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This is a twin SIM to Mesh Clothing. SL DRAMA FREE ZONE. Male & female Mesh clothing for regular and mesh avatars & Full Avatars & MeshBodies & Tattoos & Piercings & Skins & Beards & Jewellery & Shoes & Art & Sculptures

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This is the true Klamootto with no censorship and out of haters reach. Amazing sim everything full perms 100% Free and top mesh content mesh bodys mesh heads rigged mesh cloths and bento clean and very organized it's a LM you have to keep to be updated, Thank you so much Otto for makeing one of the ...

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oopsee 18 days ago
lov'in you Otto !!!
OttovonOtter 8 days ago
Want a T-shirt with my name :P
Glad you liked it and thx for you comment :)
JeTammie 2 months ago
Wonderful!!! Waves to Otto! GREAT job
OttovonOtter 2 months ago
*waves back* thank you :)
monik 3 months ago
good !!!
OttovonOtter 3 months ago
getting better ... just wait ...
Goosson 3 months ago
Awesome! Another amazing addition to the world of FREE OpenSims...The owners deserve a big mega-kudos for a job well done!!!
OttovonOtter 3 months ago
Whatever kudos are, we take them! Thank you for commenting :D
CandaceLarganta 4 months ago
if you like stolen goods this is the place for you!
OttovonOtter 3 months ago
Yeah you again. You have to prove something is stolen from you, again: defamation is a crime, again: go back to SL where you belong to.
eaglewealth 4 months ago
I cant tp there at all saying no region found.
OttovonOtter 3 months ago
try to paste
into the map or use the teleporter in the welcome area. I hope that helps.
Moora 4 months ago
Otto? this sim is fantastic! i told u many times! everybody out there go and visit free goodies!
OttovonOtter 4 months ago
Glad you like it, Moora :)
Cataplexia 5 months ago
A shoppers paradise and all for free- amazing content and always interesting! Bravo!
OttovonOtter 4 months ago
Thank you for commenting, glad you like it :D
AngelaBarzane 5 months ago
7 Stars!!! Amazing sim can't ask for more there's nothing like this in SL you rule Otto!!!!
OttovonOtter 5 months ago
What is 'SL'? :D
Thank you for your comment, don't forget to copy everything and spread it all over!
Goosson 5 months ago
omg I love that place.....;-) thanks
OttovonOtter 5 months ago
Thank you for your comment and everything :)
WaydaDreamscape 5 months ago
This sim is a must make a Landmark and send it to the ones you love most and they will thank you for ever :-)))))))))))))
OttovonOtter 5 months ago
Exactly :D
And don't send it to the ones you hate - they don't deserve it!
AlmaMiranda 5 months ago
It's a very nice clean and organized new sim with lots and original mesh for our needs, many skins too, both male and female which is rare.
Thank you Otto !!!!!!!
OttovonOtter 5 months ago
You're very welcome :)
Thank you for your comment!

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