Free Land

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Terrain disponibles gratuitement ,présence minimum requise . Résidentiel seulement . Scripts modérés Plus d'infos et location ,im vladimir Djannovic .
Mariner's Bay
1 Users 14 3 13th
FREE massive parcels. 8000 prims. yesh. NEW!! 8x8 sailing region with impossibly MEGA sized parcels for free. 1/2 region sized or larger some islands too, di...

Moonrose Shopping
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A Small Shopping Mall with selected items,and more to come

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Desert isle, free houing
Aspen Homesites
0 Users 18 0 192nd
FREE ...2160 METER HOMESITES FREE TO ALL. 5000 prim limits and self serve mailboxes. Good flat lots, many water lots available. Surrounded by thousands of mete...
Boreal Sea North 6
0 Users 15 1 173rd
If you need a parcel of land, to have your own house, for you, for your friends, let me know! Limited Free Rent lands available. We have 20 different regions, m...
0 Users 12 4 56th
12 Free 4096 sized parcels with cabins This project is for Osgrid accounts only, HG entry blocked.
Little Heaven
0 Users 12 1 467th
Little Heaven is a Sim to have fun. Free Parcels, Beach ( Nude or Swimwear ), little Shops and more. No Skyboxes. Come, feel free and enjoy. No Child Avi´s
Aspen Free Parcels
0 Users 9 2 630th
Brand NEW and awesome residential region. 5000 PRIM LIMIT pon 2160 lots. ANY member of ANY grid can live here. Please follow the few rules and enjoy your new...
Tropicana Ocean
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Welcome to Port Michael, one of our sailing regions on the OSgrid. You are welcome to use this facility and treat it like home. There are no rules. Everyone is...
0 Users 5 0 279th
Lands for free for your purposes. Extremely fast fully managed hypergrid servers. STRONG Privacy. Skyboxes are allowed. 16x2900 sq.m parcels with full rights...
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