Lbsa Plaza


The central community of Osgrid is one that brings the RL poisons of hate, prejudice and anger to the virtual world, where it needn't be. They are very quick to bash those in the LGBT community and give black and colored avis a difficult time for standing around just like everyone else does. If you are not part of the main clique or do not share enough common ground with the main clique, you will be ostracized, treated as the outcast and targeted to be grieved by the Admins and their friends. They will do what they can to find fault in whatever it is you do if just to get rid of you. This fascist community has been known to disrespect those with Autism, SMA, Paraplegia and other mental and physical disabilities. If you question an admin, it is seen as harassment and you will be removed. If you speak to an admin, it is seen as harassment and you will be removed. If you don't speak to an admin, they assume you muted them and you will be removed. If you talk to someone who is in clique with the admins, it is seen as harassment and you will be removed. In Osgrid, your Freedom of Speech means nothing and anything about you that sets you different from the main clique will make you an immediate target for bullying from admins and their friends. If they assume you are an alternative avatar of another user, you will be targeted and harassed. If you are an American, be assured that your Patriotism is not welcomed there as it offends the admin, Paela Argus, who will remove you from their Plazas. Paela is well-known for his hate of Americans and he will vocalize his hate to troll others into defending their country, and will remove them shortly afterward. Here in Osgrid, the administration does not perform professionally and will wave their ban button in your face to show you that they have "power". Newcomers and visitors from INworldz and other grids, please be assured that your welcome comes with the price of your opinions, your silence and your obedience. Know that the admins can say whatever they want to you, treat you however they like and will do so, most especially if you aren't the type to kiss ass... to defend yourself will have you labeled as a troublemaker and you will be banned.

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This plaza is so busy. Never a dull moment. Great place to meet lots of friendly folks. Howdy ya'll! Hugs

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the other reviewer is right. Osgrid is run by one sided jerks.

They allow people who act immature and childish to have the run of the place ...and i even freaking apologized to the one person who was the one rude to me in the first place but nope.........still get banned.

i got no warning no im no nothing before i was banned just an out right ban.

other users apparently have been reported the same thing to happen.

well thank you oh so much OSgrid admins.,you made my choice of weather to bother with opensim at all right now so easy.......if im going to be treated like that i might as well go back to second life..........least there theres actually people and at least you dont have to mess with the broken buggy hypergrid system

oh and get better servers it took FOR-EVER to load avatars there last night.........but hey thanks so much.

the owners ARE one sided......might as well be Linden Lab in fact other then how SLOW it was and how messed up hypergrid is.......and the lack of people could have fooled me into thinking it wasnt just second life.

but hey i gotta deal with jerk admins /owners like that. might as well just freaking go back to second life.


i am NOT leaving.
my whole life i have been forced to run or just end up running from places and people who treat me horribly and i go and hide in my room and miss out on a lot of chances because of them

NOT this time. I invested just now in a VPS to host my OWN grid and it WILL be better run and better managed then any of the staff at osgrid will........and who knows over time may even have more people! as i plan to bring in people from second life to it too.

I will NOT tolerate the childish rude behavior i was treated by members of this grid and when i simply stood up and fought back ........i get banned for it

well thats fine.........just like with second life and LL they though they can do the same thing and keep me out

they didnt.

nor shall you.

and i love i LOVE the message you get when your banned from their grid "dont create an alt"


they dont apparently even IP ban leaving open to people coming back.


not that i am going to cause any serious trouble just saying that obviously their "security" is one sided and lax

later n00bs!

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I agree with Lauren, Dan Banner would prefer to defend a "Friend" of his, even after being given proof of his friend victimising and attacking people for no reason, this level of "Support" from an Admin is rife throughout OSGrid, visit the place if you want, if you enjoy hateful and non-supportive Admins, people all over the Grid being permitted to hurl accusations and abuse at visitors, with the full backing of the Admins, then you will probably enjoy LBSA and OSGrid as a whole.......

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Thomas Etzel
mostly if you enter this place and people are around no friendly hello, no "how are you" back after greeting .and only special people are greeted back...horrible place

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Passion Jumanji
LOVE LOVE LOVE This place! Anywhere is OSGrid always has something great to offer and this is one of them . . . me thinks it's the main hub of Open Sim, but not sure about that but it's really awesome to come and visit! Thank You all for the many freebies that you provide! BIG HUGGELZ! Passion Jumanji from the Fariy dreams grid! ;)

I have made quite a few friends along my travels back and forth to OSGrid ;)

Always accepted here and always always always having some kind of fun here . . . love the people here too ;)

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The original hangout of OS, but it has lost its shine. Not really a greeting place but a hangout where people talk in IM.

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Travesty Winesmith
this place sucks. The mods there rude and unwelcoming. the people that wrote negative things about this place are on point. I have experienced a lot of the same coldness and rejection that is described in the majority of the reviews of lbsa. The people here are mostly a bunch of boomers, that have their own clique, and if you do not fit in with them, just plan on getting banned. Someone said that the staff of Lbsa and os grid are fascist, i would say they are more like Nazi's. Intolerant of difference, and quick to separate you from the community if you don't agree or are liek them. they are corrupt in the way they deal with situations and give you no reason or explanation if they ban you from their region or grid. Fuck Lbsa, and Fuck os grid.

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A more a-social place. No friendly welcome, one is bored to death standing around and always the same persons that are in the middle of attraction!

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Now, The Lbsa could be lovely as people are getting a bit more respectful and though most the time when all are not afk, it can be entertaining in a good way. Except -every other time/ every time/ I go to lbsa , I find Kid avatars. Wth . Sign says no child avatars. No lack of reports from what I hear but still. I been in opensim for ages, still trying to figure out why most things never change there.

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Good region. 5 stars! But .... so much!
This is definitely a place for a limited number of teenagers addicted to warcraft and similar children's games. Anyone who does not fit into the circle of gamers with strange interests and distorted notions is considered an enemy and is ignored or directly banned.
Sad ...

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Ometeotl Mikoyan
I love OSGrid, for many reasons. I have so many good memories of good friends, many of them giants of men in opensim legend, Hiro Protagonist, who gave me friendship and encouragement, Key Gruin, Kidd, Marcus Llewellyn, Snoopy Pfeffer, Warin Cascobell, who brought steampunk to OSG, tx Oh, White Wolf, so many that were family pioneers , so many that selflessly gave to all of us these worlds we take for granted now, and embedded their character in the very code and dirt we take for granted now. I love LBSA for the same reasons, I can stand in LBSA and see so many new residents, 1 day old, and feel that joy of exploration, the thrill of new places, new friends, and maybe even love. Opensim is what we make it, if we bring bitterness or anger, that's the lens we see through. If we bring hope, and joy, and an open mind, we see beauty and see the world as through a childs' eyes, full of fun and innocent play.

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Victor DeAngelo
A great place to see and be seen while ignoring the very few who are into drama. While most tend to IM, they do greet those who enter. Newbies are especially treated well. The bottom line is if you are hoping to meet a new friend, you can do that or, if you are looking to gripe and create drama, you can do that, too. All in all, it's just people being people and perhaps better people than most of us are in real life. Thank you OSGrid for making this meeting place possible for all.

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Osgrid greart place i love land and freebies stuff

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Sked Grabber
Great grid for learning.

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