Grid: OSgrid

Lbsa Plaza
5 Users 130 40 1st Social lounge - Check the New Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out. Freebie starter ava...
Soto Belmond
5 Users 30 5 3rd
Residential place, with free land of 4,096 sqm, with 1350 prims, with club and shopping center, promenade with beautiful beaches.

0 Users 9 likes 0 comments A

6 nice parcels for rent ( even a little castle and fun romantic faeries houses with tp to other levels) All in the mountains on a water region, full sea access and boats to sail on many 2X2 var region Please join Little Breath grid to get your Little Breath avie before renting here go to this ...

Event Plaza
5 Users 85 22 4th
Community event region and home for the OSGrid Friday Parties: music from all over the globe 12 hour, non stop, wherever you are, every Friday!
3 Users 1 0 11th
----- Recently Updated ----- NOW ---- almost no lag .. hardly any .. really ... come see !!! Adults-only lands where most everything...
Sandbox Plaza III
2 Users 21 0 15th
24 hour sandbox
Zweet ZurroundingZ
2 Users 60 19 34th
1-1-20 Update: expanded to a 9x9 VAR.
Adult Sandbox
2 Users 2 0 72nd
Join Group, Rez, Set Home, Live!!! 4 Different Floors
1 Users 17 5 25th
Paradise of Love Sailing , Chill, Music - Clubs 64 Sims for Sailing Island Paradise , each Island with various Style and anims with adult for your pleasur...
1 Users 122 36 67th
Lani Mall. Sci Fi - Fantasy - Steampunk - Avatars - Vehicles. Thousands of products. Over 50 shops. Freebies. Sci Fi community hub. Freebie clothing shop store ...
TwoEagles Land
1 Users 4 1 70th
A place for all to come and enjoy build and hear great music and just hang out and get free stuff
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