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Glamour Isle Welcome Center
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2 years

Welcome area of Party Destination Grid.
Enjoy your stay.
We have seasonal events, shops and all sorts of activities to be enjoyed !

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Join us on Friday Party @ Glamour Welcome Isle Region. hop://
wicked 5d
Appearing on a alt does not conceal your identity. Fyi
watch outthey boot you for nothing
wicked 5d
** Party about to start soon for Party Destination Grid Beach Party! ** it was moved to Opal Beach with live dj : DJDJAGGELINA.KESMA .. Just getting ready now. Request limo/ tp from Wicked or Opal.. and again reminder : adults only.
wicked 3 months
Hello, to our amazing residence and guests. Those attempting to go to Party Destination grid, I just got a notice.
The 5.0.7 version of firestorm and the DS viewer are not going to allow you access to the grid. The 5.1.7 and the 6 version of firestorm will. I know some of you were wondering, why you could not access on the 5.0.7.. so this is to keep all on same page.

Thank you,
Wicked Way
wicked 4 months
It is apparent that I have to post this again.
Party Destination grid is welcome for all Adults Only.
Child and teens are not allowed on adult grid.
Today, one very naked male child came soliciting and was escorted off.
this includes anything child related.. is not permitted.
Thank you, Wicked
prudencedover 4 months
A premiere vue tres jolie region interessant puis rien en copie ou trop peu bref un attrape touriste .
wicked 4 months
Hi, Prudencedover.
Not sure what to say. Though, when you land within 5 steps are 3 portals for easy access to key areas.
Also, if you walk down the stairs 5 more steps you will find 2 large boards with 42 - 45 posters with teleports for easy travel upon the grid stores and exploration locations. As, Sked stated we also, within 5 steps of the landing have a box of landmarks for our grid as always, that should be current. If at anytime you feel like you need a specific staff member, there is a board infront of the landing point.There you can message a staff and also , leave them a offline message. ....

Salut, Prudencedover.
Lorsque vous atterrissez dans les 5 étapes, 3 portails facilitent l'accès aux zones clés En outre, si vous descendez les escaliers 5 marches supplémentaires, vous trouverez 2 planches massives avec beaucoup de difficulté à manquer. Magasins et lieux à visiter et à explorer. En plus de cela, il y a des magasins dans la région glamour. Maintenant, si vous essayez de vous évader, vous y êtes. En dehors de cela, nous sommes en train de pouvoir voyager les uns avec les autres. Si à tout moment, vous pouvez recevoir un message de votre personnel que vous pouvez envoyer un message au personnel et le laisser hors connexion. ....
SkedGrabber 4 months
Hey prudence.
Tnx for visiting us. But mybe you didn't look around. We have plenty great stuff and our members are heling everyone. Plus you can take LM at our welcome are or you can use map inworld.
So happy shopping.
JaniaCleanslate 5 months
Had an awesome time! great grid no lag Love it <3
SkedGrabber 4 months
Thank you Jania.
You and all your fiends are always welcome.
Yes you find out that our grid work fast, because we have
best servers and don't drop so many regions at one server as
all other grids owners do.
Please stop anytime you want.
wicked 5 months
Ty for the awesome comment. Hugs . Come back, anytime :)
wicked 5 months
There is a party going on but at the Smoke House... at party destination grid.
Been a while!
But the blues still live inside me!
Come unwind listen to some blues
Tonight i play for you
My way, my blues..........
Smokehouse Brown blues
The greek girl with the love of the blues
come listen... hop://
SkedGrabber 6 months
Best place for party and win money.
Come with your dance partners.
wicked 6 months
Party Is getting started Right now at Party destination Grid - Glamour -Dj sked .
12:00pdt grid time - 4-6-2019 .. come join while the beat goes on
SkedGrabber 6 months
Thank you Wicked for your great help and everyone are warm welcome at our best grid ever "Party Destination Grid". Join our events or make your own event
on many places inworld.
wicked 6 months
Hello, Lovely People of PDG and all our fabulous visitors. At our Adult only grid now has a few more locations to enjoy, and explore, posted next to the love signs at the glamour welcome area. More stores are being added at the glamour and more to come. I am just getting started ....
JesseCause 11 months
I love this grid, Sked is the sweetest Guy ever , very helpful to someone new like me...… I feel; like we are all building a home here together,,,,,,,,,
AnonymousAngel 1 years
I went to visit and decided to join. Great friendly and helpful welcoming. Very well organized grid. I could say so many more great things but I would recommend visiting.
JeTammie 1 years
Party Destination Grid is the BEST OpenSim Grids and I say that because we started with a thought and we are now living the DREAM in Virtual World. Everyone come and join us, we party all the time...Sked has to be one of the best Grid owners ...Love ya!
SkedGrabber 1 years
Everyone are welcome to join.
Creators or club owners get free full sim for lifetime.
So don't wait join us today or just come by to see for yourself.

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The Grid is wonderful, the management can be mean sometimes, they should be able to have people self host simulators connected to the grid
Better than SL
5 Star. Great world , great owner!!! Check it out.
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