Event Plaza
20 Users 83 22 3rd
Community event region and home for the OSGrid Friday Parties: music from all over the globe 12 hour, non stop, wherever you are, every Friday!
20 Users 36 6 5th
Located in the region, GasWorks -- Tucked away in a small industrial burg. An escape from the daily grind, GasWorks is where we come to forget the hard parts of...

August 002
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Full region and full rights , with direct access to water region on one side and you'll can sail on all grid waters ( over 20 sailable sims ) 65.536 sqm 20.000 prims 8 euros per month via paypal

Copacabana Club
11 Users 14 5 78th
Welcome To CopaCabana .... Come and enjoy Latin Music with a Romantic atmosphere that will captivate your soul! Couples Paradise, Wine & Dine or just dance that...
The Crossroads
10 Users 8 0 58th
The CrossRoads Nite Club, in Paradise City. The most Rockin' Nite Club around. We are in the Alternate Metaverse Grid. We play Rock, Classic Rock, Heavy Roc...
Rock City
8 Users 9 4 24th
Eternity Night Club, an adult themed club with a sophisticated look.
Adachi Clubs
6 Users 68 25 497th
Foundation Grid Event Region Goddess Oksana Live Every Saturday @1pm Grid Time Zoree Jupiter Live Every Mon @ 5pm Grid Time Joao Frazao Every Wed @ 5pm Gri...
Gridmania Welcome
4 Users 2 0 8th
Questa griglia รจ una piccola griglia personale, senza scopo di lucro, nata per viaggiare liberamente in OpenSim, senza dover sottostare a proprietari maleducati...
2 Users 4 1 37th
2 Users 1 0 57th
Avalon is home to The Ruins Rock Club and our DJ Ian Kitsilano who plays Classic Rock; The Hi Hat and our resident DJ Jeff Edwards who plays romance R&B and jaz...
Lost World
1 Users 37 22 258th
Everything under the sun, In just one location. Largest collection of Sci-Fi, Beachs, Elven, Caverns, Ancient Rome, Race Tracks, Combat Zones etc.
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