Wolfe Reach Adult


Sked Grabber
Thank you everyone who belive in our grid. Now we are one big family and this will stay long time.
So everyone are welcome to join Party Destination Grid. Everyone can make free account and enjoy
all our free features we offer.

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Goddess Gaia Paige Stormblade
the worst place to get into, the user so-called power-tripping Wicked Way they can't even stand real women being there due to the jealous ways. they also so have to point out everyone's flaws. this is not a place to be around, I was banned from the welcome center for no reason, first, I was to have so many lands so-called I was accused of having 3 lands that were free and didn't. then I blocked the wicked way that man claiming to be a real woman, because I know it was them causing issues. when I didn't do anything wrong I wasn't even online in the region for 2 days because I been planning to make my own grid. this is one of the many reasons I can't trust grids there are no legit business ethics. it's all about riping and stealing from people.

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Great Grid and friendly people, I will be back :)

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Better than SL

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Firestorm 5.1.7 blocked?? Well done for a sim in Opensim!! If you make such restrictions..also like the other reviewers here state, why placing sim in OSW? Now people also block by a standard viewer? Wow..great job..Zero stars (minus 5 lol). AND 3 avatars plus 24/7? yep..when not having traffic..then set a bot..or 2..or 3.. *sigh

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Cody Cooper
The Grid is wonderful, the management can be mean sometimes, they should be able to have people self host simulators connected to the grid

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The Grid not allowed Firestore 5.x anymore ! You must update to 6 or you stay away this grid !
TC all

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Tainted Angel
5 Star. Great world , great owner!!! Check it out.

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I get no regions found with that name?

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This is my home grid. Been a resident for 10 months and have the BEST OS life experience ever. Sked and his staff are always there to assist you when you encounter issues. I have grown and nurtured three farms on my 4 Vars I rent, and it is pure joy. We have party times where we get together, we have other parcels that have been created by other residence that we can shop and enjoy the friendships we have built here. I have read the others experiences and I feel sad that they have not found the friendly people that make this community up. My Vars are Aotearoa, Serendipity, Middle Earth and Bay of Islands. Do drop in and see us if your in the area and I am sure you will find the kettle on and a warm seat to sit with us or if we are not home then your free to wonder around and copy what ever you can, and stop off at the beaches for a swim or just sit and enjoy the sea breeze and sun. Select your environment's and sit in the sunset or sunrise with a martini or beer, or meditate and find your inner peace. all we ask is respect our homes and grid :)

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Cant give much rating, visited to get motorcycles.
The only thing i could get from the shop were a few skateboards.
The boxed motorcycles are all set for sale.
But you buy, and never get.
Better off to se them a copy.

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what a crap grid no child avis i agree with but im not a child avatar so screw you

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I LOVE coming here! Very friendly and helpful people and I can always find almost anything I am looking for!! Thank you!

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