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Sim is locked down for After Part fun and Privacy - those who made it <3 thanks you please come again <3 those who couldn't make it Next Saturday we have a date ;-) .. Many thanks for all who attended!! and many thanks for ALL the after party signups ;-) you know who you are

SocialMouse posted 4 months ago by SocialMouse


ErnestMoncrieff 4 months ago
Whoo, man what a party!! You are all amazing people
SocialMouse 4 months ago
Awesome Party + Awesome People +freedom = Paradise!
ZoeBurke 4 months ago
Big hugs sweet friendly people. Success! (^_º)
SocialMouse 4 months ago
thank you Huggies! please return !
Orion.Pseudo 4 months ago
Can't wait for next time, you peeps are awesome! ^_^