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Manifest Destiny
partydestinationgrid.com:8002:Manifest Destiny 0 Users
Adult only : Empire Estates of Manifest Destiny is the New Var for Party Destination Grid and soon to be the next welcome area. Can sail and explore , shop and mingle. Since there are Residence on this land, if there is a sign of Private do not enter, ty.
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partydestinationgrid.com:8002:WONDERS OF THE JUNGLE 0 Users
Jungle Escape - The adult only adventure, both below and above.. Find the hidden portals and all the nooks and special added fun spots.
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partydestinationgrid.com:8002:Dominari 0 Users
Dominari 2.0 is an Adult Only, Medieval Castle and BDSM area. Only verified members are allowed past the Landing Point. For membership,fill out an application,height check and then, Please contact Wicked Way. Please Include the title you wish to have. Please respect the other members, and espec...
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partydestinationgrid.com:8002:Combo 0 Users
Adult ONLY ( no teen - no child and no anime avi's ) . The club Black Gryphon 2.0 Lounge is set now upon the azteca pyramid's sim which now neighbors the NEW Atlantis sim. This land also has fun exploration and couples areas for peaceful relaxations,swim rez's and many hidden teleport s so bring ...
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partydestinationgrid.com:8002:Atlantis 0 Users
Get wet and wild at the " ADULT ONLY " land. Explore, go boating and jet ski ,sun bath, join the outdoor, dance areas are set up for your pleasure. Poolside lounging, and small hide away tiki huts for visitors. You can fish for gifts only from here. Men get your trunks for the beach while fishing. ...
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WARNING: This is a Heads up : I have not been able to get on for some time so: To let you know.. a thief and habitual liar - who was never give authority by me or anyone that I know of. has gotten his hands on some/ if not at least one of my lands on pdg. Seems somehow this Thief/Habitual Liar : known as Sebastian/ Wesley and Dawnna( pdg avatar- who has other avatars in various grids) was banned from my lands for defamation of character and habitual lying and bi passing secured areas using not legal means. Seems to be the name that was not legal to be on my lands, was placed by not me placed on my estate or estates. I don't know why the one person I banned and specifically /was explicit about not being anywhere on pdg ect. is now given access to all of my personal items. So, in the event you or anyone you know has tried to get to pdg... I am personally letting you know.. that something shady is goin on over there. So, while I been stuck offline.. they been up to some ..................The items that I put my hard work into on pdg ( party destination grid) are / were : Dominari, Wonders of the Jungle, Atlantis/ Combo and black Gryphon / azteca and fallen enigma/black land and manifest destiny , and a good bit of items in glamour welcome area and club 360 .. lands that were under my name - as co owner of the grid have been compromised.... So heads up people!

Delicate Drop Choker Set _ duo and single choker - Lovely White , Silver and a bit of blue.

The Black Dragon Jade set..

The Black Dragon Jade set..

I am starting a new line of jewlery some with a little assistance but mostly my creations. Extra large for those special hair do's. New Styles . Some are not yet in boxes so you may have to inquire. :) Here at Manifest Destiny - ( wicked way ).. A few of my loved friends and family have recieved the - Aloha Earrings. but not the rest of the set.. :) Heads up

A teen is not an Adult Form.

NOW PLAYING : at the Manifest Destiny Cinema ( via mark york) The current viewing is for drama patrol members only : john3wick - parabellum..

Some helpful Links and more.. for the BOM - Baked on Mesh

Yaka Club event at party desetination grid - is going on now... right now

Thank you, for the likes :) I hope you enjoyed your stay. Hugs .. Any questions feel free to message me here. ty


Screened Members Only - from the Party Destination Grid's - Drama Patrol. I am happy to announce the new cinema - on loan via Eventualgrids owner .. At the Manifest Destiny Location.

Best at night..

Almost finished - The Medusa : Bumper Car Course - pdg's Manifest Destiny :) Upon the Hills .. Hidden beyond the Castle :) ( adults only )

Voodoo Tunnels are still waiting for you - at Wonders of the Jungle - pdg..

New swim area pic. 2

New swimming area with lounge spots with beach feel and open water view..

The Always open Never Closing Manifest Destiny has put out a few more signs as pdg (party destination grid ) has launched 5 new var regions and new stores. Posters for landmarks of new stores and var's are up and ready. The new multi groups are now about to launch openings only one that I know of is group members only for the security of that land. That's right folks, also more things added to the manifest destiny as well.. So, see you all here when you come on by. ( still - adults only on all sims and vars on the grid , ty )hugs

New courtyard garden ... at Dominari 2.0



now with a hidden mini park :)

The natives are wrestless...

Sneak away..

Sneak away..

Boat away..

Hangout spots all over. Come for fun ( adults only ) :) Cinema is open :) See posting at sim for information.

Greetings, Dominari 2.0 Members. New rooms added to the castle as well as new items and updates to the style and a few new teleports . One surprise awaits you.. as well..

Reminder, I seem to have many slave photos up with info cards but we need a bit more photos of the masters as I know we have a pretty good size group of members now.

Stay Safe,
Wicked Way

New Poster for Dominari coming soon - Since I do not support cheaters like chris mccraken. If anyone wants to be the poster person for Dominari, please let me know..


New Poster for Dominari coming soon - Since I do not support cheaters like chris mccraken. If anyone wants to be the poster person for Dominari, please let me know..


Take a journey.. pick a location .. have some fun.
( adult only )

Hello, Members and visitors of Dominari 2.0. Has anyone placed in a application for Dominari into the mailbox recently, and not recieved a reply. If so, please see Wicked Way at Glamour ( staff board). Thank you.
Our rave- festival sim is being upgraded and getting spiced up for the holiday to come.
A few random events have been started but more will soon come as scheduled. Sl dj - Dj Guillo
will be spinning trans and house and more live.. See you at a party :)

Rave happening now at - Rave - Festival - Party Destination Grid! Live - Dj Guillo - Limo:

New goth theme coming up soon - airborne... ( heads up)

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Sex City Shopping Mall

EXPLICIT PEDOPHILE SIM - ALL ADULT SEX PHOTOS WITH CHILD BOYS NAKED HAVING AND DOING SEXUAL ACTS WITH ADULT MALE AVATAR FORM. The items are all over where you first land. The profile pictures of the staff are the same! I got so sick ..... I left

Arkham City

I totally loved the video. The music had me watch the entire vid. Hi 5!!!! Awesome!


I Attempted to tp there on the normal firestorm newest viewer. Same that a lot of us have. It says it won't allow me in due to my viewer.. I tried a few other places in same grid and they either say now : private .. mostly... hmmm

Bullet Dev

Went to Equinox again.. I still love it there. Love the amazing people and the music.. Feels like I belong. If you never been , you should go to one of their events. Just saying.. Love u guys!

Freebie Store 2021

I visited again after the new re- do and more add ons to the store. Still the most amazing customer service and great selection , lots of items. Pride Vice did a great job and i presume chester did too. Hi 10!

Sardar Fair

So, I used to love to go to Sardar Fair and the people were very welcoming. The location was large and had lots of great items. The location is upgraded and even nicer looking than before. However, you can't just shop anymore. So, unless you are a Counter Earth Grid member seems you can't buy jack .. nothing. Saw new heads and well, I am very very very very very very sadden that I am not allowed t...

Lbsa Plaza

Now, The Lbsa could be lovely as people are getting a bit more respectful and though most the time when all are not afk, it can be entertaining in a good way. Except -every other time/ every time/ I go to lbsa , I find Kid avatars. Wth . Sign says no child avatars. No lack of reports from what I hear but still. I been in opensim for ages, still trying to figure out why most things never change the...

La Toya

So, I saw a few reviews. I went anyways, to the La Toya, Caledonia store area. Now, granted for someone who normally has issues tp'ing lately due to my connection of internet. I landed, and it was very organized, not cluttered and easy/ welcoming landing point. Not cluttered at all. The store area was easy to find . Once my rez came in the items I was looking for were right there within short dis...

Double Trouble

Friendly, spacious.. nice open location.. A nice place to go..

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