden, an interior swimming pool, some relaxing areas. It is a 256x256 region, just few meshes, should load fast for you :) Set wit...
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Daydream 0 Users
Free legal resources: COME IN: Standalone Micro Grid Sundance - Note: not 24/7 online. Check this page to see its availability. Run with the Dreamgrid one-click-installer from Outworldz. Regularly hosting 4 regions that are steady and 3 more that ch...
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HG Welcome Center Welcome Center 0 Users
Free legal resources: Hypergrid Welcome Center for those new to Opensim. Tutorials how to visit other grids, linked webpages where to find destination, freebies and other supplies, free men and women starter avatars: skins, shape, hairs, clothes, shoes, ...
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Sirens Grotto Grotto 0 Users
Free legal resources: ======================================== Currency in this region: Gloebit Welcome - Willkommen - Bienvenidos Venue La Ola Paramour dance ball 2.1 filled up. Music from 60 to 90s and House. Art Galleries. Original artists real or di...
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Region name has changed. But the beacon wont make the change
This region was in another grid. Now I moved it to my own grid. Therefore I entered the new HG adress
But instead to appear HG Welcome Center, it still shows the old name Hope.
Do I need to delete the whole listing and make it from scratch? Actually I expected that the new HG URI would result in the right region name.
What shall I do?
My free Wedding and Honeymoon OAR
NOTE: The castle I had used, was found to be copybotted from SL. I have deleted it from my Inventory and backups. Orignal in SL here:
Keep or delete it, you know it now. I hope you decide to do the right thing :)

I have rezzed a legal castle by Max Hill (Ignus Fatus Creations) to replace the stolen one and that fits exactla on the spot here: (in the buildings store)
May 1, 2017 the Sirens Grotto Mall has switched to using Gloebit. If you haven not registered with Gloebit, a pop up will let you go to the page to register and use that account in any and every place selling with Gloebit.
What do you find in the Mall? Men and Women Fashion, shoes, jewelry, art and much more. Please visit there might be something you would like to purchase :)