Mariner's Bay Adult

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Mariner's Bay Dance Party
Where: Mariner's Bay
When: 4 months ago [12 Feb 2022 12:00 SLT]

Bring your sandals, flip flops or sweetie to a fun filled pre Valentines day dance party at Mariner's, Featuring live DJ's Shallow Waves, Andron Rae and Delirium Teardrop! All welcome

We have some large parcels available on Mariner's Bay at hop://'s Bay/1043/256/41 Anyone can rent here, just follow the few rules 8000 prim limit open to all. The original and the best These are in the Southern Bay area in a quiet pretty spot, southern sim edge.

Where all your boats are ready to go!

Fully developed boating and living region filled with happy landowners that know that having a region sized island is FREE in Neverworld.

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