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Star Ravenhurst
This is the best-organized freebie shopping place I have ever seen making it easy to find what you are looking for and I found a lot of things I didn't even know I needed! Every area is clearly labeled which I found to be a big help as I was looking for something specific. Sadly, I am still on the hunt for it but I am happy I discovered this awesome place! I will return again and again. Thank you Racci!

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I Just love this place - it is always my go to when i am looking for things. Really great selection of the best that our open sim worlds have to offer. Big thank you to squirrel

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This is one of my favorite spots to shop, everything is well organized the items look lovely, and the region is speedy. Thank you for providing us all such a lovely spot :)

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I liked it a lot, very well organized and with many things to play role. Thanks for the place.

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I had a terrific time just looking at everything available for copying. So beautifully planned, divided into named categories, and delivered quickly. I spent much time there and have not seen everything there is to see. If you're new and want to expand your inventory, this is one of the sims to visit. Care, share, you betcha!

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Hi quality things I did not find elsewhere, from Gor to modern. As far as Gor goes, awesome sexy kajira outfits and clothing for men. All kinds of decor items to make your sim amazing. Highly recommended!

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very nice place to get cute things thanks

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