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Jude Connors is a veteran internet DJ/broadcaster and Management with XRadio. He has over ten years as an active DJ in multiple gaming communities. In addition to his online experience, Jude has also done work in clubs as a DJ and also volunteered for community terrestrial radio. He maintains a blog, archives and social media and is host of the syndicated radio show, Magic Carpet Ride with Jude Connors..

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UNDER CONSTRUCTION! The metaverse HQ of XRadio: The Superstation! Get info on XRadio, visit our downtown area, where you can rent a commercial spot FOR FREE! There is a club area, science park, Zoo, Cultural Center (with the upcoming Museum of Metaverse Art), Small Mart (for freebies - COMING ...
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CyberGlo CyberStar: I went to XRADIO to listen to the music, but it was just playing the same 3 bars over and over. I walked around the city. The city is well laid out, but like many cities in the metaverse, the buildi... 4 months ago

Fire Station

Morning at XRadio Metaversal Studio Plaza [pic:20221009]

XRadio: Reception Area [pic:20221009]

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Great freebie shopping SIM!

Mariner's Bay

Went here to look around and the Owner was initially VERY friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, the grid was slow as a snail and when I messaged the owner, she replied back in a tone that was quite opposite of before. Her reply: "Whatever". She then went on to verbally attack me blaming everything on me. Funny, I have no issues on other grids in OpenSim. In fact, this grid was sooooo slow, I...


"Destination does not allow visitors from your world." What a crock of crap.


Awesome SIM. Looks amazing, low lag, and TONS of freebies!

Freebie Store 2021

This store is nothing short of amazing. A must-see stop on the hypergrid.

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Hello Jude, apparently you feel the need to leave 0 Star ratings on places you have never seen. This was done to Hidden Dreams as well as another place you reviewed. Please be fair and only leave reviews on places you have seen. I would appreciate you removing this review since you have not seen Hidden Dreams