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Spiritual Seeker, Science Fantasy Writer, Creator in virtual worlds

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As you learn to truly see the companions who travel with you, you begin to realize that there is no journey, but only an awakening. There is no road to travel on and no time to travel through.

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High end gaming desktop that I built for a fraction of the cost of getting it already made: Intel Core i9 12th Gen, RTX 4060 GPU, 64GB DDR5 ram, Windows 11 Pro, 1GB network connection. Allows me to run high graphics in all settings.

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Lunaria Emporium - Main Store
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Lunaria Emporium is Luna's main Gloebit store located on Wolf Territories Grid, where you'll find unique products created solely by Luna that can be purchased with Gloebits, or with other pay options through links to the Kitely Market. The central store is large, with multiple rooms that include...
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Luxor is the home of Luna Lunaria and a place of meditation and mystery for spiritual pilgrims. The region rewards those who are patient, still, and listening, for there are quiet songs that will play at various locations if you stand and wait. Shared environment and higher graphics will complete yo...
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Just to be clear, I have always pursued my own ideas in my work and have never been interested in replicating what others have done. Because of that my work is easily identifiable wherever it is on the hypergrid. So when I heard that I had stolen someone else's idea for a dance floor I laughed. Pictured above is an event at my Aeroclub on July 13th, 2018 on Bill Blight's old grid (OpensimLife), now gone since he retired. I was using arcane textures on dance floors even back then. When I built the Lotus Club early last year on Luxor I created a similar dance floor because that's what I liked. And no, it would never bother me that someone else got a similar idea on their own. I remember when Essensual bought my Grand Ballroom then invited me over to see it. She had completely remodeled it into a gorgeous Art Deco style. I could still see my objects and textures but I loved how she creatively rearranged everything and added in some of her own textures. That's the way it should be in Opensim.

Nico Kalani: I'm going to sue the Munchkins for putting an occult symbol on their floor. :) 5 days ago
I just caught up with the craziness about Lone stealing a floor from Marianna. Looks like she saw my post yesterday about our first monthly social with a picture of my Lotus Club on Luxor. it has a big circular dance floor with a blue arcane texture. I guess she assumed Lone stole that idea the day before yesterday's event and added to his Social region (which doesn't exist). That picture was from my Gala 6 months ago at the Lotus Club and which I built on Luxor a year ago. I have that same exact texture on one of my hypergates at Luxor. I have used that texture for years. I love arcane textures, especially on floors and ceilings - I have them on a floor in Castle Ceridwen and in my main store in the Magic and Mysteries room.

Fred Beckhusen, aka Ferd Frederi: I'm just gonna drop this link here. The above image is from, the watermarked one is not not useable in any form according to their license. A single use license is normally $25.00... 6 days ago
The first ever Monthly Social for Wolf Territories Grid is today at 11 am grid time (pst) at Luxor in the Lotus Club, and teleport routing will drop you right there. This is a great way to meet residents on the grid and get to know one another and share stories. Greedy tables are set up courtesy of GMInteractive and there's a dance floor as well.

IndigoQueen King will be our DJ for the event which will last 1 1/2-2 hours but everyone can stay as long as you like. Voice will be on for those who prefer. The Luxor region will also be open for those who want to explore together - tour boats are available in multiple locations and hold up to 4 people including the driver. The event is listed on our WT website here: under the Events tab, and in the Destination Guide in world.

Here's the limo: hop://
HG Address is

Lone Wolf: Amazing Social. I had such a great time! 8 days ago
Pictured is a panoramic view of the entire Emporium region which is all at ground level, with Luxor visible beyond the Castles area. The central store is large, with multiple rooms that include themes such as Christmas, Gothic, Vampire, Arcane Magic, Castles, Steampunk Airships, Medieval, Japanese/Asian, Greek and Roman, Statuary, Decor, freebies, large architecture in multiple styles, and large Venues.

Surrounding the central rotunda are large viewing parcels where you can walk through all of the structures available for purchase. They can be accessed by teleport boards, bridges, flying, or taking a boat ride. There is a freebies section inside the central store with several items free to anyone. Also available for free are the Ruth 2.0 and Roth 2.0 mesh avatars along with the current huds and accessories.

Important Note: Use Shared Environment and higher graphics to see the region properly. As you explore the various parcels, the sky settings will change to fit the theme.

Many of my products can also be found on the Kitely Market here: and can be delivered directly to your inventory on your grid, but if you don't mind hypergridding, those same items are 20% off Kitely Market prices if you get them directly from my main store.
At Lunaria Emporium on Wolf Territories Grid you can walk through and interact with all my structures, including the Victorian Club, a large entertainment venue / bar done in the late 19th century Gilded Age style, rich with texture and lighting. The venue is perfect for live performers, DJs, and any other large celebration or gathering, such as grid parties, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Step inside to luxurious elegance and extravagant detail, from dark wood paneling and chevron wood floors, to gold chandeliers and paneled ceiling. A full bar greets you after you enter, complete with leather and wood stools, granite and leather countertops, brass taps, registers, glasses, and a variety of spirits. At the far end is a turn-of-the-century stage with Edison lighting. Along both sides by ornate carved columns you'll find plush leather chairs and cozy lighting. The entire build truly comes to life when paired with Shared Environment and higher graphics settings to bring out the material textures.

The Club began life 3 years ago on Utopia Skye Grid as the Fetish Fire Club where it is still used for fantastic music and light shows to this day. A slightly modified and larger version sits on Wolf Territories Grid as the Wolf Pack Club which is also in continuous use for various events.

The Club comes with a variety of extra accessories: a beautiful mesh vase with flowers, a variety of mesh glassware, a copy of the Victorian Seating group, and a copy of the Victorian Street Lamp.

There are 3 gold light switches inside the club that control 3 lighting areas. Two are located near the back of the club to the right of the stage on a wall: the top one turns on the chandeliers and the bottom one turns on the wall sconces. The third switch is on the middle of the bar and turns on the 4 bar lamps and undercounter lights near the stools. The scripts for the switches are NO MODIFY, due to a licensing agreement with the script creator. All other scripts and parts of the club ARE modifiable. This will cause the copy of the club in your inventory to show as NO MODIFY, but it's really only these 3 scripts that cannot be changed or looked at.

All chairs and stools use the AVSitter seating system and must remain linked to the build to ensure they remain working properly. While the AVSitter poses can be adjusted, no more can be added, but you can remove AVSitter and add your own seating system and animations if you like.

The Victorian Club is available on the Kitely Market here: and can be delivered directly to your inventory on your grid.

If you don't mind hypergridding, the Club is 20% off Kitely Market prices if you get it directly from my main store.

Joe Builder: Very nice :) nice textures I'm not one for the use of spec map to much but nice never the less. 21 days ago
This is the Castle display area at Lunaria Emporium where you can walk through them all. My first attempt at building in SecondLife 15 years ago was a castle and I never looked back. There three available for purchase in different styles and they all have multiple hidden chambers and passages to discover:

The Ceridwen castle, done in a fantasy/fairytale style in a silver and amethyst color palette with a special hidden room below

The Caerwyn Fortress complex, which is a massive, detailed fortress in the Norman / Celtic tradition with realistic 13th century textures. The fortress was inspired by the remains of Harlech Castle located in Harlech, Gwynedd, Wales

The Caerwyn Keep, designed with a smaller footprint in mind

A medieval covered stone bridge to match

There's also a partially finished Camelot Keep that I hope to get back to someday, but it is not currently available. All the castles are available on the Kitely Market here: and can be delivered directly to your inventory on your grid.

If you don't mind hypergridding, all venues are 20% off Kitely Market prices if you get them directly from my main store.

Gabriel_Solstician: Highly detailed buildings - Luna’s right, well worth visiting first, you won’t be disappointed! ☺️ 24 days ago

Chillin at Luxor

This is the Entertainment Venues area at Lunaria Emporium, where you can walk through all my main ballrooms, clubs, and lounges. All of them include the decor and furniture that you will see inside each one, or you can find the decor separately in the main store building. These structures tend to be large and complex with a mixture of mesh and prims, and they make heavy use of materials textures which can only be seen with higher graphics settings enabled. Remember to use Shared Environment to see the sky setting shown above.

All of these venues can be found on the Kitely Market here:, and can be delivered directly to your inventory on your grid.

If you don't mind hypergridding, all venues are 20% off Kitely Market prices if you get them directly from my main store.
This is the main Roman display area, and you can walk through all the Roman structures here. This is one of several display areas at Lunaria Emporium at ground level surrounding the main store. Each area has a theme and has its own EEP sky setting to accentuate it. Make sure you have Shared Environment selected as well as higher graphics to see the shadows and materials.

You can reach this area by clicking the Roman sign in the lobby on the left side, or by taking the bridge, hopping a boat, or flying.

Safinemahoe2: Beautiful work my friend! 1 month ago
This is the Statues/Roman room on the second floor of the main store building at Lunaria Emporium. Here you can find multiple high detail statues sourced from complex stl scans of the real world versions, then optimized for Opensim and fitted with multiple textures available through touch menu. All statues carry a commercial license embedded inside noting where you can source your own stl version if you like. Additionally, there are wall vendors displaying various Roman structures with a teleport tab to walk through them all. You can find this room by clicking the Roman sign in the main lobby. Don't miss the free angel statue in the adjacent room.

These items are 20% off Kitely Market prices, many of which can be found on the Market here:
This is the Magic and Mysteries room inside the main store on the second floor. There are several different arcane circles - Red, Blue, Wiccan, Norse, Sacred, Egyptian, Celtic - each with multiple textures accessible by menu. The Seven Chakras circle comes with a meditative pose, seven textures, and seven stations corresponding to the chakras. There are also vendors for all my Goth / Vampire / Halloween / Cemetery items along with teleports to walk through the full cemetery. Most of these items are available on the Kitely Market, but they are 20% less if you get them directly from the store. Click the magic and Mysteries sign in the lobby to get to this room.
This is the Asian Heritage room at Lunaria Emporium inside the main store building, primarily consisting of Japanese / Chinese inspired items. None of the pieces are intended to be historically accurate, just my personal take on the styles. The buildings displayed on the vendors can be walked through by clicking the teleport link under each one. Some of the items in the room are free, such as the golden Buddha and the lizard garden lamp. You can get to this room by clicking the Asian sign in the main lobby.

Mistressdalgato: I have a few of those pieces and can say its worth the money. 1 month ago
After looking at the gold Buddha in the 360° snapshot from yesterday, I realized the gold can look much better so I retextured it. This is not pbr, it uses material textures, and adding lights around it will bring out the sparkle even more. This statue is free and can be found in the Asian room in the main store building.

Jerralyn Franzic: That's great! Neat to see it done without PBR. Not against PBR, but with the current engines SL and OS use, it slows things down so much, even with modern PC's because of optimization issues. Anyway, ... 1 month ago
This is the first of a set of 360° snapshots of my Emporium. This is the new lobby and everything you see is for sale (except for infrastructure stuff like joiners, etc). There's some new Art Deco pieces displayed for sale such as the Deco tall lamps, The Deco seating group, the Art Deco ceiling lights, and the Deco bar, which comes with AVSitter in the stools. The Art Deco pieces are currently only at the Main Store since I haven't added them to the Kitely Market yet. The pool in the center is free, and there are teleport boards on either side to quickly get to specific product areas.
Chapter 7 - Insomnium from my book Eos Renascent is now on Wattpad. You can read it here:

"Maeia jerked awake, choking and disoriented, and found herself on her hands and knees with hot, broken stone beneath her. Caustic, black smoke billowed in the air, burning her throat as she tried to breathe. The light from great fires raged in the distance, silhouetting shattered buildings and soaring structures and casting everything around her in an ethereal orange glow.

Feeling excruciating pain, she looked down at her arms to see red, bleeding skin and blackened blisters from severe burns. Lying on the ground nearby was the red sword she recognized from the sarcophagus. It had a faint red glow, as if it were red hot, especially around the handle grip.

What is happening to me?"
Just finished a complete remodel of the store lobby at the Emporium and placed several new Art Deco pieces out for sale, including statues, a seating group, and a full bar. Pictured above is Bobby, a robot linked to chatgpt. In local chat, say his name followed by your question. He is very well-versed on Wolf Territories grid since Lone Wolf scripted him. Also, don't forget to grab your free copy of the garden pool in the center of the lobby.

Lone Wolf: I love my Christmas Tree I got from there. 3 months ago
The store is decorated for the holidays!

HG Address: Emporium - Main Store

Limo: hop://

Harper Held: Tell me you're an AC/DC fan without telling me you're an AC/DC fan... 😜 3 months ago

Lunaria Emporium is back online

There is a large selection of realistic Cemetery / Halloween items at the Emporium on Wolf territories Grid. Click the Magic and Mysteries sign in the lobby to go to that floor. Click the Gothic sign in the lobby to teleport to the full cemetery on display.

HG Address: Emporium - Main Store

Limo: hop://

See all my Halloween/cemetery items on the Kitely Market here:
Thank you to all who came and had fun with us at the first ever Lotus Club Gala on Luxor!

Special thanks to Austin Moores and Eva Fae for the great concert; to his Angels: Sandy, Talia, and Netera; to DJ Illusions for the preconcert music, support, and fun; and to Wolf Territories Grid owner Lone Wolf for giving us such a great grid to hold our event!

Look for our next Gala at the Lotus Club sometime this Spring :-)

Great time at the Lotus Club Gala event!

HG Address:

Limo: hop://

Thirza Ember: Fun times dancing with a wolf 5 months ago


HG Address:

Limo: hop://

Today is the day!


Festivities start at 12 pm Pacific / 7pm GMT with DJ Illusions kicking things off with his eclectic mix of 80s, 90s, and dance. Then you're in for a treat with Austin Moores and Evanea singing live together starting at 2pm Pacific / 9pm GMT

The Galas will only be held a couple of times per year so don't miss it!

HG Address:

Limo: hop://
The inaugural gala at the Lotus Club on Luxor this Saturday has a special treat in store for those coming: Austin Moores and Evanea will be singing a live duet from different parts of the world. Both have stunning voices and a beautiful song set lined up for the event. You don't want to miss this!

I would suggest you visit Luxor prior to the event to cache the region. The concert starts at 2pm pacific time / 9pm GMT

HG Address:

Limo: hop://
Don't miss this opportunity to be part of our inaugural event at the Lotus Club on Luxor!

I will never forget being at Austin's very first Opensim concert a few years back on our old grid and being blown away. Now I am honored that he will be the first to sing at Luxor.

HG Address:
I just opened my first store for my new Egyptian antiquities at ACRES Mega Sky Mall in Digiworldz. Currently this is the only place on the hypergrid you can find these since I do not yet sell them at my home region of Luxor or at the Main Store on Wolf Territories grid. Here you'll find Egyptian statues, decor, and vendors for some of my larger Egyptian structures, one of which is displayed outside. The mall uses Digi currency and there is a Podex terminal at the mall entrance.

Store Address: hop://
Hypergrid International Expo opens this Friday and sessions start Saturday in multiple languages!

HG Address: Welcome

For full information go here:

TrisTH: thanks for thinking about the subtitles, I will try to remember and attend 5 months ago

Last night of partying at OSFest 2023! Party is going on now and will transition to the Burning Woman festivities at 7pm grid time. HG Address is


There are only 3 days left on The Merchant Sales Event going on now at this year's OSFest! After Saturday evening's Burn Party, all sales will end. This is a grid-wide event with multiple merchants with deals, steals, and freebies galore! There are merchant teleport boards like the one pictured that are spread around the grid for convenience.

Lunaria Emporium is holding its biggest sale of the year. All of my castles and entertainment venues are 75% off Kitely Market prices, and most of my other smaller items displayed everywhere are free, including furniture, statues, decor, and some Egyptian pieces.

Start here, then look for the merchant teleport board:

Find out more about OSFest 2023 here:

See this week's entire events calendar here:
Had a great visit with the HG Safari group yesterday at Luxor. Love hanging with those guys 🙂 You can see the blog post here:

Next event at Luxor will be the inaugural gala at the Lotus Club on Saturday October 14th at 2 pm grid time, featuring Austin Moores live. The Lotus Club occupies the top two levels of the central pyramid.

Chillin at Luxor

ToyBoy: Nicely build! 5 months ago

HG Safari info:

I would suggest coming by earlier in the day to allow your viewer to cache the region. Hope to see you there 😊

Today starts The Merchant Sales Event at this year's OSFest and it's happening this week from Tuesday September 26th through Saturday September 30th. This is a grid-wide event with multiple merchants and sales and freebies galore! There are merchant teleport boards like the one pictured that are spread around the grid for convenience.

For example, one of our merchants, Sarvonne Creations Etc, is offering a 50% off deal on "Blues/Jazz Era" themed AI art series at her CheriNet Et Alias Gallery Shop at her OSFest store.

Lunaria Emporium is holding its biggest sale of the year. All of my castles and entertainment venues will be 75% off Kitely Market prices, and all my other smaller items displayed everywhere will be free, including some Egyptian pieces and some brand new Art Deco pieces and furniture not yet available anywhere.


Start here, then look for the merchant teleport board:

Find out more about OSFest 2023 here: See this week's entire events calendar here:

HG Safari info:

Hope to see you there 😊

I've been having a lot of fun creating new eeps for OSFest 2023. One is pictured here.

You can see them for yourself by starting here with this HG Address:

Full OSFest info can be found here:

Jerralyn Franzic: The correct address is Anyway, will check this out. =) 5 months ago
My cemetery is available for a limited time at OSFest for 20% off Kitely Market prices. Grab it before it's gone. Note: I no longer include the eep environment since those only work on the grid they're created on.

HG Address:

Easy to find on that region with all the bright stuff around it :-D

You can find it on the Market here:

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Utopia Skye Adult Hub

Absolute best shows by far. The music is fresh, modern, and wonderful, and Lexx adds the most fabulous light shows to these. Weekly on Sat, 3-5 pm grid time


This is a beautiful place. I loved the home and all the fountains :-)


I love to see creators just starting out. I can't wait to see what you create! :-)

Nefertari Beach Resort

What a beautiful resort! Loved the whole island feel


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