The Art Factory


Arya Paul
Amazingly well done, creative and absolutely gorgeous!! Rivals anything seen in, well, you know where ;)
Kudos to all the creators, designers and artists.
Well done, indeed!!

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The Art FActory is one of the best regions ever created, wonderful owners and full of creative ideas and displays...
I love this project since the first time I saw it.
Ernest and Ellen (among others at the Art FActory) have an amazing eye for design everywhere I look I see something fun!
Ty for sharing!

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If regions were measured on quality instead of traffic, this would be #1! Take time to go visit the Art Factory today and see the amazing work from our Open Sim artists. The Art Factory is a place you can visit many times....and never feel like you have seen it all.

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Harmony Beningborough
F A B U L O U S!!!!!!! Incredibly beautiful and fun!!! LOVED the Burlesque show and will be back again and again to explore this great place with all the wonderful art!!! Thank you!!!!

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Magnifique travail, j'ai adoré visiter les différentes galeries d'art a thème, et en particulier celle de l'artiste Yayoi Kusama, prenez le temps de visiter!

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Great place to learn and explore! Please come visit!!!

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Thought provoking gallery. Viewing the art pieces gives you pause and a chance to reflect on thoughts we rarely explore. I love this gallery. I love how it is presented, very nice work.

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Zuzu Bahro
A beautiful place to explore and admire works of art.

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This is the best educational virtual Universe I have seen so far for the 20th century's decades of modern and post modern ; contemporain and minimal arts.
All is there represented retrospectively. The Events seems planned with such a perfection and teaming... The best SIM I had seen ever that must be claimed and awarded...

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