Jupiter Rowland
What really makes this place stand out are the sheer masses of clothes and avatar accessories that can't be found elsewhere, things that go well beyond your standard stolen Athena, Adonis and Apollo stuff.

Classic system avatars that still avoid mesh like the plague can find lots of layer clothes with or without prims. This is actually one of the last places advertised on OSW which still offer any of these beyond Linda Kellie and FleepGrid standards.

Even the mesh clothes aren't what you find everywhere else. Not only have they all been (re)textured, but only few of them are based on SL content. Especially in the ladies' department, you'll discover lots of clothing based on Damien Fate meshes including one of the biggest selections of tank top and miniskirt sets. Unfortunately, some of the few Clutterfly clothes and some other older rigged mesh clothes only come in the size matching whoever retextured them instead of all five.

Nonetheless, the Shopping City is a treasure trove for both Ruth2 v4-based avatars and female system avatars who do use mesh clothes. It's just a pity that it often takes quite some detective work to find out who actually made what.

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The shops are well laid out and easy to see the wares. Good to see a shopping precinct that has other interesting stuff besides the run of the mill hair, and clothes.

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Derry Arabello
I spent over an hour here today. Great shopping experience and so much to see.

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