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Home of the OpenSimWorld beacon and the SatyrFarm Visit this region to get the latest versions of the free OpenSimWorld Beacon and HUD. You can find a live demo of the teleporter and get the full perm tools package, which contains our Beacon and HUD. The region is also home to the SatyrFarm f...
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We are making a change for regions that are closed to group access only. While it is allowed to list your region here (if it is hypergrid-accessible), your region must be assigned to the category "Group Access/Private". You can go to your region's page to change that category.

The regions that are group-only will be marked with a [G] in the beacon and in the website listings

KrisTina: Thanks! 1 years ago
You can now use Groups Chats to communicate with your Opensimworld group members!

Group chats are available in your Groups page. The chats will pop up at the bottom of the screen, similar to private messages.

You can also now choose to turn off the Sound of Notifications and Chats in your settings/preferences page
If your region uses the SmartStart feature of Dreamgrid, there is now a new setting in your region's settings page. If you enable it, your region will show as "online" even when your region is frozen. For Kitely regions this setting is automatically enabled. (If you don't use SmartStart or DreamGrid, you can safely ignore this message :)

Marianna : Thank you Satyr!! 2 years ago
Testing 360 images in region pages
You can now upload 360 panoramic images for your region's page. If you edit your region's settings you can find a new option to upload a 360 image. You can make 360 snapshots with the latest Firestorm

Aaack: Aswesome! 2 years ago
High resource usage in Quintonia farm animals

I have received a few complaints related to the Quintonia version of the satyrfarm. In particular, people who run grids are complaining that animals overwhelm the asset server with creating new notecards.

If you have this problem pick up version 5.8 of the animal script right now and use the updater on your animals from the Mintor store at . See Cnayl's comment below

Or, use the original version of the animal rezzer that you can find in the satyrfarm package in the opensimworld region.

Cnayl Rainbow: I recently found out about this and have corrected the issue as soon as I became aware of the problem. You can pick up version 5.8 of the animal script right now and use the updater on your animals fr... 2 years ago
Hi everyone!

Heads up 1: We are changing our instant message system, and your messages will now be integrated with it.

In case there are any unread messages of the old instant-chat system, you can find them in this page:

Heads Up 2: The friends system is changing, from followers to friends. People who follow each other will now become friends, otherwise you have to accept their friend requests. Check your friends requests here:

Thank you!

Misty_Falls: Followers are just friends we have not met yet... Thanx OSW. 2 years ago

Your grid and users are not welcome here anymore. Your users have been harassing and messaging racist slurs at opensimworld users for years. You have harassed me personally and my family *in real life*. You keep doing it despite warnings and temporary bans

From now on you are permanently banned from listing and advertising anything from your grid in Opensimworld. Your regions are inactive anyway, they will be removed.

Your abusive accounts will be frozen. Do not attempt to create new ones , they will be removed.

Please advertise your grid etc on: Facebook, Twitter, Mewe, Discord, wherever, anywhere but NOT HERE . Enough is enough, you are not welcome here.
Clarification: Illegal Activity
Please do not post evidence of illegal activities here or in your profiles. Report any such evidence directly to the police, where it belongs. Posts will be removed and repeated violations will result in a ban.
Can't find someone to sail with you today? Then you can create an NPC sailor to follow you and your SFsail boat!

The sailboats in the current package in OSW region already contain an NPC named "Sailor". You have to edit .SFconfig and change "Firstname Lastname" to your own avatar name, for example:

Button=FollowMe=LINKMSG{-4;889;follow Satyr Aeon}

Then Right click to touch the boat (without sitting) and select Options ->NPCs->ADD->My NPC. Your NPC should sit on the boat now

Touch the boat again and select Options -> FollowMe , then select Options -> Autotrim and then select Options->Raise. The boat with the NPC will now follow you. You can sit on your own boat and sail together.

Learn more about SFsail here:
Clarification: Closed grids & Civility
Clarification for closed grids: Opensimworld is a directory of Hypergrid destinations. Closed regions will not appear in the rankings or directory (just like we don't list Second life regions). Regions that were once open and closed are not deleted, but may remain in the directory for 1 year. They won't appear in the rankings and they are marked as inaccessible, but their pages still exist

Additionally: this only applies to regions that are closed to hypergrid. It is OK to list a region that requires group membership to access for example.

Civility: Be civil

Posters who call names or harass people will be banned from posting for 7 days to indefinitely.
Follow the Dolphin! The updated SFsail boats can now use the autopilot to follow other users, other boats, or anything. Rez our wandering dolphin and say 'follow dolphin' to follow him around.

You will find the SFsail boats package in OpenSimWorld ->

Learn more about SFsail here:

Just a quick guide

Check out SFsail, our new sailing engine

Thanks to Aaack Aardvark and Bibiana Bombinate we have new designs for the OpenSimWorld Teleporter, including a steampunk version!

As always you can get them from the OSW region:

SFposer is now in v0.9, more complete than ever!

SFposer is an animation controller compatible with PMAC that packs the functionality offered by addons in a single script. It also provides many additional commands to enhance animations and communication between objects. SFposer offers:

- Fully Automated editing allowing you to create new notecards and poses for up to 99 avatars without any editing, and real-time experimentation with different animations
- Live adjustments for positions, as well as additional expressions / sync and more
- Built in support for LockGuard chains
- Built-in support for RLV
- Built-in support for Rezzing NPCs
- Built-in Object Giver
- Built-in rezzing of Props including temporary auto-attach props
- Built-in utilities such as sending chat channel messages, OSSL messages, attachment messages and more
- Online converter to convert notecards from AVsitter, MLP, as well as existing PMAC addons and CHAINDATA notecards (
- A full set of short-code commands for powerful scripting without scripts.
- Custom buttons which execute custom commands
- Auto-upgrade mechanism to upgrade to future versions with a single button click
- Extensive configuration via the '.SFconfig' notecard which also support startup commands
- Small footprint: A single script for everything.
- Link_message and dataserver-APIs for fully remote operation. SFposer can thus become the animation-controlling part of another object such as a vehicle or a game
- Permission system for limiting access to menus.
- Snappy operation and uncluttered menu dialogs

Learn More here:
SFposer is now 2 weeks old! Beta 0.8 fixes a lot of bugs, improves menu layout.

SFposer now has built-in support for: Pose Editing, Props, RLV, Lockguard chains, Expressions, NPCs, Sequences, Sounds, child prim properties, Giver, addons, remote operation, , event filters etc, all easily configurable in notecards

Find out more @
Update! SFposer is now almost 1 WEEK OLD! And the beta version has had many many updates. It now supports LockGuard chains, RLV, NPCs, Props (including attachment props) and more.

Learn more about SFposer here:

Get the latest script code:

Hey All!

OpenSimWorld and the Firestorm Viewer Developers bring you this quick survey to help us determine how best to ensure compatibility with OpenSimulator and what problems or features you want us to add/fix.

Take the survey here

Are you having a nice weekend?

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  • Yes, Amazing!
  • Yes, Very Very Amazing!
  • No, but I will do my best
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OpenSim is an oasis for people who are following physical distancing around the world. Thank you all for keeping yourselves safe, keeping your regions online and keeping your visitors entertained!

Party safely in opensim!

If you are homebound due to coronavirus, stay safe and have fun in the virtual worlds. Many places to party in opensim, and they are all 100% safe!

What viewer are you using?

  • Firestorm
  • Singularity
  • Alchemy
  • Other (specify in comments)
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You can now choose to receive notifications when a new visitor enters a previously empty region. You can find the relevant setting in the bookmark button of every region. Let us know what you think

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NEW: Chat across the Hypergrid and Second Life with your OSW friends and OSW Groups

We have yet again some news for the OSW HUD.

The HUD is now integrated with our website chat. This allows you to send and receive instant messages to your friends and chat with your group friends from any region in the Hypergrid as well as from second life.

The new HUD is listening on channel 4 for your chat commands:

To message an OpenSimWorld Friend, enter '/4 @userName bla bla...' in local chat
To message an OpenSimWorld Group, enter '/4 #groupTag bla bla ...'

Use the FRIENDS button to see your friends' @userNames
Use the GROUPS button to see your groups' #groupTag

You can skip the @username or #groupTag after your first message.
For example '/4 bla bla' will send the message to the last used @userName or #groupTag.

For the purpose of enabling the HUD, each group in now has a #Hashtag that the users can use. We have set default #hashtags for all existing groups, but you can also change them from the settings page of your group.

The chats are always available from the web. Click the "Chat" link at the top bar in to access IMs and Group Chats from any browser.

For these new features, you can get the new HUD that is available now (Sep 17) in the OpenSimWorld region

And from the marketplace in second life:

Let us know how it's working for you!

The OpenSimWorld HUD is now available in Second Life marketplace
You can now use the Opensimworld HUD in Second Life. You can use it to check your group messages, and also check who of your friends are online

Get it at
Satyrfarm Rankings among friends

You can now add friends on opensimworld. Once you 've made a few friends, you can check how you rank among your friends in SatyrFarm:

Introducing Happy Hours! Do you feel like having an improptu party in your region? Now you can mark your region as "Happy Hour" for one hour per day, letting people know that you're welcoming new visitors. The "Happy Hour" badge will be shown in the opensimworld website and there will be an indicator in the in-world beacons. You can start using the feature today, by visiting your region's page.
The new OSW beacon is now in the OSW package in our region. The new beacon includes some bug fixes and a new Like / comment button that allows people who visit your region to give likes and comments to your region. Get it from our region along with the new HUD!
The new opensimworld HUD is out. This is a major update of the HUD. You can now instantly like a region and add to your bookmarks from in-world. As always you can access your bookmarks instantly and also go to the OSW page of the region that you are visiting. Also, you no longer have to worry about re-entering the HUD key. Go to our region to get it, along with the latest beacon.