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About Myself

Male, living in the Netherlands. Good to those that are good minded.
Questions, ....just ask.

My Interests

Science, tenorsax, astrophotography

Favorite Quote

"The World of reality got its limits, The World of imagination is boundless"
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Music I Like

Lot's of music !

My Heroes

Hypatia, N. Tesla

OpenSim Version

OpenSim NextGen HN2May2020 (Unix/Mono)

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My Regions

sciencecircle.org:80:Gaia 0 Users
Gaia, mother Earth, our pearl in the uni or multiverse. Build 8 years ago.. will get an update soon.
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Sinners Dance Club
hg.osgrid.org:80:Sinners Dance Club 0 Users
Welcome at the Sinners Dance club ! Sinners was a RL dance club in Amsterdam. Meet, greet,make nice friends and a have a good time! We love to bring you the best dance music. Deep house, Techno, Trance....and loads of nice dance music. If you are a DJ, there is a streaming server availab...
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sciencecircle.org:8002:WelcomeZone 0 Users
Welcome to the Science Circle grid. For more information about this grid and the Science Circle Foundation visit https://www.sciencecircle.org/sc-opensim/
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Love Opensimworld. Great to interact and see coming events.

At the moment we have 4 regions.
The WelcomeZone, our first region we made, Gaia and 2 region where Science Circle member Abu is working on his project.