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Marvelous minds are all around you. Everyone has something amazing to create. Do it!

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I find humor in the shreds of light even in the darkness. Laughter is the way I cope with everything from tragedy to great love.

My Interests

Building, surfing, learning, and experimenting with the endless possibilities of hypergrid.

I'm Looking For

Scripting wizards, like-minded artists, cool folks, and great animations. I have a good guy, but we can all be friends. =)

Favorite Quote

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Music I Like

jazzy, sexy, house blend beats, swingish-classic rockish-jam bandish-techno-ish-hip-hoppity-pop-mixxity-soul. How's that for an answer? ;)

My Heroes

People that learn to enjoy a social atmosphere without gossip. Those are rare and worthy people.

My Regions

Monterey Bay
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A cool place to chill, surf, "shop" (gifts) and, go on some crazy adventures. Building is in progress but feel free to stop by and see what we are up to. Cheers!
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Love these earrings from Monentes Jewelry. Sexy!! I could not decide between feather hoops or the ear runner things so... BOTH! yay

Lillysparks: oh, yes I realize I am wearing one part upside down. I am weird that way hehe . 23 days ago

These wetsuits are sexy and functional for surfer babes that want to stay hot and cool at the same time. Cheers!

HerbieHaven: The group of regions where Lilly has her Monterey Bay sim also have scuba gear, tanks, regulators, fins, weight belts, swim ao, masks, snorkels and some great shark scuba diving areas in the Farallon ... 1 month ago

Yes we even have something for the guys!

3-D Athena Wetsuits for your summertime surfing and scuba adventures

Surfing happens

Beautiful morning

I liked my own profile accidentally. I debated unliking myself - since only one other person has given me the thumbs up... but then I felt ... like... I am overthinking it for sure. LOL

I guess I will let it stay. Just hope it gets camouflaged by at least one or two more thumbs up at some point.

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Pretty cool place with a touch of surrealism and a lot of cool goodies. =) I especially liked the hidden mermaid hang out. Good stuff.

Monentes Jewelry

love love love my new assortment of sparkling accessories! Thank you! Genius! xoxo

Mi Amore

This is such a beautiful place that I am almost intimidated by it. I feel shy to explore for some reason but I am determined to see it all. LOVELY work! The details are just gorgeous!


Great place with nostalgic vibes for WOW fans. LOVED it. Great work!

The Village

A beautiful little city that takes you on a journey. Amazing! must see.=)


This is one of the most true-to-life landscape regions I have spent time in. The horse trails are the best! The whole place is an endless adventure. Not to mention how amazing the main builder there is. ♥ You must see Nor-Cal.


A magical wonderful place super close to some of the best shopping ever. Cheers.

Zweet ZurroundingZ

As beautiful as the world gets. This is a nice place because the owner seems to have hand made every inch of every thing there. Lovely. Must visit! =)


This is one of the most wonderful places to visit. Each time I go I find amazing treasures that are fully open for taking copies of. The place has been put together by wonderful people who sincerely enjoy sharing with all, and that is so nice. I have bits and pieces of many of their amazing little shops all over my own region too. It's fun to see their influence on my own daily routines at home...


Visually stunning and eerie in the best way. The haunting air is so artfully sprinkled with crazy things. A thousand stars are not enough to rate how beautiful this region is. Just gorgeous!

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