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fully furnished homes for those wanting one, shopping, dancing and hang out city community
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please forgive us and bear with us we are extending to bring you more to enjoy. we have free furnished or unfurnished homes dance area which will see DJ Tamara playing soon with other DJ's and live singers welcome our club which is being designed as we speak. more waterways you can take one of our jetskis out on or one of our boats more shops which creators can have for free we are proud on how it is coming along and there is still much work to do love having our visitors though
thank you for the like i was not expecting any likes for now due to us still designing the region which is going to be extended later for even more for people to enjoy we have had DJ Tamara come on board to be a DJ there and we thank her very much for the offer our fully furnished homes are starting to fill it is amazing there are so many people out there to thank so if you are helping by work at serenity a tenant, visitor supports from opensimworld, aviworlds every little bit of support or likes make us proud and appreciative to you all and everyone will be invited to the eventual grand opening
region beacons
can someone please help or explain simply how to get a beacon hud went to sl marketplace like i was told its not on there. secondly it sent me to some farm page to get it again cant seem to find anything there finally found a page that said add your region which i would like to but it says i need a hud and its asking for a hg thingy for the aviworlds grid and support today is down i think which is very unusual how do i get it pleaseeee