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Glamour Isle Welcome Center
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Sked Grabber
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3 years ago
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Welcome area of Party Destination Grid.
Enjoy your stay.
We have seasonal events, shops and all sorts of activities to be enjoyed !

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Sked Grabber Thank you everyone who belive in our grid. Now we are one big family and this will stay long time. So everyone are welcome to join Party Destination Grid. Everyone can make free account and enjoy all our free features we offer. Sked
Dolly Dot Very nice cozy region and very charming grid owner:)
TheArtFactory Great Grid and friendly people, I will be back :)

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Zeus2485 Anton 4 months ago
i love grid great places
wicked 5 months ago
Thank you, for your like guillo. :) hi 5 Glad to have met you.
wicked 6 months ago
I want to wish a Happy Holidays, to all our lovely guests , friends and especially our pdg family.
Million , hugs
Stay safe this season. :)

Sincerely, wicked way
jessecause 6 months ago
Fun hanging out with Old and new friends
Glitz Diamond 7 months ago
Friendly and it's a Party Grid for Adults, so come on bye soon!
Sked Grabber 7 months ago
Hey Logan,
I am so sorry but we don't have any Bathy Vamp avatar in our grid. As you see our grid is adult only grid plus we don't allow copy botten viewers on our grid. We have great contents creators in our grid who are great and some are part of our family too. So we don't know what is in your grid happening so if you need any help we can love to gave you.
And all you are welcome to join our party everywere on grid.
Plus we offer many money prizes away so our members can buy anything they want and join on our grid wihout any drama.
Thank you all who support our grid to be best grid around.
LoganHunter 8 months ago
Greetings, I would like to know why the player Bathy Vamp was expelled from there, and disrespected by Fallen. Stonesoul and Wicked. Way. Bathy is player of the AviWorlds Grid and never lacked with respect to any player from other grids, inlusive she has a mall in AviWorlds and was just visiting the store of Isa Jervil who is her friend. Request a retraction on the part of the aforementioned two or I will take this to Lady Maria Korolov for her to publish and comment on her website Hiperica Buseness.
James AviLabs
AviWorlds Grid Manager