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Beach for the whole family ........ All Seats are PG. ... Dress in Swimwear ..... Shopping sunbathing dancing ......
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The friendly city for shopping with the whole family Please use the latest Firestorm, older ones have been blocked by Zeta Grid.
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Athena Petite has arrived in Opensim. The first outfits are now available

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The Boat

We reserve the exclusive right to block users or third-party servers without explanation or notice. This comes from a completely unknown grid. This is really ridiculous. Then stay alone.


Yes Copper the visitor numbers are real. But that only works if you're not an ass. Then people like to come. But of course you don't understand that. Pagane was not blocked by me.


gives unfounded negative reviews I can do that too

Forgotten world

gives unfounded negative reviews I can do that too


Skripte verboten. Das bedeutet kein AO und man stakst da rum wie so ein Depp. Einfach inakzeptabel.


Adachi with oni kiri. I Like the Sim and all that nice Stuff. Welcome back!


Wow very beautiful. With streets and different heights. No house repeats itself. With a river that leads into the sea. The creators have put a lot of effort.

Fashion Boulevard II

All the same houses, loveless without decoration. The Sim a simple flat square. The supply of goods is limited and they also want money.


Der Betreiber ist zwar freundlich, aber ein Rückrat hat er nicht. Er hat mich bei Eröffnung seines Grids angesprochen ob ich ich nicht eine Shopping Region einrichte. 2 Wochen Arbeit und nachdem ich alle Läden eingerichtet hatte, wirft er mich raus. Die Begründung: Seine Einwohner mögen mich nicht. Mir ist ja schon so einiges passiert. Aber das schlägt echt alles. Also wer hier in GWG Zeit inves...

Isle of Nara

The word rude is an understatement in this sim.

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Lady_CopyKat 3 months ago
Congratulations on your success with GoldenSun !!!