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There is no spoon. The cake is a lie. 42. Just a virtual girl in a virtual world. I am on a great adventure. Come along and walk with me.

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About Myself

Virginia Dickenson is the visionary and owner of eLumenata, a boutique consulting company that specializes in developing cutting edge digital technology for learning. Virginia has over 32 years of design and development experience from working with major oil and chemical companies. Her expertise includes working with Universities and Colleges as a consultant and professor for more than 10 years, and her work has extended to the hospitality industry for the last 13 years.

To stay on the forefront of digital learning, Virginia continues to develop credentials in her field. She is A.B.D. with a doctorate in Education, with areas of specialization in Adult Learning, Organizational Development, Educational Research, and Instructional Systems Design.

Virginia entered virtual world learning development in 2006. She has had active presences in Second Life, SpotOn3D, SimValley, and is now cultivating learning and game development on the Hypergrid in Alternative Metaverse.

She is currently designing her signature instructional design course (DDLE – Designing Dynamic Learning Events) for virtual and Virtual World application!

My Interests

Learning and Development, corporate training, higher education, instructional technology, virtual worlds, serious games, quilting and crafting, cosplay, scifi and fantasy cons, renfaires, books, movies, music, theater, horses. It's bloody ridiculous. I wish I didn't require sleep and that I had the same energy I did in my 20s.

Favorite Quote

If the Apocalypse comes, beep me.

Music I Like

It's far easier to say the music I don't like. And atm, I cannot think of any.

Films I Like

Scifi, fantasy, action - most things that have explosions in the first 10 min, as long as they aren't complete trash.
Oh...wait, I do love me some complete trash - extremely low budget indies, I mean LOW BUDGET! Sharks of the Corn, House Shark, Cat III cinema (new to me and utterly horrible fun), love old classic Hammer films, Roger Corman, and the like. There are very few documentaries I like...I watch movies for fun and escapism. I prefer movies in English, but if it is super awesome, subtitles will work. There are a very few chick flicks I enjoy - two of my faves: Under the Tuscan Sun and Pride and Prejudice (Knightly and Macfayden), Austenland. OH...did I mention spaghetti Westerns, some classic Westerns, and some modern Westerns (if they are done in that classic style).

Books I Like

Again, it's ridiculous. First of all, FICTION!!!! I watch media, go to theater, and read to ESCAPE! I cut my teeth on Bradbury, Asimov, Tolkien, Lewis, and Keene (Nancy Drew, yup, I admit it!) One of my favorite series of all times is The Julian May's Saga of Pliocene Exile (kind of the cross between scifi and fantasy). So, scifi, fantasy, thrillers, some horror (King, Barker, and similar). My very favorite Barker book of all-time is Imajica, and my very favorite hardcore scifi series of all time are Asimov's Foundation Series, Daneel Olivaw Robot Series, and the intersection of those series; and Mary Doria Russell's two-book series starting with The Sparrow. I am not a big romance fan, but I have enjoyed some where it crosses over with scifi and fantasy. I listen to books now - not a big reader anymore. This way, I can listen while I work.

My Heroes

hmmmm - I am unsure. Maybe Samantha Jones on Sex and the City? Or maybe she is more of a Patronus.

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not my grid - whatever they are running at Alternate Metaverse

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