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The Welcome area of The Social Mouse!

In order to join this grid please check our website:

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The Social Mouse Grid is Moving to a new server - Today we will be down intermittently - meaning at some point we will come up and go back down -- We are excited! See you in a few hours
6 months - 1 comments
We are currently doing Rolling restarts, Some Regions will be unavailable - for this, we apologize - as well as some Regions will be down only rising for events - if you noticed your fav SM Region is down keeping an eye out for its next event! XOXO OpenSim <3
7 months - 0 comments
The SocialMouse is Down for maintenance and will be back up in 1 hour ( we have been down for 2 so far) - With this brief downtime these are the things that are changed: Search work for searching for OBJECTS in the grid :-) not via area search a real search to find any item and tp to it !(( Places,...
8 months - 1 comments
Sneak Peek at New Region In Social Mouse! DownTown! - Featured here Sneak peep at fully animated Gym (Free for Copy ) Full Region will be available for COPY - Opening This Weekend :-)
11 months - 0 comments

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JaniaCleanslate 6 months
Social Mouse is doing Maintenace - Regions connected to the Grid will be unavailable - We are also in the middle of moving into a continent so bare with us as we Smmove around!
LilyLove 11 months
Hi i will love to join the Grid but i Create new account and i cant get on its saying Login failed the name i pick is Lily Love329
LilyLove 11 months
SocialMouse 11 months
You are welcomed TY for joining the grid - We glad to have resolved the issue :-)
SocialMouse 11 months
Reduced Regions for 3.00 monthly 25k prims - Live Artist - Club owners - free Regions - we have 4 available Please message Social Mouse for more information!
KrypticKayos 2 years
Though I have not been shopping at this grid. I do know it has a million things on it that are very nicely crafted and designed. Very well organized and creatively done. I really liked the grid. I am not a resident but i know i am able to create in their sandbox :).
JaniaCleanslate 2 years
Grid is still under construction - but our arms are open and we are running on Microsoft Servers ;-) - We are gloebits enabled
agsalfi 2 years
I have many items from other grids. so this really isn't the case. You can bring items in nothing to stop you.

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