Free Life Nostalgia Neighborhood

Raz_Mataz 5 months ago
Thank you Victor for sharing this really cool place.
Whippin 10 months ago
Awesome work! So detailed. although items say copy, seems they are not reaching my inventory. Have logged out and back in. Some say that works, but sadly didn't. I also clicked on a fireman, and got a loading, lasting forever.
Victor DeAngelo 9 months ago
Thank you for letting me know as the numerous freebies on my 8 sims do need to be restarted from time to time. If you return to this sim, you will find that copying works again.
Cayoun Daydreamer 2 years ago
a visit of this Sim is like a walk through a long forgetten time. thanks victor for this great build
DamienWilder 2 years ago
Yet another very cool build by Mr. DeAngelo...gotta love all of the free stuff.
Elise Dior 2 years ago
Absolutely awesome! Victor's memories of his hometown really come to life in this gorgeous sim and soooooo many cool freebies, too. Go Vic!