Nico Kailani
In OS, there is the absurd Zen Greedy table. The person who created this has no concept of Zen. Too often people with no understanding of an Eastern religion misuse it's terminology like this. (Sorry, Mr. Lennon. There is no such thing as "Instant Karma.)" Shanti, (a Sanskrit term meaning "peace.") is a place that seems to be in alignment with the meaning and significance of it's name. (But do not worry. They will not shave your head and put you in monks robes here). Come dance or sit and chat in the Metta Cafe, where you can read and reflect on the profound words displayed there, designed to open the heart and cultivate a loving attitude towards oneself and towards others. Oh yes, make sure turn on music stream to enjoy a unique selection of music from Africa, India, Hungary and beyond.

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