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im an artist and libertine

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i am an artist, musician, and creator.

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if you build it they will cum

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the music i make

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good enough

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Come visit and play at the "Bad Motel", in Exile. When you land in the sim, follow the signs and teleports carefully. You don't wanna end up in the wrong spot! "Snatchers must stay behind the fence and open areas. Take pictures of the action, and turn them into the slide show player in the red zones...
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Babygirl's Spring Break Beach Resort's Spring Break Beach Resort 0 Users
come visit the beach resort, spring break style.
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beach resort and now mountain cave 3 sim region..
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All can come and visit or live at the beach resort and high rise residencies. Everything is free, including rent if you decide to live on the resort. No strings or commitments mandatory, just come and go as you please...I will be bringing in a lot of people from second life to this sim, but anyone o...
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Kawaiian Islands

very perfect place to be.


cant get to the region


one of the friendliest regions with things to shop for that you can't find other places. The owner is very welcoming and knowledgeable.


i cant get there.. it keeps saying region not found


Wow. I went here to get a house or two but ended up spending an hour getting, clubs, barns, mansions, churches, commercial buildings and towers, and government buildings for the city I am making in my region. I wasn't into fantasy themes (because I never knew how to build them the right way) until now. This region has so many different medieval and pure imaginative builds that are impressive. Ther...

Rock City

I filled out the information to access this location as a hyper grid on their website twice. Each time it said I was now allowed and showed the IP address of my login to their grid, but inworld I couldn't teleport there saying I needed to re-register my account to verify the TOS. Well, I did that twice now...ANd I'm not going to do it again. Why on earth is this place locked down like Fort Knox ?...

Sardar Fair

They will make fun of you and call you names. They will tattle tail on you to your grid owner. They suck. Bottom line.

Club Equinox

Becca has got to be one of the rudest people I have come across thus far. I was ejected and banned for no reason and this seems to be a common theme she follows. It seems that she doesn't understand the context of what she is interpreting, therefore resulting in poor communication skills that result in hostile outbursts and region bans. She does understand English very well. The coldness associat...

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