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4 years ago

Totally fun game where the zombies were once the players! Supports up to 6 avatars so bring your friends and get ready for the onslaught!

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MikeyPhillips 6 months ago
placed 10t with 406 kills. seems you must be dressed as a noob. no scripts. had lots of fun. best to play with a few people then solo.
Amantha_Cooper 6 months ago
Tried to play and checked my avatar and it said "your avatar is unscripted" but when i entered the playing area it teleported me back and said to remove scripted objects.
Avia 3 years ago
Best Zombie game ever in Open Sim ;-)
starchild 3 years ago
Very fun game scary too!
Sunshine 3 years ago
Not to bad, wish the builder would of paid more attention to the actual environment.
total 3 years ago
In what way?
fae_peep 3 years ago
New upgrades with shotgun and bombs!
AimeSocrates 3 years ago
Outbreak should be N°1 *2016 opensim game !*
Not only because i'm very strong...try to challenge !
MichelleTheiss 4 years ago
I used to say Opensim / SL is not a gaming platform, well this game made me reconsider my valutation., but don't take my words for granted, go and try for yourself, nothing comes even remotely close to what those zombies can do!
valen 4 years ago
Just tried this, it's really fun!
total 4 years ago
Now with HUD and extra points for headshots!
Thirza 4 years ago
the best game in opensim

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