Glamour Isle Welcome Center Adult

Glamour Isle Welcome Center
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1 years ago

Welcome area of Party Destination Grid.
Enjoy your stay.
We have seasonal events, shops and all sorts of activities to be enjoyed !

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Happy Christmas to everyone. We just made our own little party and have a good time.
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wicked yesterday
Hello, Lovely People of PDG and all our fabulous visitors. At our Adult only grid now has a few more locations to enjoy, and explore, posted next to the love signs at the glamour welcome area. More stores are being added at the glamour and more to come. I am just getting started ....
Susie_Wong 3 months ago
hello Sked , you doning a great job at all.
Thanks for make so much party .
Maybe you start to play music and not just let a mix run, that's boring otherwise.
To be DJing is just more than what your art does.
Kind regarts Susie , merry christmass, Vesel božič
JesseCause 5 months ago
I love this grid, Sked is the sweetest Guy ever , very helpful to someone new like me...… I feel; like we are all building a home here together,,,,,,,,,
AnonymousAngel 8 months ago
I went to visit and decided to join. Great friendly and helpful welcoming. Very well organized grid. I could say so many more great things but I would recommend visiting.
JeTammie 9 months ago
Party Destination Grid is the BEST OpenSim Grids and I say that because we started with a thought and we are now living the DREAM in Virtual World. Everyone come and join us, we party all the time...Sked has to be one of the best Grid owners ...Love ya!
SkedGrabber 10 months ago
Everyone are welcome to join.
Creators or club owners get free full sim for lifetime.
So don't wait join us today or just come by to see for yourself.

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The Grid is wonderful, the management can be mean sometimes, they should be able to have people self host simulators connected to the grid
very nice place
Better than SL
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