Free Life Nostalgia Neighborhood

The Etheria Grid 2 months ago
So beautiful and takes me back as well, so well done ... as a child of the 60's we had many cars and things just like these around all the time .. so good to see this .. thank you!
Raz_Mataz 12 months ago
Thank you Victor for sharing this really cool place.
Whippin 1 years ago
Awesome work! So detailed. although items say copy, seems they are not reaching my inventory. Have logged out and back in. Some say that works, but sadly didn't. I also clicked on a fireman, and got a loading, lasting forever.
Victor DeAngelo 1 years ago
Thank you for letting me know as the numerous freebies on my 8 sims do need to be restarted from time to time. If you return to this sim, you will find that copying works again.
Cayoun Daydreamer 2 years ago
a visit of this Sim is like a walk through a long forgetten time. thanks victor for this great build
DamienWilder 3 years ago
Yet another very cool build by Mr. DeAngelo...gotta love all of the free stuff.
Elise Dior 3 years ago
Absolutely awesome! Victor's memories of his hometown really come to life in this gorgeous sim and soooooo many cool freebies, too. Go Vic!