Ah yes, this place. I just visited it and I don't think I managed to explore a 25% of it. This is a place you need to see!
At my arrival I started to walk in a random direction and bumped against a bell, upon click it razzed a tour boat. Since I'm very lazy I thought "why not?" and suddenly i was sightseeing the coast of the sim in a smooth and pleasant ride and then I got the first hint this is a place that's very carefully crafted: the boat went under some bridges that raised automatically to let the boat pass, Nice!
Then I found myself on a nice beach that had a lot of places to sit, definitely a social lounge. The aesthetics of the place shows the love these people put in the sim, everything matches nicely and you get surprises everywhere, but also shows how big is the place! I started flying always following the coast line until I found a small hut next to a strange tunnel. Ok let's see that.
As soon as I entered the hut an air pump came to life and was happily doing it's stuff when I saw the strange tube was the entrance of another tour! Sure, the last one was pleasant so why not?
Well it wasn't a vehicle rez like the other one, no, it was a full animated, cinematic experiences with a scripted camera that followed my avatar around while it was exploring what's to see under the sea, it really really impressed me I can't imagine the HOURS of scripting, timing, and testing that wonderful ride could've taken.
Then I met one of the owners, amazing, gentle person with whom I had a long and interesting talk, there's so much more to explore, i'll return.
You seriously miss if you don't visit.

3 years ago - mark as helpful (4) - report

Debra Ann Congi
Beautiful sim. Lots going on here and friendly. I enjoyed my visit.

2 years ago - mark as helpful (2) - report

Thirza Ember
Dabici and Kelso are extraordinary builders. Smooth scripts and a stunning landscape make this one of the most fun places to go in the hypergrid. Frequently updated to reflect the changing seasons, it also has lots of beautiful freebies and photo opportunities. Thanks for having the Safari visit !

2 years ago - mark as helpful (2) - report

Allie Dawson
I don't know HOW I missed such a wonderful region for so LONG!! Even in my way-too-short visit ( I was focused mainly on the SURFING!! ) it is clear that this is a lovingly built region with much attention paid to details. Many thanks to the owner, Dabici, for taking the time to show me around. I will be back!! I believe you will find a visit here to be very much worth your time.

3 years ago - mark as helpful (2) - report

Super amazing and masterfully created.. The atmosphere is so real I almost expected to smell the reeds!

4 years ago - mark as helpful (2) - report

Beautiful region with a great swamp area. I really enjoyed exploring!

3 months ago - mark as helpful (1) - report

Jupiter Rowland
This is easily one of the most impressive builds on the Hypergrid, a gorgeous and detailed landscape to spend hours exploring. And as if that wasn't enough, Novale changes with the seasons, i.e. four times a year, and each season is upgraded from year to year.

Regardless of season, there's always something to do other than wander around. For example, you could rent a kayak and explore the waters. Winter offers you a toboggan ride which, for a change, is not fully scripted, so you can rez a toboggan, sit down on it and theoretically ride that thing around the whole sim. If the toboggan isn't exciting enough, make like Clark Griswold and ride a snow saucer.

Also in winter, there are fully scripted tours around the sim, two sleigh tours and a number of subsequent ski tours. So in winter, in addition to warm clothes, you may want to bring your own skis; if you don't have any, Dabici does. As Novale doesn't allow avatar scripts, I strongly recommend you to also unpack winter AOs (especially for skis; skates optional if you want to go ice-skating somewhere) and install them in your viewer.

Winter in Novale means more than Christmas and nice snowy landscapes. There's also winter sports. I've mentioned the toboggan and the saucer already, but there are also scripted downhill ski rides at three "difficulty levels" with a chairlift to take you back to the mountain top (and another one to get you there in the first place).

Captain Kelso's underwater tour in summer deserves another special mention. It takes you through beautiful underwater landscapes. Beware, though: This isn't a submarine ride. You'll really dive under water. So remember to bring diving gear, although Dabici offers that, too.

Besides, outside winter, there are automated boats in the eastern areas of the sim, but otherwise you'll have to walk yourselves. Trust me, it's worth it, even though the navigation can be difficult for novices. This isn't a sim to keep standing on your landing-point and cam around for stuff to copy, not only because the landing-point is near the southwestern corner of a big varsim.

Again, I recommend appropriate clothing, especially footwear. Ladies, leave your 4" spike heels at home and put on some sturdy boots, also because parts of the path lead you over rocky mountain surfaces. Don't forget swimwear in summer plus a wetsuit if you don't feel comfortable enough diving in swimwear.

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Un moment de plaisir, tout simplement !
J'ai adoré la Farine de blé entier du Moulin Novale :-)

2 years ago - mark as helpful (1) - report

Antonia Ling
What a great experience! Thank you for you excellent work. I really enjoyed my visit.

2 years ago - mark as helpful (1) - report

shawnkmaloney OSWRS
Fantastic every year. :)

3 years ago - mark as helpful (1) - report

Beautiful creative collaboration from partners. Friendly. Lots to see.
Update: Just visited the Halloween areas. So creative! Must go back, so much more to see and experience.

3 years ago - mark as helpful (1) - report

This is the greatest, funny and playful winter sim i ever visit. And i travel a lot. My compliment, evry corner, every scene is made with love and a eye for details. All tells a little story. I can just say: visit it people - if not you will miss a lot of fun.

4 years ago - mark as helpful (1) - report

The region looks fantastic, great job! Well worth it to check out with lots to see.

4 years ago - mark as helpful (1) - report

Tigerkitti Eberdene
****NEW NOTE! I lost this place after GCG closed so I went looking from AMV. Found it on the first try! So happy. It is set up for fall now, and before, I had only seen it in winter. OMG! Truly amazing builds! Imagination and lots of things of interest to see. Great job you guys! Soooo happy I found you again! Hugs

I have been here before 2019, so I came back to see it again. Wonderfully designed with many details and a real-life feel. If you only do a fly-over you are missing too much! From skating and skiing to just walking about taking it all in, this place is lovely. You may want to try and rescue the poor baby seal being hunted though!!!!! Friendly owners, and just an all-around great place to visit. Total thumbs up! :-)

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NOVALE is so cool! Very creative!!

4 years ago - mark as helpful (1) - report

Sheila Devonshire
I loved my short visit on this sim. It is absolutely beautiful I will be back to explore more tomorrow !!! Excellent building - Thank you for the cute Christmas Items :)) I loved what I saw and can't wait to return. Excellent addition to O.S. :) thank you for all of your hard work. xoxo

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