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Marvelous minds are all around you. Everyone has something amazing to create. Do it!

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I find humor in the shreds of light even in the darkness. Laughter is the way I cope with everything from tragedy to great love.

My Interests

Building, surfing, learning, and experimenting with the endless possibilities of hypergrid.

I'm Looking For

Scripting wizards, like-minded artists, cool folks, and great animations. I really want to meet people that have time in world to hang out and do fun things .

Favorite Quote

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Music I Like

jazzy, sexy, house blend beats, swingish-classic rockish-jam bandish-techno-ish-hip-hoppity-pop-mixxity-soul. How's that for an answer? ;)

My Heroes

People that learn to enjoy a social atmosphere without gossip. Those are rare and worthy people.

My Regions

Grid Tumbler
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Unique sandy beaches and wild terrain compliments the frothy blue sea which happens to be filled with the best surf waves available. Visitors can use the surfboard rezzers at the landing any time night or day. YES the landing is in the water, but it's just ankle deep. You can handle it. Put on a s...
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The sea that borders the famous Monterey Bay is here—Miles and miles of clean, open ocean. There is an obscure and sensual secret cave somewhere distant. You can surf at the edge of the cave too so please try it. It is very worth your travel. Bring a date and prepare to forget the world for a few. ...
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Hand painted freckles! Yay.

Marianna: Kissed by the sun! 1 month ago
Name that Pink Floyd Song ! Answer correctly for a free custom surfboard rezzer with your logo on the boards that rez. AND I will set your waves up on your region. Just name the song that this image fits perfectly.

Moora: OH NO ! I WISH I GAVE THE ANSWER!I always late! hahahaha I'll go fishing for these fish in that damn bowl. hahaha Revenge! 2 months ago
The red letters you see - that is my note of thanks to the contributors to the latest surf project. I hope everyone who gets a copy of this latest version will respectfully leave that part of the script unchanged before adding their own improvements. This is one of the rezzers going into the world today (or tomorrow depending on when Marianna is back). Cheers. Much love. Surf's up. haha

Name that Pink Floyd tune

The surf demo video- this one opens in a new tab.

Marianna: It is the most incredible feeling to wake up in the morning and see #surfergirls hitting the waves! "Surfing's one of the few sports that you look ahead to see what's behind." – Laird Hamilton 2 months ago
Pictured: Mesh Gold Alphabet available at the Grid Tumbler shop - find them on the shelves.
Also available - that sexy splash shown in the image. That particle includes a hand painted texture and a new particle script that is just gorgeous to liven up your beach builds. It adds a realistic and subtle ocean vibe. Free and full perms, as always. Enjoy. xoxo

At the end of this mystifying walkway you will find your zodiac sign painted on a rock. Please come grab one - or all 12 if you want to. I am a Leo ... what is your sign?

Andremus Miklos: Saggittarius, said to be the perfect match for Leos! lol 2 months ago

Foggy mornings are so sweet.

Lillysparks: Also- duh - I should say - I cannot take sole credit for any of it. So many minds have melted together in the creation of what is now truly the coolest surf experience OS has seen yet. Yay. Shoutout... 2 months ago

New texture packs available at Grid Tumbler - gorgeous, unique, never-been-seen seamless terrains, sands, stone, and many more added daily. Please enjoy and use these. xoxo

📝 Blue Sand ... Who Knew? Terrain Testers and palettes for your sim as well.

We have all seen those fancy beach buildings that use blueish white rock formations - and they all look awesome.  I thought maybe a beach in that same color would be a cool novelty, but the results ar...

Paddleboats over the waves with new friend, Charlene. Fun stuff!

Charlene McNally: I had so much fun! Those waves were something but we survived! 3 months ago

Charlene McNally: looks like fun! I'll have to slip on my bikini and come have some fun! Oh way do I have a bikini? 3 months ago

Fabulous starlit surf

This "mildly adult" surfboard-swing-couch is made out of original mesh for couples to get cuddly at any beachy hide out. Hang it from a tree or way up under an arch made of stones or a bridge for thrill seekers. Grab a copy at Grid Tumbler. xoxo The animations were carefully selected for beautiful and natural movements-especially if your hands are bento. wink wink
Snowy beaches wont freeze me as long as I keep this sexy wetsuit on! Come get one! The 3-d textures are amazing and they come in 5 Hud- driven colors. Nothing stops a surfer girl from getting in the water.

VetteCarVerTM: Beautiful Lilly. Thank you so much for helping me. You are awesome!! Big hugs. 8 months ago
Totally original textures for the Holidays on this darling little dress. AND In the box I included full perms blank mesh and texture maps so you can have fun designing your own dresses for whatever season you wish. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Special thanks to Mistress Delgato for modeling with me for the set. =)

Mistressdalgato: that one lady looks so familiar lol, good picture. 8 months ago
Do you see? Finally a surfboard rezzer for the public to take home has been released - and a surfboard design kit so you can make your own cool board and use it in the rezzer on your sim (bullet enabled). This is after months and months of obsessing with several people and it still gets updated every few days. BUT this is the very best available surfing to date in Hypergrid / Opensim. Please come grab your copy and also make sure to send me your finished boards ( a copy) so I can hang your creation on the wall of designs by locals. Fun! Merry Christmas, ,much love.
Snowy candy beaches and sparkling surf... for a limited time. Also: Brand new surf kit in the shop! Along with some crazy cute Athena dresses with original created textures and legit mesh models included in the dress kit. Design something! Or just wear the hot little Christmas outfits I included. Happy Holidays!

Lillysparks: Let's be honest- this is a very funny 360 FAIL . LOL I am not so talented with the steady hand of a 360 pan zoom. Hahaha But this was 5 coins so I am letting it stay. Cheers. 8 months ago

📝 Festive Dresses Super Cute Home Made Textures + The Kit To Make Your Own (Legit)

Holiday cutie dresses for Athena bods - PLUS the full perm mesh model and texture maps included in the box.

📝 Creation is not defined by you or me.

To exist in OS you are a creator from the start. We also use each others things without profiting, so it really isn't greedy. Because of the freedoms in OS and Hypergrid there will be some who abuse...

I could not resist!

Mistressdalgato: lots of fun surfing there, when we can buy a version lol 8 months ago

📝 A short and sweet surf video

Surfing and feeling great!

Grid Tumbler Beach Gallery at Surf Quest - visitors always welcome =)

This adult themed build called "Surf Date" now includes a few physics c*ck enabled adult animations for those of you who like those. Come grab a copy right off the beach or test it out. Just know that there might be someone near with binoculars if you do. =)
The waves are finally running in the right direction, and the textures are nice totally custom. I need opinions of the surfing action now. Let me know what you think after you come try the waves in world. Thank you!
The newest break on the hypergrid . Must see/surf. It is truly a new and unique surfing experience. Please enjoy the waves at Aquarius ( Board rezzer has a beta board for all to try . ) and Monterey too. Let's go!

Mistressdalgato: fyi region could use a landing point, i landed in the water. :) 9 months ago
Surf is finally up. Come try - we have surfboards on a rezzer right at the wave break . Not only that but there is some super sweet / sexy chill spots in the cave nearbye. Very secluded and endlessly marvelous. Come see!

Love these earrings from Monentes Jewelry. Sexy!! I could not decide between feather hoops or the ear runner things so... BOTH! yay

Lillysparks: oh, yes I realize I am wearing one part upside down. I am weird that way hehe . 11 months ago
I liked my own profile accidentally. I debated unliking myself - since only one other person has given me the thumbs up... but then I felt ... like... I am overthinking it for sure. LOL

I guess I will let it stay. Just hope it gets camouflaged by at least one or two more thumbs up at some point.

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Brown Beach Surf

I was lucky enough to see this beautiful place while it was under construction. This is a truly stunning seascape and go prepared to stare out into the blue sea. It is mesmerizing. Great work.

Amoa Nude Beach Swingers Resort

A beach bum's dream. Endless waterways that meander through intricate and beautiful builds. Lovely place. Great work. Plus you are required to be nude so it removes a superficial layer we all get so used to. Good stuff. Cheers .

SE Mall

The organizational skills of the owner had me saying wow. Lots of really neat original stuff there. Check it out and you will be impressed. It won't be a quick trip though. Be prepared to shop a while. Look around. =)

R&M Creations

This place is amazing. First of all, its cluttered but it the most adorable, naughty-fairy=goddess way. It's like ... tripping over glittery art and stumbling onto the best secret adult furniture selection ... then when you think you have seen it all you fall in the water and BOOM ... mermaids...dolphins...whales ... all kinds of marvelous goodies. It crazy. Just trust me it will be a favorite - a...


A delightfully sinful treat. I got many new toys and I windsurfed. It was beautiful. xoxoxo


I loved shopping here thank you for all the great stuff. =)


Great stuff, plenty of select adult finds too. Nice work!

Nautilus Salty Surfers Isle

Gorgeous, magical, stunning views of the shining blue sea. Plus the best surfboard rezzers and waves on the grid. I am officially going to surf there at least a couple times a week. Forever. hehe Great work building that awesome place.

Brokeback Mountain

You MUST see the awesome river with the coolest tube feature ever!! Must see. Great work Chad. High fives.

The Furniture Vault

The best collection of high quality furniture for all the fun lifestyles. Naughty, romantic, shocking, sweet ... all the good stuff. Great work putting this place together! I love the mod. perms on almost all of it too - so I can add favorite animations and remove the ones I dont love. Thank you for all the goodies!

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