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Gorean kajira since 1997, been collared to the same wonderful Turian Man since June 25th 1997 and part of one of the greatest online Gorean cities with the same people for as long. Counter Earth grid is the culmination of "love" of Gor. We want to give something back to our community that builds community together. We also want to be able to provide a Gorean experience that Goreans can experience closer to what they think is Gor. Connected lands and waterways, tarns, fair meter, farming that is Gorean con

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Counter Earth Grid has built the most beautiful sim for the holidays. Come enjoy shopping and holiday events in this beautiful Victorian-like Holiday Showplace. Upcoming Events -Friday Holiday Dance Show 5 pm PST - this is our 9 year!!! NON-Gorean Dance Show Saturday, Dec 16th, 6pm PST Capture ...
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Turia 2
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The great AR of the South of Gor from the books of John Norman located in the All Gorean Grid Counter Earth. Must be 21 and we do not allow child avatars
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GOR Sardar Fair
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The Counter Earth Grid is the ORIGINAL all-Gorean Grid, built by some of the true Elders of Gor, Gorean men who can trace their Gorean roots back to the 1990s and the very first Gorean homes that ever existed online. In the Counter Earth Grid, you're standing with Goreans who have loved and fought a...
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Our annual Holiday Dance Show is tonight at 7 pm Central Time- All Adults are welcome to attend

Counter Earth Grid- Longest RUNNING all Gorean Grid in Open Sim. Celebrating 9 years in August 2023- Come join the fun! What's YOUR Gor in YOUR City?

The Gorean City of Tarns on Counter Earth Grid

kindra Turian: The Ar of the South- continuously running since 1996- 7 months ago

Our annual Holiday Show is approaching soon! Dec 16 at 6 pm pacific time- come early to get a seat and listen to holiday music.

'One Night in Torvaldsberg'

Are you ready to face the terrors of the dark in the far North,
Where men of cold steel stand ready to deal in hot blood?
A trial of strength and wits against ruthless and hungry enemies!

Come to Torvaldsberg for an unforgettable adventure,
at the Counter Earth Grid, to find out!

This is a one-shot roleplaying event that starts with a background story
situation, before turning the roleplay over for YOU to find your own destiny!

Estimated event time is about 2-3 hours on Nov 20, 2023

This is for serious roleplayers only, no OOC lifestyling allowed.

This event is for Gorean Free Men, Free Women, and slaves alike.

Counter Earth Grid celebrating 8 years Aug 14. Thank you to all of our patrons for these wonderful years! See our wonderful builds- join our role play cites - all are recruiting!

Visit our cities to see our great builds and how talented our builders are in our close to 30 active communities- Counter Earth Grid where Gor still lives!

Visit our cities to see our great builds and how talented our builders are in our close to 30 active communities- Counter Earth Grid where Gor still lives!

Counter Earth Grid Invites you to our Valentines Day Dance

All are welcome to Counter Earths Valentines Day Dance- must be 21

Counter Earth Grid the All Gorean Grid is having a dance competition on Oct 9 at 5:30 p.m.- Grid time - same as Pacific Time. . Must be Gorean Book Dances. 1st prize is $10.00 2nd prize is $5.00 3rd prize is $2.00 Must be a member of CE grid to participate. Please see someone in world for all the rules.
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Holiday Dance Show Counter Earth Grid
Where: GOR Sardar Fair
When: 3 years ago [19 Dec 2020 20:00 SLT]

Join us for our Holiday Dance show - this year our show is dedicated to Holiday Musicals with a TWIST. You can even take a sleigh all the way from our Sardar Fair to the Sardar Field theater. We hope you will join us!

Holiday Dance Show in the City of Turia on Counter Earth Grid
Where: Turia 2
When: 4 years ago [20 Dec 2019 19:20 SLT]

Looking for some fun tonight!! Come to Counter Earth's Holiday Dance Show in the City of Turia. It starts at 7 p.m. pacific time and we have music from all over the world, with great scenes and dancing by beautiful girls. Fill up the Stormrunner Theater and have some fun!

Located in Turia at the Stormrunner Theater! Must be 21 to attend - come one and all! International Holiday Music with dance, beautiful scenes and a few surprises too! Join us for the fun! Friday 7:00 p.m. SLT/Pacific Time, Sat Dec 21 at 1:30 SLT/Pacific Time & 7 p.m. SLT Pacific Time and Sunday Dec 22 at 7 p.m. SLt/Pacific Time

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Very unique costuming. I just love it !! So very creative.

Thera Pani of Gor

Looking for GREAT Gorean Role Play- this is the place. These are people that know how to role play, and are able to develop great story lines and characters. Really fun place- and beautifully built.

Isle of Nara

If you are a Gorean role player- stop here in the Isle of Nara. Very busy sim and part of Counter Earth Grid - GREAT farming, great shopping and people. Nara is beautifully built, with a lot of great people and that Gorean role play that everyone is looking for.


The Northern City of Skjern is built with accuracy to the books of John Norman. The people there are friendly, and inviting but beware it is Gor and Gor is a barbaric brutal world. Daily role play - living the Gorean life. I love it there!! Counter Earth - for Goreans!


5 star plus for this beautifully designed sim!! Fun and design! LOVE it ! Lady Rarna the Administrator of this sim is one of the kindest most helpful people on Counter Earth Grid and when you go to her city you will see her beautiful design abilities. Every one should visit this beautiful city.

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