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Virtual Impress , Royal Academic Designer , National Virtual Design Office all companies Owner.
Working about Fashion design , Exhibisions Design & Medical Simulators.

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Nature protection designs. Human Medical Simulations. more

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Alchemy Custom UNIX.


Mainframe(Fujitsu),also Datacenter. Super Computer(Fujitsu) and UNIX System.

My Regions

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Our Public Town. [Light Plaza],[Music Plaza],[DJ Stage Goods],[Factory Goods], and more look arround all Buildings ofcause Clothes Furnitures there... add to anytime. thnak you....
more info
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Fischer Family's Storage !! Now Open X'mas Assets in Ware House !! -- 512x512m any storage buildings . Not Shops Not Mall but can get anybody neghbour north : Classic Mall , west : Karasu Castle V2 , east : Friend regions. suported Virtual Impression Global Society co,
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New!! New~~~ :::::: ONLY HERE ::::::::
Shimone Shop Open Now...
First open [ Ruth2V4 BOM ] [ Roth2 BOM ] and Japanese KIMONO BOM more BOM Clothes here ....

Added New Assets Athena Hairbase Applier ,Adam 4.1 male BoM body & any.
this street line more adding FASHION Goods .. also field grage shop thnk you..
( this photo's upper left Skin Giver & automatic skin applier if need ask livene )

New! & New! [ Garage Shop ] Open any place !
Furnitures BOX , Utility BOX and Fashion BOX many added open shop.
come and look arround and enjoying.. Thanks

Music Plaza many musical instruments in here all free buy...

all about over 200 lights set in opensin for house shops and garden more

DJ & Stage Goods all free DJ tables goods in here

Now Open X'mas Assets Ware House for your SHOP and HOME..
Any for Shop & Home Christmas Decorations Premium Mesh..
========== Aviworlds Memers Here ==========
image link :
Not There Now, Aviworld Much Heavy &Slow
have a good day!

Mesh Avatrs Athena Petito more
New ITEMS ' LiLi Heels ' image:
Touch BUY Red Botterns...

Outfit more over 1000 clothes..

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