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I love my friends and spend my online time Satyr farming, building and bulldozing.....and most importantly with Serina!

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Friendship is the only cement that will hold the world together. Woodrow Wilson

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Tech, building virtual worlds

Music I Like

love classic rock and oldies

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I rarely watch movies, but when I do, I just want a silly laugh

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Textures Trees, & Scripts
23 3 Trees, & Scripts 0 Users
A Huge assortment of Textures, Trees and Scripts as well as amazing scripted items from Cyberglo's Wizardry Shop. In addition, a Underwater Dome has been added to help with your underwater building needs. You will find hundreds of ocean fish, rays, whales, sharks, dolphins, corals, anemones, s...
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Friends Mall
15 0 Mall 0 Users
Friends Mall is not your typical shopping mall. From the huge skatepark in the courtyard to the surrounding harbor with boats to enjoy....friends mall is an experience! The shops at Friends mall are as diverse as the residents who live at friends grid, you will find totally unique hand...
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3 1 0 Users
The racing region offers 4 different racetracks, each with electronic timing. If you beat a top score......send screenshot to @safinemahoe2 so we can put on top scores board. The timing system will only show your last results.....not your best. Offroad - Race through the desert and mount...
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Friends Casino
4 0 Casino 0 Users
Experience over 200 casino games, the extensive auto & art collections, Threadz Boutique, Topless Club and sexy entertainment!
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6 0 1 Users
Surfing, Sailing and Swimming underwater! This region is all about water sports and exploring new areas! Aquamica offers the most detailed underwater exhibit for scuba divers and mermaids. Witness the beauty of the vibrant coral reefs and their residents, from the colorful clownfish to the ...
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4 0 0 Users
You are trapped on a barren Apocalyptic island. Zombies are ready to kill you....your only chance for survival is ANNIHILATION! You grab a Glock...and get in the fight for your life! Your job is simple.......Annihilate all the buildings and zombies before they kill you. As you rev ...
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27 9 0 Users
friends-grid offers some amazing regions that are unique to opensim. From the underwater worlds with more than 5,000 fish and marine animals to the casino that leaves people in wonder; friends-grid gives people a reason to come back. Whether someone is a thrill-seeker who loves adventure ...
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The beauty of Opaque

come see the 17 new glass textures at

Textures Trees & Scripts

"Opaque Glass Texture" by rjg329 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Some people see broken glass...

while others see possibilities.

Your only limitation is your imagination

"DSC00944 Textured Glass" by adamdachis is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Textures Trees & Scripts

Some of our products are more fun than others!

Textures Trees & Scripts

(yes, we do sell dolphins, whales, octopus, spotted stingray, manta ray and hundred of fish)

Textures play a crucial role in conveying emotions in Opensim by adding depth, realism, and atmosphere to the digital environment. Here's how they achieve this:

Visual Representation: Textures provide visual cues that evoke specific emotions. For example, rough, jagged textures might evoke feelings of danger or discomfort, while smooth, soft textures might evoke feelings of calmness or safety. By carefully selecting textures, designers can create environments that align with the desired emotional tone.

Color Psychology: Textures are often accompanied by colors, and different colors are known to evoke different emotional responses. Warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows can evoke feelings of excitement or passion, while cool colors like blues and greens can evoke feelings of calmness or sadness. Texture artists can use color psychology in conjunction with textures to enhance emotional impact.

Immersive Experience: High-quality textures can enhance immersion by making the virtual environment feel more realistic. When users feel like they are interacting with a lifelike world, they are more likely to become emotionally engaged with the experience. For example, a beautifully textured forest scene with sunlight filtering through the trees can evoke feelings of awe and wonder.

Association and Memory: Textures can evoke emotions through association with real-world experiences. For example, the texture of a cozy, well-worn sweater might evoke feelings of comfort and nostalgia, while the texture of rusted metal might evoke feelings of decay or abandonment. By leveraging these associations, designers can evoke specific emotional responses in users.

Narrative Support: Textures can support the narrative of a virtual world by reinforcing its themes and motifs. For example, a dystopian cityscape might feature textures that convey decay, oppression, and despair, aligning with the narrative's themes. By immersing users in a visually cohesive environment, textures can enhance emotional storytelling.

User Interaction: Textures can influence how users interact with virtual objects and environments, which in turn can evoke emotions. For example, a rough texture might make a virtual object feel challenging to touch, evoking feelings of frustration or determination, while a soft texture might make it feel comforting and inviting.

By carefully selecting and designing textures, creators can evoke specific emotional responses in users, enhancing the overall experience of Opensim.

Textures Trees & Scripts

Luna Lunaria: I love textures 7 days ago

If you are making an underwater build......

Textures Trees & Scripts

The little store for builders and landscapers

I have often considered my underwater worlds
to be my best build ever. It took 6 months to find things, build
destroy, build, adjust and redo. Much of the time was spent searching.

This week I realized.....the best thing I can do for Opensim
is help all of you build underwater worlds if you wish.

Textures Trees & Scripts

now offers a massive Underwater section!

Hundreds of fish, coral, 5 types of rays, sharks, octopus, anemones, kelp and much more!

Enjoy making your dreams come alive!

Safinemahoe2: Just a quick note here.....The response to the Underwater building has been I decided to Double the size and add ruins for you! Shout out to Misty Falls for custom creating 5 animes... 9 days ago

Dancing in the Street!

with your favoritie tunes from the 80-90'ss

Come Dance & Shop!

Not all our textures are beautiful.....

actually some are pretty ugly

so if you need an ugly texture like Tropical thatch roofing,

Make a trip to

Textures Trees & Scripts

hundreds of beautiful textures.....and a few ugly ones!

Threadz Barely There
Lingerie Store

– where every woman can feel:
and undeniably sexy.

Threadz Barely There

one of the specialty shops at
Friends Mall

Wanna play with fire?

"Fire good!" by Jason O'Halloran is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Textures Trees & Scripts

that little store everyone is talking about

Recently I have had a number of people requesting that I allow child avatars at friends-grid and I want to discuss this openly and honestly.

It is not my place to try and push my morals and values upon others....however, as a grid owner, it is my place to learn the laws of every country involved. In this situation, I need to understand the Child pornography laws of not only where our servers are located, but I also had to research and learn the laws of every country we have residents and guests from. We currently have residents from 30 countries and guests from another 35. People who say "laws dont apply " are incorrect on this subject. You may have servers in one country.....but all the laws of your resident's countries come into play also.

A good thing to remember is that because you have gotten away with something for 10 years does not make it legal. You may never get caught....and then again.....somebody with a grudge may turn you in.

I want to point out a recent post by Jerralyn Franzic . Jerralyn showed the cutest childs outfit ever! ....and she also made the wisest statement ...."I don't understand the hatred towards child avis in Open Sim. Sure, they shouldn't engage in adult activities and maybe not hang in Adult sims but otherwise, what's the problem?" Personally I would love to see kids riding ponies at my farm....and having fun being mermaids. If everyone in child avi were to abide by Jerralyn's statement, there would not be an issue.

However, lets talk about reality. Not all child avis are simply riding ponies and playing in the water. The simple truth is that many (not all) of these child avis are having sex. Some grids use this to boost their traffic. In some countries, including US, the graphic illustration of a child online having sex is 100% illegal. You see, it does not matter if the person behind the computer is 12 or 52......the visual computer generated depiction of a child (child avatar) involved in sex is very illegal in a number of countries. 18 U.S.C. § 2252 Many people will say their countries are different....and this is stupid. I did not make laws........but I need to abide by them. Before people jump on this and criticize me ....I would suggest you read the laws of your country....your servers country...and the laws of all your residents or guests. There are many misinformed people on this subject. I am not saying the laws are right or wrong......but learn the laws.....then comment. You need to learn laws for your servers country...and all your guests countries. This post is not about is about laws....of all the countries involved.

I have spent over 200 hours reading international laws. Some countries allow things that others do not. However, you have to consider all the laws because of guests.

In I hate kids and kids avis......nooooooo. I would love to be able to allow them to come to friends grid. However, this is a less than perfect world in which we live, and I have to look at the potential liability of allowing those child avis. Because of that, Child avis are not allowed on exceptions! I am sad....because there are some wonderful people in kids avis that I do not get to have visit.

Friends-grid is an Adult community and we are looking for adults, with adult avi's who want to make this their main opensim home.

Sodasullivan: I think this is the proper way to address this issue Safine. You are setting the rules YOU are comfortable with on YOUR region. I am fine having my region open to everyone as long as they agree to fol... 15 days ago

May the force be with you!

"2D Wall Texture, Window, Spaceship," by CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Textures Trees & Scripts

our name says it all


.....some of our textures are Toxic!

Biohazard" by Sky Noir is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Textures Trees & Scripts

Amidst the darkened skies, the crackling energy of black magic surged through the air, a palpable force weaving its way through the ether. Lightning bolts danced wildly, illuminating the night with their jagged brilliance, while thunder rumbled ominously, shaking the very foundations of the earth. The power of the arcane surged, a tempest of magic and might, its presence undeniable and its influence profound

Textures Trees & Scripts is proud to partner with our friend Cyberglo and offer a Wizardry shop inside our script building. However.....The best magic is kept hidden behind a wall.......

Perfect Imperfections

"Webtreats Seamless Stone, Pavement, and Marble Textures 5" by webtreats is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Textures Trees & Scripts

the name says it all

Psicotronic: Perfect ! 23 days ago
Some people collect beautiful art

I collect bricks!

Not just normal bricks;
old worn out imperfect bricks.

These are the kind of bricks that help
tell a rich story about a buildings past.

but why.......WHY would I collect UGLY BRICKS?

Because I have a few friends who love to build!

Textures Trees & Scripts

The name says it all!

p.s. I also have a few ugly rocks and soft fabrics in my collection.

Jupiter Rowland: FYI: Outworldz has loads of brick textures waiting to be used. I haven't tested the normal maps that were probably generated from the textures yet, but they're there. A few brick textures even come w... 24 days ago

What do we have at this new region?

the answer is simple.....



and Scripts!

Plus a few really cool scripted items from Wizardry.

Medieval Furnishings and decor fill the two stores of El Rincon Arturiano. This store was made by Salchis Iezabel to provide you with the Medieval things you need for your castle or home.
* Swords
* Shields
* Beds
* Tables
* Fireplaces


El Rincon Arturiano

one of the Specialty Shops at
Friends mall
Sunset Market is your shop
for animated pictures! You will find sunsets,
wolves, fireworks, Star Trek and much more
created by Eitaro Graywolf.


Sunset Market
one of the Specialty Shops at
Friends Mall
This little store has an amazing inventory! In addition to the womens fasions and costumes, you will also find an extensive selection of hair and shoes.


Joy Love Free Store

one of the Specialty Shops
at Friends Mall
it touches us
and bringes out so many emotions!

Inspired, joyful, satisfied, interested, happy, serene
moody, gloomy, unsatisfied, scared, nervous

Nothing affects us like Art!

Come find the latest AI generated art to create the mood you are wanting at

Bahro Fine Art

one of the Specialty Shops

At Friends Mall

We are Cranking it up NOW!

Island tunes and Reggae from DJ Eunice


KrisTina: Good to see you up and running smooth, Safine. 1 month ago
**Friends Mall Grand Opening**

& Friends Grid 1 Year Anniversary

Saturday, March 9

1pm grid time

DJ Eunice is providing the music to keep you dancing!

Attire: show us YOUR style!

Come see the most unique mall in Opensim featuring a huge skatepark, Sailing and horseriding trails in addition to our 24 specialty shops. Come see why people are talking about this mall!


This is not your normal mall shop.

This store is a stable and trails with beautiful horses waiting for you to ride them.

Come try the best horses in open sim....scripted by our friend, Roland Francis.

After riding, take a look in the stable and get your own copy of these amazing horses.


one of the specialty shops
at Friends Mall
Reborn Clothing

Visit Peka's Style
In Friends Mall

A New specialty shop brought to you by Arwen Oropher

For the women who love their curves!

hop:// of the specialty shops at friends Mall with products from Pin DeLuca

....just another boring mall store.


Come out and grab a board and enjoy the fun at Friends Mall. The skatepark has been custom made for you with half pipes, ramps and bowls. Never skated before........perfect...virtual worlds let us experience some new things.

Skate and Shop (you can carry more when you are on wheels).

p.s skateboards ARE allowed in stores at Friends Mall

Ellen: I love this unique shopping concept! Thank you for all you do, Safine! You are amazing!!!! 2 months ago

Dancing on the Tables!

Friends Casino NOW

With DJ Graywolf

latin & Rock

Ellen: Great music and fun company!!! Come on over and join the party! 2 months ago

DJ Graywolf

2pm today

Friends Casino

Latin & Rock

Let's Party!!!!!!

Remember when going to the mall was more than just shopping?

Socializing, hanging out, relaxing, walking, skating....
Malls were more than just a place to buy things.

Friends Mall was created with that in mind. Sure it is a place to buy things....but it is so much more!

From the amazing skatepark in the courtyard to the gorgeous surrounding harbor with boats to enjoy....friends mall is an experience! You may not be ready for the half pipe....but maybe you have always wanted to learn how to sail. Come enjoy the artwork ranging from Michelangelo to Banksy to street artists....and expand your definition on what art is.
Stop by Friends Bistro and enjoy a snack before you head to the shops.

The shops at Friends mall are as diverse as the residents who run them. You will find totally unique hand crafted items as well as our favorites from around the Hyper Grid.

The specialty shops at Friends Mall include:
Skateboards Shop. Friends-grid rentals, Bits n Bobs-noobie avi and clothing, Substance - for subs, Curiosity Shop - unique items, Fractal Designs - art, Sunset Market - animated art, Toy Shop - cars, boats and planes, Corazon de melon - petite clothes and accessories, Michiko CreatioN - oriental art, Joy Love Free Store- clothing and accessories, El Rincon Arturiano - Medieval furnishings, Sailing School, Bahro Fine Art, Photo Booths, Threadz Boutique - fashion, Threadz Beach - bikinis & swimwear, Threadz Barely there - Lingerie, Threadz Sole - shoes, boots and tennis shoes

If any items appear in our shops incorrectly and you are the original creator of the product, please contact me and I will gladly remove.

DJ Eunice
Rocking in the Garage!


Amazing Cars....Hot Women


DJ Eunice

Rocking in The Garage

11:00am TODAY!

With fast cars
and hot women!

come enjoy the Rock music!


Holaaaaaa Amigos

DJ Eunice

Bailar Ahora!

Latin * Brasil * Argentina

DJ Eunice
playing the music you love!


Brazilian *** Latin ***** Argentine

Dance or hang out in pool
Attire: casual, bikini or nude


Holaaaaa Amigos

Ven de fiesta con nosotros!

4:00pm hoy (2-17-24)


Ellen: Fun people and amazing music!!! 2 months ago


DJ Graywolf


Ellen: Beautiful party today, Safine! Thank you! 2 months ago

~ Morgan Freeman

KatKakoola: Life can be like a frantic, hot kitchen - try to be non-stick cookware 2 months ago

Pagane: Do you notice we are talking to ourselves? None of the drama queens pooped here? I thank them for blocking us and we can discuss without their hysterical attacks :) 2 months ago
For the last 3 weeks, I have dealt with a intermittent issue on my grid that has about driven me nuts. I have tested, and eliminated possibilities …..without luck.

Yesterday two of the largest grid owners in open sim, Lone Wolf from Wolf Territories and Josh Boam from Aviworlds, took time from their busy schedules to help finally fix this issue. In addition , Rafael from Wolf Territories assisted. I cannot say thanks enough!

Although I work with Josh’s hosting business, this involved much more. Josh would not give up and recruited Lone Wolf.

In my opinion, maybe this is what opensim was designed to be: sharing of knowledge and helping each other.

Lone Wolf and Josh did not have to give up their time to help a tiny grid…..but they did!

Maybe we can all learn from these individuals!

Sharing knowledge is Caring

FYI. The default setting of 2 threadsets can cause major headaches depending on your region….it is way too low in some cases. You all probably know that…but I learned.

thedeeferry: So, OpenLife has me blocked, so I cannot reply directly to its comment. Nor can I send it a private message which I prefer. I apologize to any others if what I type now offends you. This is directe... 3 months ago
Why are people moving to friends-grid?

It’s not because of the 4 new race tracks opened at our Velocidad region.

It’s not because we have the largest, most detailed underwater build in open sim.

It’s not because the sailing here is soo fun and challenging.

It’s not because they heard about the new Friends Mall & Skatepark….opening in February.

It’s not because of our one of a kind Casino…an experience like no other!

It’s not because of the super fast servers

It’s not because of the amazing and rare horses found at our stables.

No, those things are nice
But they are not why people are moving to friends-grid

The secret is out

And word has been spreading fast!

People are moving to friends-grid
Because of our amazing residents!

That’s right……
The reason people are moving to friends-grid is


Our community has people from all over the world…..

But we all speak the language of friendship….and we find ways to communicate and learn about each other’s culture.

We presently have a couple islands still available and we are looking for people who want to be a part of this amazing international community. There is no rent charged on these islands and they offer 10,000 prim.

We do not want everybody, but we want a few awesome people to make our community even better!

Contact Grid Hostess Zuzu Bahro or Safine Mahoe for details or go to

LunaAylan: Es un lugar muy lindo y tranquilo. ♥ 3 months ago
The early morning sun paints the sky with warm, golden hues as it rises on the horizon. The gentle caress of the wind fills the sail of the boat, propelling it effortlessly over the calm and glistening water. It's a perfect start to the day, with the promise of adventure and tranquility ahead.

As you gaze out over the water, you're treated to a mesmerizing sight. Majestic whales breach the surface, their massive bodies breaking through the shimmering waves, and they emit powerful spouts of water as they exhale. Their playful antics in the water create a sense of wonder and awe, as if they are celebrating the new day's beginning.

Amongst the whales, elegant manta rays gracefully glide through the water, their wings undulating like ethereal dancers. They add a touch of grace and beauty to the scene, as if nature itself is putting on a spectacular show just for you.

It's a moment of pure serenity and connection with the natural world.


...some people call it home!

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I am the owner of friends-grid and have worked with hosting4opensim for the last year. Over the last few years I have hosted myself and have hired independent contractors. Words cannot express how happy I am with hosting4opensim! From providing a solid solution to taking care of our needs, hosting4opensim has been exceptional to work with! If you want to see their work in action, come vis...

Christmas Town

12 Stars ! Seriously.... I absolutely love this place and I want to mention another reason why I love it. You shop without lag! Kudos to AMV and Cat.....I have been to their stores many times and never had issues. If you are having a hard time getting into the Holiday Spirit this year.....this is the one stop you must make! I LOVE IT!!!


Outstanding Halloween/ autumn display. Thank you! Take time to visit all


well, if I left one star for each time I have visited, this place would have like 100 stars! Seriously.....if you use animesh...this is the place! Huge selection of people and animals.

Lunaria Emporium - Main Store

Lunaria is a place that leaves me in awe. I simply cannot comprehend the hours that Luna has put into her builds. Lunaria is a great place to shop, but also just go for a walk and explore. I happen to own many castles, club house, lounge, haunted cemetery, Christmas decor, airship, color changing rugs and more! Even if you don’t want to buy anything, this place is worth taking a look aro...

Covert Gadgets

I would love to give a good review to this place......but unfortunately I cannot. I believe in finding good in every situation.....but am very upset after what I witnessed just now. My height is 1.66 meters or 5.45 feet...same height that it has always been. When you land at this wonderful place.....there is a greeter board that shows your height. It listed my height as 4' 9 inches or 1.4...

Erotic Freebies

Large selection of adult products. Super friendly owner who is extremely helpful and kind!


good region with lots of items to help your build. Owner is a very kind and helpful person


Excellent build and a friendly owner. The details in this jungle are amazing and this creator is very friendly. Take time and explore.....this is a must see region!


I want to take the time to share a story about Free Magic….. and how the owner corrected it. Free magic is a pretty cool store, lots of wizardry type props and huds. To be truthful, Harry Potter prob shops at Free Magic! This last week I tried to visit again and could not get in. After a few tries I noticed I was being kicked because of my height (1.66 meters). I am 100% opposed to p...

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