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There are so many things I felt I could not do. I used to get very depressed thinking about the fact that I do not understand Blender, PHP and many other things. What good could I be to open sim if I knew nothing? Then one day I realized open sim is very much like RL, and with a team of people pulling in the same direction….anything is possible! Never let what you don’t know hold you back!

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Tech, building virtual worlds

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Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door. Kyle Chandler

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love classic rock and oldies

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I rarely watch movies, but when I do, I just want a silly laugh

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Dawn Faizey Webster

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I Love You

I do not make it as often as I would like, but I love You has probably become my favorite go to place for a weekend dance. Why? Well the answer is very simple.....the people! I notice one person here made a comment about 99% of people are bots. This person has no Clue! Let me share a typical Saturday when I go dancing: Bobbi says Hi....we chat about building, farming and ...

Covert Gadgets

I would love to give a good review to this place......but unfortunately I cannot. I believe in finding good in every situation.....but am very upset after what I witnessed just now. My height is 1.66 meters or 5.45 feet...same height that it has always been. When you land at this wonderful place.....there is a greeter board that shows your height. It listed my height as 4' 9 inches or 1.4...

Erotic Freebies

Large selection of adult products. Super friendly owner who is extremely helpful and kind!

I Love You Events Village

Great place to party with friendly owners Debz and Bobbi. Enjoy the music and make some new friends. They have the best DJ's here!


good region with lots of items to help your build. Owner is a very kind and helpful person


Excellent build and a friendly owner. The details in this jungle are amazing and this creator is very friendly. Take time and explore.....this is a must see region!

Adachi CopyKat in Blackswan

Large selection of clothing, hair, bodies , buildings and assorted items that you will love. The best thing at Adachi is the willingness to help. Thank you!

Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues

So I will make a true confession….I don’t know much about blues music; but on the rare occasion I visit a club, this is where I go. Sounds crazy ……..but there is a simple reason. The people at Wyldwood have always made me feel at home even though I never lived there. A great venue is not a building or fancy decorating. A great venue is having people who take the time to make a stranger f...


I want to take the time to share a story about Free Magic….. and how the owner corrected it. Free magic is a pretty cool store, lots of wizardry type props and huds. To be truthful, Harry Potter prob shops at Free Magic! This last week I tried to visit again and could not get in. After a few tries I noticed I was being kicked because of my height (1.66 meters). I am 100% opposed to p...

The Art Factory

If regions were measured on quality instead of traffic, this would be #1! Take time to go visit the Art Factory today and see the amazing work from our Open Sim artists. The Art Factory is a place you can visit many times....and never feel like you have seen it all.

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