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The Nuna Gallery

Today I discovered a seemingly long forgotten gem - Nuna Gallery! It is still up and running although it says "offline". What a marvelous design and a great place to contemplate and find your peace. Do visit "Aurora" and it sound installation, take the magnetic train. Highly recommended. Nice that not all great works vanish in Opensim. Thank you Alia Soulstar for this high quality sim. Best wishes...


An outstanding jungle build. Vast, vibrant, very immersive. Wonderful and wonderous. Great work.

Angel Heart FASHION

Some of the best and most original outfits found on the HG, especially for women! Shops are nicely done and easy to navigate. I love shopping here. Great work and valued contribution. Thx ^^ Aya

Factory Connection

TOS registration is useless... no entry although authorized... waste of time!


Fabulous & unique freebie selection for builders. Great sets. No fuss. Love the SIM. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing! :-)

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