Free House Gallery I Adult


Free for download House Sim 1+2
Free OAR's for all 60'000 prim 3GB
Have a lot of fun...
Rakis Heron :'-D

Free House Gallery I and Free House Gallery II
Come soon as free download OAR so all can
open this two popular sim with a trafic from
700-1000 visitors in 30 day. :-D

Little hacker bastard. Look how big the story is. You can hack as much as you want. It doesn't change the story. You are only momentary and nothing you do as a hacker makes you bigger. You are nothing, you have nothing, you will not have been in the end. How pathetic and pitiful. You think what you do is important and right. But you are alone, frustrated, and your hacking successes are those pathetic self-affirmations that don't really satisfy you. You want a world where you are respected. But you are not able to find your way in this world. Not able to approach people and see and accept the positive. To be or not to be, that is the question. In the end it was light or nothing. It's up to you. The negative cannot win. The + always flows to the - and no hacker turns it around. Hackers are mostly children of drug parents or rich people who are socially unfit. So sad, OK smart kids wake up sometime and make something of their life. Failures give up and their characters become impoverished. They fight hard for recognition in an environment where everyone is abusing everyone else to achieve the same illusion. In principle intelligent .... but what use is it if you are socially unfit? There are people who have created positive things, whose name will survive. Your miserable life and the attempts to enrich yourself ...... Your demise will not be noticed.

Our 4x4 hous sim is very popular. So we decided to go for another 4x4 Sim, Free House Market 2. Even those looking for large bridges will find it there. If you want to provide houses or bridges C T M (no copyright nonsense), you can write Governor Heron an IM there. There is still space at the moment.

We have new Castle.

We have new Castle.

We have a new sensation!
[Bad Unicorn] Tower 6 (large sized)
The big Tower is a wonderful gift from:
Free C/M/T for all. Thank you Fawn

Free House Market I

Free House Market II

Hundret new houses
His dream house for everyone

Free House Market II
Hobbit House A gift from Tina Rush thank you

hop:// House Market II/925/798/22

Free House Market II
Hobbit House A gift from Tina Rush thank you

hop:// House Market II/925/798/22

Free House Market II
Hobbit House A gift from Tina Rush thank you

hop:// House Market II/925/798/22

On the new, 4x4 sim there are over 100 new houses. There is a dream house for everyone. A houses gallery and not just a picture in a shop on a box. Relax, look for a house, take a look and take it with you. The dream house sim for demanding residents. Visit us and be amazed.

We are happy that our houses gallery
is so popular and well attended. Thanks for
all your nice comments and IM's.
Everything C / T / M copy mod trans free!

IGE IPI copyright 2003
Rak Internet Sercice 1979
Rakis Heron 2002
Philip Rosedale
Ailin Gräf

Our sim still has room for beautiful buildings.
From free-thinking Opensim supporters.
C / T / M copy mod trans free!

If you also have houses that you would like to pass on, contact Covernor Heron. But only free items C / T / M copy mod trans free!

We expand the sim from 3x3 to 4x4
it gives much news to see.
Visite us and enjoy.

25 hour off the server is now on a 12TB SSD and the same for the grid.
24TB SSD and 128GB memory we are back and ready for take of ;-)

IGE IPI secure law of europe

Thank you xena.wirsing for your loyalty. Also all the other friends understand the OS.