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Welcome to My region loosely based on Amsterdams red light quarter and surrounding area - Situated on the sailing continent Oceana. The canals are sailable or take a tram ride round the city. In the shops you can find clothing shapes skins or pick up a Rembrandt or Van Gogh from the art shop . Everyone welcome. Still under construction.

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111shawn 26 days ago
Congrats to ShazFhang and OS grid for fixing the landing point issue at Amsterdam. :)
111shawn 27 days ago
And since there is still no way for one to edit ones own comment, I have to do an extra one by typing... dang, I forgot what more I was gonna type!!! :) :) :) Oh yea, The green graph on upper right indication a region online/offline is showing the region offline while I am standing in the region. Just a time thing. :)
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111shawn 27 days ago
Hey Shaz, thanks for keeping me high and dry this go around. Now where's the teleporter to the city eh? For those that go here, pull up yer world map and wait til the map tiles start to appear, then you shall see the City of Amsterdam, at least for the time being til the landing point on a var region gets figured out. :)
111shawn 30 days ago
Shaz answered my question and has been working on a fix to the prob, but for now when you land in the water, fly up,pull up yer world map, crank yer draw distance to the max of 1024 and fly Northeast. You'll get to OLD Amsterdam in a lil over a minute. :) :)
111shawn 1 months ago
What Mike typed, but hey, at least they give us music to drown by. :) :) :) :)
Ok, this is really really wierd. Shaz Fhang just sent me a TP back to where I was drowning and it's there, I asked in the same chat I got TP'd by (private) "Thanks, now why couldn't Mike or I get to it today til now? :) " No answer. Still, the plot thickens. Stay tuned for the continuing saga of "Amsterdam Drownings". :)
111shawn 1 months ago
What Mike typed, but hey, at least they give us music to drown by. :) :) :) :)
mikehart 1 months ago
Nothing there. You just land under the water and when you fly up. Nothing at all.

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