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Le Dias
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La Dias - or The Stage:
Enter an adult world of fantasy and fun. You enter in the Theater De Marionettes, go on stage to enter the world. Not much to see? go into the tower and click the book for an Alyss in Wunderland inspired adventure. Thanks for visiting.
fantasy steampunk stage adult

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PowerOfGreen 1 years ago
Really amazing and wonderful. Love going there :)
Sexxyladie 1 years ago
this place is truly fantastic!! sooo much to explore.. i gotta go back and visit again!!!! the rabbit hole is the best! but the rest of the place is just awesome too! just make sure you hang on to your head around the queen!
SteampunkSiouxsin 1 years ago
lol ty :P i love the Rabbit Hole!
Bossy145 1 years ago
very cool place
SteampunkSiouxsin 1 years ago
thanks, Glad you came :)
PurrfecttKatt 1 years ago
A very cool place filled with many surprizes, gotta love the rabbit hole!!
SteampunkSiouxsin 1 years ago
weeeeee... that first step is a Doozie!
TeddyBrat 1 years ago
This is the most imaginable place! It takes a person with a wild imagination to put this place together!
SteampunkSiouxsin 1 years ago
Thanks Teddy :)
SteampunkSiouxsin 1 years ago
try again. its my home so sometimes I lock it for privacy. :) but thanks for trying to come.
scanners 1 years ago
Denied access .. privat region .. dont put opensim bacon at your region, wehn its private

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Very imaginative and fun region to visit, with vivid surreal steampunk imagery and role play
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