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There are so many things I felt I could not do. I used to get very depressed thinking about the fact that I do not understand Blender, PHP and many other things. What good could I be to open sim if I knew nothing? Then one day I realized open sim is very much like RL, and with a team of people pulling in the same direction….anything is possible! Never let what you don’t know hold you back!

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victorialogan: beautiful news, happy let me know that we will find you on friends grid. Safine, a wonderful person who is very supportive, always offering her help 7 hours ago


Serina Gee: One of my favourite stores on my home grid.....I feel a few shopping trips coming up!!! 2 days ago

PinDeluca: Your painting the town in that outfit :) you wore it well XXX 5 days ago

Courreges Malatesta: OMG ! :))) 6 days ago

Safinemahoe2: wonderful pics Pin....ty! 6 days ago

Courreges Malatesta: Great poster !! :)) 9 days ago
WHO is up for Movie Night soundtracks next weekend ?
I am ! We are thinking Saturday 27th ... 12noon ? You all up for that ? Let us know and we will deliver! (PS ... if anyone wants to help with the enviroment set up for the night Let me know ... I am happy to collab :)

Courreges Malatesta: Hey hey ... ready for Saturday !! Just have to do the set ... lol 14 days ago

Safinemahoe2: Happy Mothers Day to all our Moms! 20 days ago
Open Mic Gig ... If your interested ? About to start ... you still have time :D

Just Sending you all some love XXXX

Safinemahoe2: Ty Pin, I am ready for weekend! 24 days ago

Hello Friends,
Some sun and beach for you all...
See you soon!

Safinemahoe2: Awesome beach…..thank you for sharing! Enjoy your trip! 26 days ago

Celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III In the UK ! I think i wear the crown better ;P - Just saying ;P

Safinemahoe2: Queen Pin. Yaaaay 29 days ago
In the U.S. this is a day to celebrate Mexican culture thru it's cuisine and music. Restaurants all over are gearing up for a day of festivities with loads of food and mariachi music. Historically, it's a day to celebrate the Mexican victory over French soldiers at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. So break out the chips and salsa everyone!

PinDeluca: Sounds Amazing ! (sorry about the French Reggie ;P) 30 days ago


Safinemahoe2: There is actually a mess that I didn’t make! 1 month ago

Oooo Ooooo ... Baby Love, My Baby Love...

Safinemahoe2: Thank you Pin for all the amazing pics! 2 months ago

Stylistics !

Going to the Go Go !

Few pictures of this great moment together ..

Lily Loire: Had a wonderful time dancing to the Motown beat. 2 months ago

Safinemahoe2: Great music and venue! Special thanks to Reggie, Pin and all others who contributed. 2 months ago

For One Night Only - Motown Madness !
See you at 11am !

Courreges Malatesta: Btw .. here is the stream : 2 months ago

Courreges Malatesta: oh yeah !!! Thanks to all of you :)) 2 months ago

Friends - Party Anyone ?
Was talking to Reggie today - is anyone up for a party ?
If so Whats your availability

Serina Gee: What sort of time (grid time so we can all work it out!! LOL)? 2 months ago

Got my Satyr village square set up. Getting busy making stuff.

Lily Loire: Booze 2 months ago

Some views on the new refinery place .. inspired by Mad Max 2 movie.
Work in progress...

PinDeluca: This is coming along great Reggie. 2 months ago

Safinemahoe2: omg....soooo cool to see what you are doing....and I think you built that oil well thing! great work! 2 months ago
Just sharing a few pictures of what I have started working on at The Retreat. These are from the wider region rather than my little central island. I am planning to create some nice riding trails and places to take pictures, etc. or just enjoy the views. These will be within valleys or maybe some that lead to the top of a mountain.

Feel free to pop over and have have a look when you have a spare five minutes or just want a break and have a nice ride.

Safinemahoe2: I love this pic! very nice 2 months ago
Also adding a couple of pictures of a little scripted bridge I have been working on. I wanted to ave some waterways between the land but also be able to sail up and down them or use other boats. The bridge is in two halves that are scripted and will raise when either side is clicked on. I did these using channels and llRegionSay and llListen in the scripts so that one side of the bridge talks to the other.

If anyone else would like a copy let me know. I will be working to make the bridge work better but I think the script could be used for either things like if you have a pair of sliding doors and want them both to open when either one is clicked.

Watching the sun go down on Safine's beach.

Safinemahoe2: that is everyones beach. ty for the pics them! 2 months ago

Dinkie racing and just being silly.

Safinemahoe2: we may all get beat by a dinky in a go kart 2 months ago

Here is the Information centre - the screens are animated gif files !

Courreges Malatesta: Great !! Soo much details ! 2 months ago
Woking on Posters for the Darwin Eco Hub, as well as other things - like Gif animated pictures and screens ! Dont have a lot of time during the week. Hoping this weekend i will be able to crack on lot's more. You are all free to come over and take a look anytime - if you are interested !

Safinemahoe2: Sooooo impressive on all. Thank you for showing us… is exciting! 2 months ago